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Puppets of the World, time to wake up please !

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posted on Nov, 26 2009 @ 11:54 AM
Hello ATS members
I have been growing sick and tired of this world becoming what it is. I'm almost totally a shame to be apart of and contribute to a race so evil. Life is being MIS-interpreted all over the world. People dont even knows how it feels to live anymore. Our lives are set in front of us the moment we are born. the moment we are givin a name to identify the body we control. how is life set, well too me it seems like this : we are enrolled in school the minute we are able to communicate and understand from ages 5-19 ... in those 14 years of life we are TOLD how to live, we are TOLD what to do, we are TOLD what is good for us. Who in gods name has the right to tell another mind what to do? NOONE. (I dont mean god as a living person rather then a divine intelligence higher then any other being) so after 14 years of life passing by sitting in a classroom listening to people who came from the SAME origin as you, you are told you need a good job to be successful in life,

posted on Nov, 26 2009 @ 12:05 PM
here are the videos everyone please enjoy
ahbout 2 and a half hours are needed so watch it in sequel when you have time



posted on Nov, 26 2009 @ 12:08 PM
Thanksgiving is getting to you too? Thought it was just me.

And I saw this from this thread.

I can see why your angry but this puppet has to make Yams so I will have to channel my rage into that for now. Keep fighting the good fight!

posted on Nov, 26 2009 @ 12:09 PM
reply to post by Kelliott

Who in "Gods name" to are you to tell us to forget what we know and take YOUR information instead?

Also.. if you are sick of your surroundings..

Be the change you want to see in the world.

posted on Nov, 26 2009 @ 12:17 PM
Telling the puppets will only make things worse. Many have died just because they woke up

posted on Nov, 26 2009 @ 12:30 PM
just how are we suppose to wake up the government is just gonna kill us any ways

posted on Nov, 26 2009 @ 12:36 PM
*Hits snooze*

Second line.

I kid... i kid..

4th line.

posted on Nov, 26 2009 @ 12:40 PM

Originally posted by Kelliott
All this sounds very random to you, but im 17 years old and i couldnt be more disapointed in what I will refer to as "humanities achievments" (buildings, cars, stores, planes, trains, everything.. lol) I feel so bad for the common people (YOU) because your living an illusion.

Wow. For such a young age, I'm glad you've decided to look beyond the typical teenager and see things in a new perspective. (besides the "popular" things to do, like following the norm)

But, I disagree on one point. Our achievements are better than what you think. (I don't think you want to live without these things)

Life isnt about making paper (money) and if you think so, you are living a mistake.

Try to explain that to anyone in your school, city or even family. It's like telling people they are doing something wrong. No one wants to take responsibility for their actions! They don't want to hear it!

Only then, my friend, you understand the American Dream (the great deception)

This is a great introduction! More and more people should be thinking the same exact way, but they won't.

*S&F*........cause I like yer style!

posted on Nov, 26 2009 @ 12:47 PM
Surrender of the Ego in favour of Society benefits all parties.

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posted on Nov, 26 2009 @ 01:13 PM
First off, why is this in the UFO and Alien forum?

Second, you are young and have a lot to learn.

You see, nobody is telling you how to live or what to do. Instead, they are giving you a good example of what people before you existed have done, and how they accomplished it.

There are more ways than one to do something, and you can try every single way if you wish. However, people have tried every single way (almost), and the best way to do it is the way you are shown while you are growing up.

Sure you can skip school, teach yourself, invent something or start a business when you are old enough, then make a living on your own. But that is a very hard path to accomplish successfully. That is why they tell you to go to school, learn things that others have discovered before you, get a degree, and get a good job. Its the most successful path.

School) You can ditch school, and learn on your own if you REALLY wanted, however you will learn the same exact stuff, just different. You can take the long path and rediscover all the knowledge on your own, or you can take the short path and learn what people before you have discovered. Nobody is forcing you to believe it is all 100% accurate, they are just trying to give you knowledge that people know to be true at this moment, and you can learn from that, and beyond that if you wish.

Money) This is a touchy subject.... Everyone has necessities that are needed to stay alive. Food, shelter, health care, etc.. If money didn't exist we would have to provide all of that on our own by hunting, building, and learning how to heal, etc.... Sounds like a lot of "work". The second you are born, you have to "work" at staying alive. That is a FACT.

