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Do people believe conspiracy theories with blind faith?

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posted on Nov, 27 2009 @ 11:10 PM
Do too many people believe in conspiracy theories based on blind faith? Let me ask the question. I have thought about this matter for a while. It seems funny how the conspiracy theorist crowd that always questions people who believe the government mindlessly can believe so many conspiracy theories in much the same fashion without a critical mindset of them either.

I used to be a firm believer in a lot of conspiracy theories. I used to be a huge believer in many of them until I recognized that they were just that- that they were just theories. I feel that many conspiracy theories require people to have a mindset where they feel that they cannot trust their fellow humans because they feel that everyone has some ulterior motive in mind... or that people are just mindless sheep not looking out for their own interests. It seems like many times we are mindless sheep... we're directed around a lot by those with power and those who have a voice. We're directed by those with information. We're controlled by those who want to direct masses in certain directions. I'm aware of that.

People... well I think conspiracy theories are really hard to prove. You don't really have evidence of the Illuminati. You have evidence that many groups are working together in a collaborating group towards world government. That's part of global politics. That seems to be the new trend... and they've been planning for global governance for the last 50 years or so. Okay. All major political parties around the world in major developed countries are in the new world order. They're a part of it. Okay I see that.

There is police brutality in the world. There is talk of a police state. Yes. No- it's not new. It's happened before. We've seen people beaten at protests. That's what they get for being dissenters in a protest speaking out against the government.

Okay. I was into the whole wiretapping thing and seeing what the Bush administration was doing and the history behind the wiretapping stuff during the last 8 years or so. I've felt like the government is lying to the American people about UFOs... and I still feel that they probably have hidden files. I've learned that the CIA used Nazis to help us out in the Cold War. I've learned about how we borrowed policies from the Nazis and how the allies weren't that different from our enemies and I learned about the eugenics movement.

I can safely say that I feel like I was more paranoid when I just mindlessly believed in all the conspiracies through faith. I am interested in conspiracy theories... but I think I took the wrong approach before. I used to just accept the major ones as facts without doing research into them. So... like that brings me to my question. I feel like I just lost sanity... and that I did not have touch with the world because I wasn't paying attention to current events and global affairs since my cynicism was so high that I felt like I would become like one of the mindless sheep that watched the news all the time...

I don't think people are paranoid for believing in conspiracy theories. I think it's at that point where people just believe in them due to pure blind faith and unreason. We were given the gift of reason... and we really mastered it during the era of enlightenment. Yet I feel like too many people believe in a lot of these things just based on faith- much like how I was. I mean I know you are probably interested in a lot of these conspiracy theories because you want there to be something more and something special to the world... but there are times when that's all there is... when the truth is hidden in plain sight and you don't need a conspiracy theory for it.

Some people feel the need to always look beyond things and connect dots that aren't there. I believe that the elites are working together for a new world order. Okay but I have come to believe that based on research that I've done and fact- checking from both the pro point of view and the con point of view. I have questioned my belief society... and then I've come to certain conclusions about how much control people have over themselves not through blind faith in a conspiracy theory... but rather looking over how much control the MSM seems to have over the average person and how much freedom they have over their daily life... and when their behavior is altered because of what they are told.

I mean... I'm just guarding against blind faith. I think that too much blind faith in any theory even a conspiracy theory can make one not see that there could be other theories that better explain what's happening... and not just a conspiracy theory. I don't mean to be dismissing conspiracy theories here... I just am like the rest of you... I'm always on my search for truth.

I just think that it's wrong for those on the quest for truth to not weigh the evidence pro and con a conspiracy theory... or even not try to find a middle ground. I have found a few middle grounds on certain conspiracy theories... like with the illuminati... after haven taken a history course and and seeing how the royal bloodlines in Europe are almost all interconnected... I saw there was some truth to that theory. They all married for more power... so... like just because there isn't a conspiracy theory of something doesn't mean that it isn't sinister or anything like that.

