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9/11. My take on it.

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posted on Nov, 29 2009 @ 06:38 AM

Originally posted by deadvirgo
I've been scanning a few of the 9/11 stories on here, and so far everything seems to be either official story or no hijackers. What about this scenario:

The government intercepts a plot to crash planes into the WTC, the Pentagon and the White House. Instead of taking precautionary measures, they plant explosives in the WTC and the Pentagon and make sure that the plane headed for the White House won't make it. Then they wait for the extremists to execute the attack, and when they do they pull the pin on the explosives and lead us off to war.

I think this would explain a few things such as
a) the pentagon exploding without a plane hitting it
-the information that was intercepted was less than 100% correct, there was some confusion and someone blew it up prematurely.
b) NORAD running an exercise involving hijacked planes at the same time
-They had already invested so much energy into planting the explosives that they needed to have a backup plan if the extremists chickened out. One way or another those buildings were going to be hit by planes.

Thoughts on why this may or may not be the case?

I don't believe the official story, or that there were no hijackers.

I think that more or less, we knew it was coming, and we let it happen. And maybe, some aspect of our intel community was involved as a fascilitator.

I also believe Sibel Edmonds to be a credible source... seems likely there are complicated layers of overlapping intelligence networks, involving the US, Israel, Turkey, and others. But it's very hard to know for certain.

Regarding the pentagon, there were lots of eyewitnesses who saw the plane hit it. This tact is a dead end.

I too think the NORAD angle is worthy. The multiple air defense exercises and the delayed scramble seem fishy. But, hard to be sure.

posted on Nov, 29 2009 @ 07:26 AM
You know what has always puzzled me about those hi-tech security cameras at our Pentagon?

Well, I should say the drive up security booth ID cameras video footage, to be specific, its that the aircraft came over the lawn perfectly horizontal. Perfectly level, not a single degree of incline or decline(at least to my untrained eye). Engines no more than 24 inches of the ground.

Another perfectly logical, true indicator of this fact, is the smoke trail (a rather heavy smoke trail, if you ask me). It's perfectly level for as far as we can see it!

When one looks at (either the north or south) approach and also takes in consideration that he just downed 5 lightpoles one has to wonder...How, at five hundred some miles per hour, does Hani do that (being that Im going off the OS right now)? A guy that by most accounts couldn't fly and was alledged to have never even live flown a 757?

Not to mention that after all this precision approach and strike, he impacts the only part of the building that was just seriously blast proofed? The only section of the giant building that is basically empty? I don't know, coincidence, maybe but that's a giant MAYBE.

It's not hard to understand why someone would have a hard time believing that something is not right here. Add to that all the stonewalling and FOIA's for videos that show nothing and things to start to add up.

posted on Nov, 30 2009 @ 12:09 AM
What puzzles me is why no sat photos have popped up at all. I KNOW that somewhere, be it google earth, NSA, Russia or some geo mapping company who has private sats in orbit that there certanily stands the chance of photos of that day and perhaps, within the timeframe of the impacts. That would be interesting indeed.

posted on Dec, 6 2009 @ 06:24 PM
There are far too many 'firsts' that happened that day to simply be ignored.

1) First time 3 steel reinforced buildings, crumbled due to fires.
2) First time no turbine engines were found
3) First time fighter jets were not called in
4) First time planes were hijacked using plastic knives
5) First time 19 people did NOT appear on a passenger list
6) First time WTC was insured against terrorist attacks
7) First time cell phones reached cell towers at 30,000 ft
8) First time a jumbo jet performs corkscrew maneuvers and flies feet off the ground
9) First time a plane 'crash' is scattered over 8 miles yet made a hole in ground
10) First time kerosene melted steel beams
11) First time billions in profits were made off put options
12) First time a passport survived massive fires and black boxes supposedly didn't

etc etc etc..........................................

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