The problem is, no one person can provide themselves with all of that, so they rely on other people to help, like family, or a tribe. However, not everyone has the available resources to do that. For instance, food. Not everyone has enough land to grow enough crops to help your entire family stay alive. Not everyone can take care of a large group of cows to supply enough milk. Not everyone has enough time to gather wood, and build supplies. That is why "trading" was invented.

"Trading" helps people by allowing them to trade their available service and objects with others, so they don't have to do everything. Since I can't get enough land to grow crops, I will just stick with my cows and milk. When I need crops I will trade my milk for some crops. However, what if the crop owners don't need my milk? What then? How could I get their crops? I would have to trade something else... That is why "money" was invented.

Money is like the universal trading note. It is milk, crops, wood, labour, all in one little ticket. That way I can trade my milk for money, and my money for crops, and the crops guys can trade the money for whatever they need..... That is why money is a good idea, and necessary.

Of course, money turns people evil, and greedy, because humans want everything and to be lazy, and live in luxury. It's manipulative and can be traded for almost ANYTHING, including life for some people. Money is not the real problem, it is PEOPLE.

Government) To some, government is the root of evil, however it isn't all evil. Government is needed. Without government we wouldn't have laws that help protect most of us. People would steal and kill for all your milk and crops and stuff without a second thought. That is why we have law enforcement which is run by the government. Sure people still do it, but more people would do it if it wasn't for government.

Also, without the government, nobody would want to waste their crops and milk and labour and all that to make roads, and take care of roads. They wouldn't want to waste their hard earned resources on stuff that ALL OF US share.

That is why we pay taxes. We collectively pay the law enforcement to take care of us. We collectively pay for the roads that help us get around. We all come together as ONE, to pay for our necessities. Sounds better when worded like that doesn't it?

The government isn't a large group of people who want to kill us. No matter what brainwashed you to think so. The government is made up of a bunch of people like you and I. However some of them want to make money, because they are greedy, so they try to get positions of power to help their agenda. Most of them are already rich and have everything they want, and that makes them different than normal people, but not all of them are out to kill you.

The majority of "government" are law enforcement people, and military people. They actually want to help people, and get rid of evil. The rest are people who work for corporations that just want to make more money off of you. Sure some of them want to control the world, but they are never going to be able to do that, ever. Most parents can hardly control their own kids...

Humanities Achievements) The reason for these achievements is to make life easier. Why dig a hole with a shovel when you can use a tractor? You can get more work done for less. In crops and milk and labour terms, this is a good thing for all of us. Of course humans create things that hurt others, that is human nature. I too wish we could destroy all guns, but then we would lose the best way to hunt for food, and protect us from thiefs and killers.


In this life, there are smart people, dumb people. Good people, evil people. Greedy people, selfless people. Healthy people, sick people. Leaders, followers. Creators, destroyers. Godly, and Godless. Enlightened, unenlightened. Young, and old.

To fix all of the above you would need organization. This is why "religion" was invented. To get everyone to understand the same "way of life". To give people morals and guidelines to live and act by. To discipline their selves, and their family. Most religion is about love, and kindness, and despises theives, and killers, and greed, and all that which we dislike. Religions also try to include a general belief of what our universe is about and how it started. Not from the imagination, but from what we know to be true.

Sadly, it is hard for people to agree on one "way of life" so that we call and "just get along". So multiple religions are made. Sadly, some people don't like anything about religion, so they don't learn the same morals and guidelines that everyone else does. Thank God for government, or we would be in real trouble with morals and guidelines.

It's all about the people and their thoughts and beliefs.

People dedicate their lives to making the world a better place. Besides posting on a forum, what are you doing to help? Are you teaching people? Are you protecting people via law enforcement? Are you helping people in hospitals? Are you setting a good example?

Don't worry about the government. More people enjoy all that is good, than people who enjoy evil. The "good team" is much larger than "evil". Someone once said; "The real sheep are the evil people, and they are surrounded by a pack of good wolves".

With that said, I want you to know you have a good head on your shoulders. You can see that people are more concerned with material things, and not each other. You can see the decline in the quality of people. I agree with many things you say. You are one step closer to enlightenment than many people.

Just know this... through science you will learn that ALL objects, all matter, all things, all of everything, is made of the same energy. Everything is connected, and everything effects everything else (butterfly effect). The total of ALL things equals ONE. You are a small part of ONE very large universe. YOU ARE the universe. Nothing will ever or can ever destroy you. The universe evolves in ways so that it can sustain itself. Everything happens for a reason. You have nothing to fear but fear itself.

Good day.

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