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From Oil to Swine Flu

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posted on Nov, 26 2009 @ 05:07 PM
To some of you the link between oil and Swine Flu is clear, but a quick explanation for the rest.

- To control the oil is not just to be wealthy, it also brings incredible power. e.g. if you stop the flow of oil to a country you can bring them to a stand still. Army's need oil too.

- So first you need to control the oil regions. See the recent wars in Afghan and Iraq.

- The problem is that people wouldn't accept you saying "we're attacking them for oil", so you need an explanation like 'Evil Muslims', even better fly some planes into buildings and make it seem like a proper attack. Then the people are more likely to accept the war i.e. you're doing it to protect them

- The people who have the oil and hence the wealth and power want to maintain their position of strength, they also want their children to inherit the same power and wealth.

- The problem is, oil is running out, so these Oil Baron's have to think up a new strategy

- Why not buy a football team? Sure, you could move your oil money into an English football team, like Man City, buy all the best players and make them into the best football team in the world. Then when the oil runs out live off the profits of the team. That would give you wealth, but unfortunately not power. How can both the wealth and power be maintained?

- Why is the oil being used so fast? There are too many people, if one can drastically reduce the number of people, the oil and hence the wealth and power and be maintained for many more generations....but how can you get people to agree to this? You can't!

- Since the people will never agree to being depopulated, you have to trick them into it. Tell them there's a horrible disease and that you're coming to save them with an 'untested' vaccine, which in fact is tested and will kill them within 2-3 years.

- Job done, wealth and power successfully maintained for at least another 120 years.

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posted on Dec, 1 2009 @ 06:05 PM
I couldn't agree more.

I read a recent NYT article about the climate treaty to be signed in Copenhagen and it all crystalized for me. Peak Oil (as evidenced by
and other items of that sort) means Peak Emissions (logically, right?). So why enact a treaty to reduce emissions when you know its going down on its own?

The emissions "tax" is the mechanism by which the world govt disguises the reality of Peak Oil. Why are we getting less oil every year? Because we can't afford it because of the emissions tax. Darn those damnable taxes!

If the regular populace figured out there were less chairs every day in this game of musical chairs, people would not comply with the game.

The flip side of the "climate change" charade is the "swine flu" charade.

Huh, isn't it convenient, all the people who don't have seats (in our game of musical chairs), they're all dying from a deadly disease. Huh, well, that's great, more jobs for me!

Peak Oil means that a great number of people would not be able to feed themselves, let alone pay the debt on their credit cards. These people would be a force for revolution and change of the power structure. If they conveniently disappeared from a deadly "disease", no one would be the wiser about WHY they disappeared because, "there's no resource shortage, it's all just those damn taxes that are stifling our economies". There would be no logical connection between "greenhouse gases" and millions of dead citizens.


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