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The Giza Enigma

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posted on Feb, 24 2003 @ 01:39 PM
Burial chambers for the Pharaohs, god kings of Egypt?


A representation on Earth of the heavenly sword belt in the constellation Orion, thus maintaining the often seen magical symbolism of 'as above, so below'? Perhaps. A lost library of arcane knowledge proving the existence of the mythical people of Atlantis? Maybe. A repository containing the lost origins of mankind?

Conceivably. The theories and the justifications for them are almost as numerous as the massive stone blocks used in their construction.

Nevertheless, the fact remains, if they were not designed as tombs, then what was their intended function. It is here that we must keep our imaginations in check and remain within the bounds of what is feasible, although even here there are a few intriguing theories. The popular imagery of the pyramids is for most people, probably attributable to interpretations of the Pharaohs and their lavish death ceremonies as portrayed in the cinema. The pomp and grandeur and vast funerary processions of citizens and slaves, the imposing, brooding strength of the pyramids themselves.

Added to this, there is more than a hint of the supernatural, of transcending death itself, all of this is engraved in the public psyche. It is fair to say that no one is neutral about the pyramids; there is a spark or curiosity and interest in all of us. It is why they are still one of the wonders of the ancient world.

The most intense speculation has always stemmed from the dozens of occult groups who see the pyramids as a source of immense, untapped power waiting to be released. In the late 1800's and early 1900's, occult organisations like 'The Golden Dawn' used many of the trappings and imagery associated with ancient Egypt, from the hierarchy of priests to the modes of dress. Self-appointed magicians, for example the notorious 'Great Beast' Aleister Crowley (himself a former leader of the
Golden Dawn), styled his workings and ceremonies after the manner of the Egyptians.

One current theory championed by American engineer Tom Danley, postulates that the stones were 'floated' into place using a technique he calls 'sonic levitation'. Danley has studied this technology for years based on earlier pioneering work with infasonics carried out by French researcher Vladimir Garveau during the 1950's.

In the case of Garveau, the use of infrasound was developed with military applications in mind. Various governments are still carrying out the infrasound projects covertly and there is every reason to believe that they are used as part of crowd control techniques. Danley believes that an allied technology was employed by the ancient Egyptians to vibrate the stone blocks at a high frequency, thereby rendering them effectively weightless.

Allegedly, there are contemporary hieroglyphic references to a mysterious 'Staff of Ra' indicating that it was used in some manner by a caste of priests who struck the stone blocks with the staff making them weightless. It is reasonable to assume that there must have been more than one such device to deal with the vast number of blocks involved. Remarkable as this suggestion is there is an even more bizarre function attributed to the pyramids. Danley took sound measurements within the Great Pyramid, also known as the Cheops Pyramid, using amplifiers and speakers in the so-called 'relieving chambers' above the Kings chamber. After measuring the frequency generated, (16Hz) which is below the range of human hearing, he found that it corresponded to the F sharp chord.

Based on this discovery, the purpose of the cavities above the Kings Chambers, originally assumed to have been constructed to spread the structural stresses within the Pyramid, may have had an entirely different function. This purpose, strange though it may seem, may have been 'tune' the structure to a specific frequency. The ancient Egyptians recognised this frequency as a harmonic of the planet.

Danley also speculates that when the original limestone cladding was in place and the sides of the pyramid was smooth, the wind blowing over the entrances to the so called 'aligning shafts' would create a musical note, similar to that produced by blowing over the neck of a bottle.

Yet another connection is evident with the witchdoctors and shamen of the indigenous North American tribes who tuned their ceremonial flutes to...yes, F sharp.

How did another race separated by thousands of miles and centuries in time come to the same conclusion, what fundamental truth is demonstrated here? There is every possibility that this essential commonality stretches back, long before the pyramids, and while this surely cannot have been the only reason for their construction, it does appear to be a factor encapsulated within them.

There is yet another bizarre facet to this enigma, modern parallels with the low frequency sound produced by the unusual configuration of chambers within the pyramid. The occurrence of electronic voice phenomenon, (EVP), where tapes left to record in empty rooms, are found to have strange sounds and voices (believed to be messages from the dead) recorded on them. These messages are normally only audible when the tapes are analysed and processed using the lower end of the frequency spectrum, around 10 to 40 Hz.

The secretive Freemasons likewise are deeply interested in the current proceedings, understandably
so since the society traces its origins and rituals to pre-Pharonic times via the Knights Templar.

