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Video: Virus Patents are Mutant Diseases Waiting to Happen

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posted on Nov, 27 2009 @ 07:40 AM
What happens when your doctor and our health professionals take their recommendations and policies from those that have everything to gain from you following specific advise?

Before continuing - take a look at exactly what's at stake when the highest levels of authority form policy by implementing solutions they pre-fabricated before their solutions were sought or required.

(click to open player in new window)

What first stands out in the video is the explanation of H1N1 rarely shared in the media.

What many people have yet to realize is that for many years now, H1N1 has been THE common influenza virus we have all become familiar with. Besides H1N1, the other influenza virus that commonly infects us is H3N2. Both very common for many years. If you had the flu five years ago for instance, chances are high is was H1N1 and you didn't know or care much about it.

But what's new this year is the NOVELTY of the H1N1 virus. They use “novelty” to tell us that it's a new H1N1 this year with new characteristics and new threats. The threats, they says, are to the young and healthy.

We are to go along with the “facts” that they are telling us about these new threats being mitigated in the laboratory by their newly fashioned vaccines. Vaccines specific for this pandemic virus.

The video also shows them explaining how they say they are “very good” at getting the exact isolated virus, that's of threat, into the vaccine this year. They then compare it to flu vaccines of years past and it always being guess work involved with using flu viruses of years past to create the vaccine for the current year.

Not the case for the pandemic virus, this year they say. They have your solution. The video shows examples of what and how the solutions are fabricated. What it details is the sandbox that is their laboratory; where they can, do and have been given free-range to manufacture any concoction by any means they could possibly conceive of.

This is all done with the full support and involvement of those in charge of creating public policy such as the WHO and CDC.

How can our doctors and health professionals act independently with, “their own research”, when their recommendations and policies come from the people who manufacture a vaccine and who specifically state that the results of creating said vaccine are and I quote; “not known or predictable”?

How can the monetary incentive for these types of mutant patents not come into question?

How can we NOT expect the isolated “sandbox” they play and urinate in (for lack of a better analogy) to contaminate the world at large when they introduce attenuated (live) viruses to us that are “NOT KNOWN OR PREDICTABLE”?

How can nature be blamed for “running a muck” when these types of dangerous games are being purposely played?

The full virus patent details can be read here:

posted on Nov, 27 2009 @ 08:39 AM
This is important information, with a different "twist" to it than some of the other threads. It certainly bears looking into.

posted on Nov, 27 2009 @ 08:56 AM
That is what I also believe, every time we see big pharma coming with a yearly flu vaccine because "Flu mutates" is very obvious that we are no been telling the real truth.

Because lately with the economic crisis big pharma has been losing profits and people are not as happy to get yearly seasonal flu vaccine, specially the younger generation they needed a bail out, their bail out was the swine flu.

Like I said before, swine flu is no new, is been around for decades and we have more immunity to it that big pharma is giving credit because they need their darn profits.

Every time we get the flu vaccine we are no been vaccinated for any mutations of the seasonal flu, that means every time somebody gets the flu with vaccine or not they are just getting the newest mutation of it.

This has been going for decades with the relatively statistical deaths now so "normal" for the flu season.

Is so hard sometimes to explain to people what is going on with the "swine flu" and worst for those that subscribe to the doom and gloom killer virus theory.

posted on Nov, 27 2009 @ 11:05 AM

Originally posted by ladyinwaiting
This is important information, with a different "twist" to it than some of the other threads. It certainly bears looking into.

I believe it is important information needing to be looked into as well. At one point in the video it's stated that this vaccine has been purchased by the government while in the patent it's said that the only licensed flu vaccines in use (at the time of patent) where of dead flu strains. Meaning that this would be the first LIVE influenza vaccine to go into use.

The patent states that the methods required to "weaken" a live virus to the point of it no longer being pathogenic are "not known or predictable".

How can our personal doctors make vaccine recommendations considering these variables?

posted on Nov, 27 2009 @ 02:31 PM
Thank you very much to a certain some one for brining this to my attention. Its been a LONG time since I've posted in this section but I think I'm ready to come back. First off, Brew, I am honestly amazed that this hasn't had more recognition than this. Its a very important subject and your video shows us a great deal of 'proof' -- something which usually makes ATS jump to attention. Star and flag for you brother!

