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The Dead Sea Dying

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posted on Nov, 26 2009 @ 11:56 AM
It was just something i saw in Yahoo! News and you guys here would like to read about it.
The Dead Sea could be gone by 2050!

he Dead Sea may soon shrink to a lifeless pond as Middle East political strife blocks vital measures needed to halt the decay of the world's lowest and saltiest body of water, experts say.

It doesnt say what experts. It is also thought that this may be related to climate change:

Mahasneh says climate change is aggravating the crisis. "Climate change affected everything," he said. "It's an umbrella for many problems, including short rainfall. "Nothing is being seriously done to tackle climate change. Sustainable and integrated solutions are needed."

To replenish the Dead Sea, they want to mix in the Red Sea

The World Bank has funded a two-year study of the plan for a pipeline from the Red Sea to replenish the Dead Sea. The project, agreed in outline by Israel, the Palestinian Authority and Jordan in 2005, aims to channel two billion cubic metres (70 billion cubic feet) of water a year via a 200-kilometre (120-mile) canal to produce fresh water and generate electricity as well as raise the Dead Sea. But some environmentalists say the scheme could harm the Dead Sea further by changing its unique chemistry by introducing Red Sea water. "We are dealing with at least two sensitive and different ecosystems: the Dead Sea and the Red Sea. We also need to keep an open mind about other possible alternatives," said Munqeth Mehyar, FoEME chair.

Read the rest here:Dead Sea Dying

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posted on Nov, 26 2009 @ 12:39 PM
I wonder why we as humans dont like to see our environment change or species go extint, I agree letting water from another sea will change its composition but there seems to be a prevailing mindset amongst people that all in nature that is just now much continue for eternity.

Seas have formed and drained over the ages and animals will go extinct and new ones arise with and without us being to blame.

Until we can find out how much climate change is down to man and how much is nature we can't make any decisions on what to fix or what to leave alone apart from the obvious like the rainforest cutting all of it down definetly would not be a good idea.

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