Other groups with a vested interest are, The Schor Foundation, and the Stanford Research Institute, (SRI). Their agendas however are not as straightforward as that of ARE. So far as can be ascertained, ARE only wish to find the Hall of Records (and its contents), thus authenticating the prophecies of Edgar Cayce. The Schor Foundation is also searching for the Hall of Records, and apparently a network of secret tunnels that connect the pyramids and the Sphinx.

The Stanford Research Institute (a American non-governmental organisation) on the other hand has a different agenda entirely. Allegedly, they, with the funding of the CIA, are using the results of US government sponsored psychic experiments in RV (remote viewing) to gain an insight into what is hidden there, curiously, the SRI has at various times received funding from the ARE for certain projects at Giza.

The involvement of the CIA and the Pentagon in searches and excavations on the plateau is curious,
since it raises several important issues. What interest could an organisation like the CIA have in the Giza complex? Is it possible that there is some basis in the Cayce prophecies and there are fundamental secrets affecting mankind hidden away within and below the bulk of the Great Pyramid?

Other tantalising hints of secret agendas have emerged following the emergence of Dr. James Hurtak an American philosopher and mystic. Hurtak, author of the highly unusual work 'The Keys of Enoch', is an exceptionally gifted and intelligent man who founded the Academy for Future Sciences (AFFS), but it is at this point that things go well beyond the realms of convention. I should perhaps point out that Dr Hurtak claims to have the truths advocated in Keys of Enoch given to him by none other than the prophet Enoch himself

Hurtak believes absolutely that our destinies are ultimately guided by a benign extraterrestrial
agency, the mysterious and enigmatic 'Council of Nine'. This discarnate entity is reputedly nine separate aspects (or facets) of one collective entity, in effect gestalt intelligence. It also appears to have direct parallels with the pantheon of Egyptian deities. This bizarre group intelligence is situated on board what is assumed to be a sentient spacecraft, 'Spectra'. The
emergence of the 'Council of Nine' brings an entirely different dimension (literally) to these procedings. Pioneering parapsychologist Andrija Puharich was the first to comment on their existence. While Puharich was carrying out research with prominent psychics, 'The Nine' made them selves known via an Indian Mystic, a Dr D.G. Vinod. By their own words, the nine according to
Puharich are another name for, or aspect of, God. There are claims that this enigmatic group have been working for the ultimate benefit of mankind since the beginning of time.

A number of mediums and psychics claim to have channelled the Nine, including Uri Geller and Phyllis
Schlemmer. It is perhaps significant that Geller, after agreeing to work under hypnosis and trance to channel the Nine, eventually distanced himself from the project. This was possibly as a direct result of his claimed involvement with the CIA on one of their many clandestine intelligence-gathering projects. Phyllis Schlemmer on the other hand had no such restrictions or reservations and continued to communicate with the entities and channel their teachings for some considerable time. Schlemmer was given paramount importance in one of the accounts written concerning the philosophy of the Nine, the most notable being the book, 'The Only Planet of Choice'.

One of the main points to emerge from the Nine was, millennia ago, they left a store of knowledge
hidden beneath the Giza plateau, which was to be used as part of the final 'awakening' of mankind.

This 'awakening' would, according to the Nine, raise man to a new level of spiritual awareness to the point where we as a race would be welcomed into a benevolent galactic federation. Although much of this may seem a little, shall we say, unusual, there are some interesting points to consider. The ancient Egyptians called their Gods of Heliopolis The Nine, which directly compares with the Old Testament's description of Gods, called 'The Elohim'. A conduit through which the Nine spoke gave its name as Ra, the name later adopted by the Egyptians for their sun god. It is also around this
time that another figure emerges in the form of Richard Hoagland, chief proponent of 'The Face on Mars'.

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posted on Feb, 24 2003 @ 06:57 PM
"One of the main points to emerge from the Nine was, millennia ago, they left a store of knowledge
hidden beneath the Giza plateau, which was to be used as part of the final 'awakening' of mankind. "

The knowledge is embeded inside the quarts dome (sort of like on a hard drive)which the pyramid rests upon. Thats why they are looking into Ganesh Particles.

Do some digging. It gets very interesting. Very!

posted on Feb, 25 2003 @ 11:34 AM
One of the documentary channels (TLC or TDC), is having (on March 2nd I believe...a great documentary on the building of the pyramid... I saw a half-hour preview, and it was awe-inspiring....


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