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A Son Reaches Out...

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posted on Nov, 28 2009 @ 06:25 AM
Hey guys...

In my life so far...I've never been the type of person to ask for anything...but being that I'm In the situation I'm currently In...I thought you all would be the best people to turn too...for guidance and some helpful advice...

I'm doing the best I can to stay clear minded and focused through these trying times, I was doing so good and finally felt a sense of peace in my life after seeing my father whom I've had a distant relationship with. Unfortunately though I've been hit with a bomb shell. My mom didn't want to tell me nor make me stress over the situation she's currently in. She's the type of person that keeps the things going wrong in her life to her self. The type of person who could be going through something horrible but you wouldn't notice. Because she keeps that strong exterior of hers while also maintaining her pride as a single mother to me and my sister.

A couple of month's ago she received word that she has a major bone loss going on, on the right side of her mouth. It appears that the enamel is literally dissolving within her gums. The unusualness of this occurrence is that it's only happening on the upper right side of her mouth. When asked, the dentists she's been dealing with don't even have an answer for it. And when she came to me In tears telling me the news my whole world had suddenly, came to a halt. I felt and still do feel lost.

I want to wake up from this nightmare that has become very much so a reality....

Could you imagine the thought of not being able to enjoy a smile...always feeling uncomfortable about your appearance because of the looks you may get? And the non existence of understanding that random people may have because of it? The judging one acquires from something they cannot control?

I know this is a lot to take In and I'm sorry for dumping this onto you guys. So...the solutions? Well there is two ways to go about the problem. The less expensive way would be to get a removable dencher she would be able to put in or take out...but the fact still remains she would have to look at her self in the mirror without those teeth.

The other solution which Is definitely a more expensive route, would be to get permanent implants where the teeth are missing. Indeed It Is way more expensive but at least she would not have to worry about the looks or the thought of the missing teeth at all.

So what I'm going to do Is start up a foundation or charity whatever It's called, to raise money for her to get the procedure...unfortunately it's like 20 thousand dollars and her insurance doesn't cover any of it.

Understand I'm not asking for pity or charity...but I'm going to do whatever It takes in order to make her happy. She's done everything and sacrificed everything in order for me and my sister to grow up not having to worry where the next meal Is coming from. So in turn I owe her everything. I figured I might as well ask yall, some who may have experience or advice on how I can start up a foundation for her.

I'm going to talk to some people I know to ask for advice in starting up a non profit organization.

Damn I didn't mean to pour my heart out...sorry about that...but I'm losing sleep because of the situation at hand.

If anyone can help me I'd appreciate It.

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posted on Nov, 28 2009 @ 06:59 AM
that's a seriously #ty situation m8. no worries pouring ur hart out here.

the Mother of my best friends girl had to have her eye socket removed becouse of cancer.

The best way to make her happy now is Love, and letting her know howmuch she invested to make you happy, and she did a great job. The happyness of her childeren is the greatest good to her i think.

Maybe their's a way to take her out to places she want's to see/be. finding the persons she want's to talk to, listening to music she loves. everything will be different, but u need to let here experiance life. no matter the looks.

You and her need to accept the change that's going on. Stop worrie about what other people might think. those things are not important anymore.
About the non-profit organisation. í can't advise you about that. hope that someone else will..

Apreciate you opening up here bout this. Haven't been is such a siuation myself so i hope to have helpt just a little...

good luck to ya

Best regards,

posted on Nov, 28 2009 @ 07:11 AM
sounds like she has acute lack of certain mineral.

get her to try a massive daily infusion (tablets etc..) of magnesium, calcium and silica.

might be cheaper than a dental reconsruction. also get her to eliminate fluoride from her diet.

posted on Dec, 16 2009 @ 05:53 PM
Bump for input.


posted on Dec, 16 2009 @ 06:57 PM
this sint too far away from becoming mainstream
in teh meantime id reccomend an oralb electric toothbrush and regular salt water rinses, to kill bacteria.

posted on Dec, 17 2009 @ 11:23 AM
Stay least this is life threatening and is simply an aesthetic problem that is easily, though expensively, fixed. If appearance is that big of a problem then I'm sure there is a way to find money to fix it.

Good luck and I hope all turns out well.


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