Those are my thoughts and I just had to get it out. I hope others take my words of advice and choose to do the same. You shouldn't agree with one theory more than your own school of thought... that's something I read once... and it stuck with me. Always be critical of theories no matter who perpetrates them or what the content of them is and think with your own head. People could easily attack conspiracy theorists on the ground that they are very religious and they believe in things that are not proven. I just ask for people to look at the evidence... because I feel like a lot who believe in conspiracy theories (not just here, but on the web and in general) may not... that's all.

posted on Nov, 27 2009 @ 11:54 PM
i hadn't got the time to read it all, i will and reply, but i eagerly wanted to answer your question. Yes, i use to. Some i believed seemed silly, just because there is no way to prove it. well, it didn't seem silly, but arguing over it sure did. then there were the definite ones, that allowed my mind to change.

I have friends that will believe anything anyone says, and friends that wont believe anything. there are the easily intimidated.

posted on Nov, 28 2009 @ 12:11 AM
I think Goodkind had it right when he said the first rule is, "People will believe what they fear is true or what they hope is true."

When a conspiracy theory falls close to what someone hopes is true or fears is true they believe with very little evidence i.e., blind faith.

posted on Nov, 28 2009 @ 03:35 AM
good post. weeks ago i argued with someone who claimed evolution was a conspiracy because of ONE specific out of place artifact that was never even analyzed by scientists back in 1903 much less now. somehow he found it easier to believe the thousands of things that support the Theory of Evolution were false than it was to think that this one instance was not factual. he never refuted a thing i said...blind faith is too rampant around these parts. its really obnoxious, especially when they call everyone else sheep for one thing or another.

posted on Nov, 28 2009 @ 03:42 AM
I understand exactly what you are saying...

I do not dismiss conspiracy theories but i do find they often require three things to appear...

Fear, gossip and speculation. And even when a conspiracy is disproved, you will find people still cling on to it and often bolt it on to the side of other conspiracy theories in an attempt to strengthen it... either that or move the goal posts...

No proof of Lizard people?? That because the NWO do such a good job of covering it up!!!
World didn’t end in 2006?? That’s cos it’s actually 2012
John Titors prediction of American civil war failed?? That because he changed the time line!!

You see... it just keeps reinforcing itself with more twaddle...

And then people start to talk about it like its FACT and not just a theory... Proclaiming...

“Are you BLIND??? How can you not see what is going on?”
And when you ask for evidence you are normally bombarded with more speculation and circumstantial evidence that, if it were a court of law, would never get a court case let alone a conviction!

Look at the current swine flu vaccination issue... I admit that I am fearful of taking the vaccine... It's new, has a lot of hype, and then there is these conspiracy theories attached to it... It's designed to sterilise the population, it is a way for governments to implant ID chips, its untested and dangerous etc... Maybe! Maybe not!!

But the FACT is... I have known LOTS of people to have the vaccine with no side effects. I have also seen a few people go down with swine flu who havent had the shot.

Even though I am worried about it could I honestly and confidently tell someone not to take a potentially lifesaving vaccine?? Of course not...

Where would the world be now if people had rejected the Smallpox vaccine???

So far I have seen no evidence to suggest that the vaccine is any more dangerous than taking paracetamol !

Am I worried?? Of course I am!! But I have to trust what my eyes tell me and not what I hear through gossip and rumour...

Does this mean I don’t believe in conspiracy theories?? Of course not... but I have to take them for what they are... Interesting Theories!! Not fact!

And then, of course, there are theories that I believe are highly probable... but I have to keep it all in perspective otherwise you do run the risk of becoming paranoid.

However, having said all of this, you have to remain OPEN minded... and I do think that conspiracy theories play a very important role in modern society/culture... they prevent us from mindlessly following TPTB and also help to keep TPTB on their toes, which is always a good thing!

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posted on Nov, 28 2009 @ 04:00 AM
reply to post by Frankidealist35

I think a lot of people will blindly believe a lot of theories out there because people have a lot of questions that our Governments won't answer, so they are seeking the answers themselves.

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