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Pod-Cast Linking.

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posted on Nov, 28 2009 @ 02:11 PM
Howdy my fellow ATS'rs and Mods, hope your all having a good night
Been an eventful one so far.

A while back i did some research and made a thread in the once, 'H5N1' forum called A Detailed Introduction Of H5N1 To New Comers. Now this helped a few people get into the H5N1 stuff and over all was a success. I really want to do a new one involving Tamiflu because after reading 5 threads in there, i can see that the Tamiflu knowledge would of helped MASSIVELY in those threads by helping those people develop new theories and integrate it with old ones. Now here is my situation. I'm working a nightmare job and I'm getting little too no time alone to do research and what not. Now... could i post a link to a pod-cast (hosted on our own ATS ofc) from a thread in there, it would be A Detailed Introduction Of Tamiflu To New Comers.

So, my question is... am i allowed to make a pod cast which will be 100% Tamiflu related as a help guide to the keen theorists in that section, but post up a thread link in there too it. My problem is, i can either do a thread, which will take me about 2-3 weeks, now that I've done the math properly (i originally thought next week). Or i can do a pod cast... 2-3 days, tops.

Thanks in advance Mod team.

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