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Are all the major world religions tied to the ANNUNAKI?

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posted on Nov, 26 2009 @ 06:36 AM
Well, I tend to agree. We are being lead down a false path of insecurity, organized religions, in the hopes we never reach our true potential. These gods are nothing more then other life forms that had used humans for their own personal gains and their agenda needs to be exposed & stopped.

enjoy the link:

Please, do not accuse me of trolling. Nor bother to accuse me of being an Anti-Semite or nazi. I am just sick of seeing organized religions limiting and controling people thus hidding them from their true nature and potential.

Do I have all the answers....NO. But at least I can see where the true evils of this world come from.

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posted on Nov, 26 2009 @ 07:14 AM
Yes, Atlantis were a place like we have it now.
Also run be the same Nephilim Slave masters that are now taking us into that same slavery for full effect the coming years..

The anunnaki created the first humans long time ago.
But they rebeled, they were smarter than they tought and they ran away.
So anunnaki tried teo more times, mixing with other mammals on earth, but they became too dumb and was usless.

Then , 4th time around, We are created with a mix of Reptilian Dna and Anunnaki Dna and Monkye Dna..Well, Adam and Eve were difrent , as you can see..

The anunnki females were tired of breeding humans, so they made adjustments so Adam and Eve could procreate them selfs, getting the Equiment onto the Adam and they became 'diffrent' , hence the 'original sin' and the awareness of naked bodies making them emerassed, cause Now they didnt look the same, and Adam got a boner..

The first 'Adam' the Atlantean, went back and took the 4th generation away from the anunnaki, not all them ofcourse, only those who 'WOKE UP' and understood what was really going on...Etc.. Thereos the great war in heaven and the tale of Jesus in the bloody dress, hinting to the slaughter of all the humans on the battle field, 'their bodies will rot standing up and they will be dead before they hit the ground'. WMD ...yes...


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