Now, ironically, I've had to read my own thread "A Detailed Introduction Of H5N1 To New Comers." So i can catch up on some of the common sides to these darn influenzas. OK, in a sick twist of fate, when i was active in this section i was reporting rare-outbreaks of H5N1 in Kenya, as well as predictions (came true also!). As soon as i leave a world wide strain of influenza breaks out... Just my luck, i always miss the good stuff. OK, might of worded that a little wrong

Right, so theres two paragraphs of rubbish, let go for another one or two and then make our way round this section of the forum. As i said, Brew, great video mate. I'm adding you to my friends list for sure, good work on brining it to peoples attention. Now marg6043, on some levels i agree with you, how ever i do have to say that i do have to respectfully disagree with you on a couple. Now i do agree with you that these super-massive companies are out for one thing and one things alone, $. Now i think that they may manipulate the vaccines, manipulate so that they are almost gone, your getting a quick shot of good ol' fashioned H20 and sent on your way. Now, we can go down numerous paths here. We've got NWO, the theory that these vaccines are in fact bad for us and that they are sent out to reduce/control the population. or we can go for path #2, we can say that these vaccines are actually bad for us, they have 'time delays' in them and that every 12 months or so you will start to feel ill and bingo bango, flu time! get a new shot, $20, thank you very much. Theres 3rd path, that they are actually fine and right and that we are living in a day and age that breeds super-bugs and drug resistant influenzas.

Now to me an aspect from them all is true. I believe that these companies are indeed manipulating their own product with the intentions of making it a temporary fix instead of a long term one with the sole purpose to increase profits. After A LOT of research, checking and double checking already existing theories and modifying some to fit around mine i found out that the tamifu rumor was true. That tamiflu in fact created, or harbored, 2 out of three of the 'markers' needed for H5N1 infection. keeping in mind that H5N1 only needs to have 2 out of 3 to grab hold of you. Now, the location where the first case of H5N1 was discovered is a section of land, a company, which is held by a very famous man who at one point owned the majority share of Tamiflu, how ever we're drifting here! I was planning on doing a longgg Tamiflu post before i left so I'll start researching and getting that worked on ASAP, if you'd like to help just PM me. Where was i?... A yes, that case, and 100's other confirms that companies can, will and are known to do some rather 'morally questionable' things in the name of profit. Now, after watching that video i got a very much NWO feel. We had a guy standing up there saying x,y and even a mention of x - however he forgot A... the part where he played a major part in it. I think that cases like this show us that a friendly face isn't always the one to trust. H5N1, H1N1 and the new hybrid version that they are creating soon, a mix of both H5N1& H1N1, could be the capstone on top of the pyramid. Now killing your clients isn't a good idea, any Tom, Dick or Harry could tell you that. How about infecting areas of land with H5N1/H1N1 and then using the vaccine as a bargaining chip? $500 every 3 months for your vaccine, or you may get ill and die... [X] Pharmaceuticals goes to lobby and says, 'we think THIS bill should be passed...' Now they could get almost anything passed with the vaccine as a bargaining chip. I believe that companies are manipulating numerous things for profit, however least us not forget that due to the over use of anti-biotic and other such drugs that the human immune system is going down and down, so when these bugs do arise, form natural causes, we are all in trouble. So i think its a 50/50 deal here...

Peace& love - Fox

posted on Nov, 28 2009 @ 11:44 AM
reply to post by ProTo Fire Fox

Thanks for those comments Fox, some good theories about what we could very well see. I think it's all up in the air, in that I wouldn't discount any possibility no matter how extreme it might seem regarding shaping/manipulating viruses and public response to those viruses.

When I made the above video, I was and still am shocked about the level of financial involvement for vocal vaccine experts such as Palese (which until I went looking for it, would not have been disclosed in the public advisory event whatsoever).

I believe nearly all end user, family doctors get their information from mouth pieces like this.

Fox, I hadn't heard of the marker hits you mentioned about the anti-viral Tamiflu. I really hadn't researched much into that drug but had been made well away of it's "on-the-scene" show, as soon as Rumsfeld was revealed to have been heavily involved in profit reaping several years ago.

There will be lots of changes and developments in the near future with what we're to be told about the virus threats imminent to the population, this I don't doubt. That's why I think issues like the one raised in the video are so important to focus on, before things start evolving too fast for people to keep up with.

I'm eager to hear other people's opinion of these experts at the height of the "vaccine game". Are these profit ties the opposite of ethical or something we should come to expect?

posted on Nov, 28 2009 @ 12:44 PM
Theres A LOT of problems with this world theres famine, poverty and war, here there and everywhere. Now we all look at groups, we look at 322, Masons, Illuminati and others and we say they want to reduce the population, they want to take control they want to achieve the goal --- they want N.W.O.

Now I'll bypass the general ideology of N.W.O because on paper, a lot of it is actually very good and beneficial, but as everything in this world, duality exists. Where there is good there is bad, where they is money there is poverty, where there is crime, theres spider-man. Now theres a few categories at the top of this wonderful site,, which are all about said groups. We've got Secret Societies, we've got N.W.O and last but not least, General conspiracies. Now to me, thats the who, where, why... This forum, this is the how, and this is the when, and its NOW.

I'll be posting my Tamiflu thread soon, Either Tuesday or Wednesday.

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