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Cell Phones & Wireless Hazards

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posted on Nov, 29 2009 @ 04:50 PM
I came across these series of videos from a Coast to Coast show about the hazards of cell/mobile phones and wireless capabilities. Weather modification is also discussed.

William Thomas

This is a subject i have not come across as of yet here on ATS and so thought i would rock the boat, stir the pot, put the cat amongst the pigeons......

Part 1 of 15. The rest are all there.

Appearing during all 4 hours of the show, researcher William Thomas talked about the hazardous health effects of cell phones and wireless devices, as well dangers associated with chemtrails and weather modification. People are being subjected to "electromagnetic smog" invisibly spread by wireless routers, portable phones, and other devices, he said. Just a two-minute conversation on a cell phone causes the blood-brain barrier to open, making one susceptible to neuron damage that might lead to Alzheimer's, and "instant aging," he warned. The kids of today who are using cell phones may be unable to mentally function by the time they are 30, he added.

Bluetooth phone headsets are also hazardous, as they conduct electromagnetic energy into the ear, he noted. Portable phones inside the home can be worse than cell phones, as their base stations are broadcasting 24-7, producing more signals than cell phone towers, Thomas continued. Migraines, brain cancer, changes in personality, and aggressive behavior are all associated with exposure to cell phones and wireless devices, and children and pregnant women are particularly at risk, he reported. Just carrying a cell phone in your pocket that is turned on can cause soft tissue damage, said Thomas.

Weather modification efforts have been on the rise in countries like China and the United States. According to Thomas, the US Air Force is engaged in "weather warfare," using nanotech "smart particles" to modify, steer, and target the direction of storms. In fact, emissions from Project HAARP were used during Hurricane Katrina to steer it away from facilities in Texas, he detailed.

ABCs of Cell Phones

Cell Phone health hazards

Some of the information William Thomas gives is just plain frightening. It reminds me of the dangers of cigarette smoking, the whole process is eerily similar. The way cigarettes were sold to the unsuspecting public as non-lethal. But by the time the dangers were discovered it was too late...addiction had set in.

I don't know about you but if i lose/misplace my phone i am lost. I genuinely panic. I can't function without it. Addicted? Hmmm......

Are you willing to give up your cell phone?


posted on Nov, 30 2009 @ 09:40 AM
Cant believe nobody has an opinion they wish to share on this topic. After all im sure it effects everyone here on ATS. What's going on recently?


posted on Dec, 6 2009 @ 04:02 PM

Britain is sleep-walking into a ­mobile phone health scandal as the Government ignores a link to cancer, a leading expert has warned.

Mobile phone emissions have been shown to increase the risk of THREE types of cancer in some studies – yet ministers are doing nothing to change weak official guidelines on how much they should be used.

Radiation specialist Professor Denis Henshaw said ignoring the risks of mobile phone emissions could prove as serious as playing down the link between smoking and lung cancer in the 1960s.

Thousands of parents are ­expected to buy mobile phones for their children as Christmas presents – unaware they could be the most dangerous gifts they ever receive.

Radiation from mobiles has more of an effect on children because it’s claimed their thinner skulls let more rays penetrate the brain.But the only official ­Government advice is a few ­confusing ­sentences on a leaflet and the internet, which have not been updated for THREE YEARS – and which most parents do not know exists.

Prof Henshaw said although different research into the effects of mobiles had given different results, politicians must take the findings more seriously. He said: “If you have got ­millions of people putting a microwave transmitter to their ear, then why should it come as a surprise that it leads to an increase in brain tumour risk?”

posted on May, 24 2012 @ 08:35 AM
I don't own a cell phone--never have and never will. In fact nothing in my home is wireless except for my TV remotes (these infrared LED flashers don't count!). Cell Phones are bad enough for turning Americans into self-centered careless morons, I Don't need to be slowly irradiated by microwaves.

This is where cigarettes and cell phones differ. IMHO, cigarette smoke has been Way over-rated as a deadly killer gas! I think just stoking up a small camp fire is about as "lethal" as a cigarette. The problem we have here is that these anti-smoking groups have gone all-out Ape over the situation. First they come up with segregating public places into smoking and non-smoking, then they abolish smoking there altogether. Next they make smoking in hotel rooms off-limits and only "designated" pens permissable. After that, you can't even smoke Outdoors or in stadiums. I think they'll end when it's a non-smoking Planet.

Personally, I'd rather be in a roomful of smoker than a roomful of cell phone a-holes. At least my Lungs can tell me when they've had enough. With no nervous system through my brain, my wetware hasn't this advantage. Cell phone users are also far more annoying than smokers and part of me even misses the smell of cigarette smoke (though I've never been a smoker, I grew up in smokey environments like casinos and they're just Not the same anymore!).

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