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We Evolved From the Monkey, huh?

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posted on Dec, 21 2009 @ 10:51 PM
Ok this is a theory.

First off certain primates leave to different land areas and have to adapt to it in someway. Then the newly evolved members stay that way for a certain time untill a new challenge emerges. The other primates don't face this and pretty much stay the same.

posted on Dec, 21 2009 @ 10:59 PM

Originally posted by impaired
Ok, I have my mind made up and I carry a strong conviction of how we got here. I may or may not get into it that so much. Why? Because people have their own beliefs and nothing can change it or open people's eyes. And who's to say *I'M* right?

But seriously, if we came from the apes and the monkeys, then how come the apes and the monkeys are still here in their present form and how come THEY haven't evolved?

The missing link? Fine, I'll share my beliefs. Buckle your seatbelts.

But first, I would like to say that I am an Agnostic. I believe SOMETHING created the universe. And yeah, I believe Jehova and his gang created us humans. But He is/was not the creator of everything. He didn't create the universe. Jehova and his gang were ET.

ET comes down, tinkers with apes and monkeys. Prototypes emerge (no particular order): Neanderthal, Homo Erectus, Floresiensis, Habilis, rhodesiensis, and many more...

If I am not mistaken, there are missing links in-between THEM as well.

After ET splices us, they keep us around for worship (or whatever other reasons). Either we or they have us look at them as Gods. And notice how Jehova isn't the only God! There are a multitude of other gods!

I know the truth hurts and can be disturbing, but damn it - people can believe the bible and take it literally, but a theory like this is crazy??? Give me a BREAK!

And I am not PURPOSELY singling out the Christians. I honestly think ALL religions are evil. Yeah, they keep the people in line by threatening them with Hell and the promise of Heaven, but in the end, it keeps people more ignorant. And don't say it doesn't! Religions have you follow their code and to NOT ask questions. Everything is a God's will - good things that happen OR bad. Anything that doesn't jive with the bible is "Evil"...

Yes, this is Annunaki-ish - I admit it. Whether it was "The Annunaki", or just some generic ET's that came down here, our origins are DEFINITELY suspect...

It appears to ME that both science and religion are off a bit, but correct as well! What a mind-trip!

I'm not coming here saying I'm right or that I know what's going on for a fact. But this theory makes A LOT of sense, and it can for others too if they just open their minds a bit and put religious and egotistical elements aside! Just for once!

In this thread, I will NOT be dealing with bible quotes or the typical bible spheil. Call me a jerk - I don't care! I am here for the pursuit of truth, and that's that. I will not be circumvented.

If this possibility is offensive, then I'm sorry. If we want to get to the bottom of things, then discuss in an intelligent way. No circular logic!

And as far as scientists not coming up with this first, consider this:

ET's haven't been officially discovered (yet). That rules out the theory immediately on a mainstream level. Plus, what about religious implications in the first place? Religion is EVERYWHERE on this planet - in one form or another. You take that down, then there will be a lot of unhappy people and crushed pride. Humans don't like to be wrong (a majority of us, anyway - especially in front of others, let alone the whole world in this case).

And 3: Science isn't even all that advanced yet. We are still finding stuff BY THE DAY. We just discovered that 200-Million year old Hominid a few months ago. We don't know as much as we think we do. We still have a million miles to go.

I just don't understand how some can not see the answers that are right out in the open. Ancient Astronauts (images scratched onto prehistoric rocks), The "Magic" (technology) in the bible, the MANY gods - and how they all want worship for their own. The many religions, the many planets out there.

And why does each religion proclaim theirs to be the right one? Most of the major ones (if not all) say that if you don't believe in their God and follow the rules to the tee, you burn in hell. So I guess EVERYONE is going to hell, right? That's how it sure seems...

I really believe that this theory is close to the truth. Too bad it's kind of disturbing.

I apologize for the rant, here, but this has been bottled up in me and I needed to let it out.

So, apparently the mainstream rejects this - most possibly due to the reasons I mentioned before.

And so, what if this IS close to the truth? Then what?

Or I could just be a raving lunatic in this case, but I kinda doubt it. Like I said before, it's fine and acceptable to believe a book that speaks of an egotistical "God" that created us out of the dust in the ground, KNEW the future, still went on with it, let an adversary mess with us (a "Crafty" adversary at that), and then punish us with eternal hell if we mess up, but to think that Jehova and all of the gods were ET's is out of the question. I seriously just don't get it.

Please, beam me up and take me OFF this planet, because I sure as hell don't belong here.


Edit to add: I do apologize for coming off harsh here and thinking that I know about the evolution from monkeys and apes. But the bottom line remains: Seems like something has given us a jump. When you look at the sheer size of the Universe, it's hard to believe that we are the only planet with life. With that in mind, how is it not possible that there was some kind of ET intervention? The bible itself says we were created by "divine beings". "The Heavens" translates to "The Sky", and where did the gods reside and/or come from? The sky? What IS divinity?? Tell me I'm wrong on that one.

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Noone says we evolved from monkeys, what evolution teaches is that we share a common ancestor.

posted on Dec, 21 2009 @ 11:06 PM
reply to post by impaired

Impaired, Let your supposition be fact One.
ET altred the genes and created humans.

Now a quick search engine of ET Abductions self reported tetimony reveals that these intelligent ET beings are mostly interested in studying intestinal tract functions, or are involved in crop circles and cattle mutilation?

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posted on Dec, 21 2009 @ 11:47 PM
I tried to figure this problem out in a different way. By trying to track my existence all the way to the beginning.
I tried to figure out how many generations i could pin point. But I didn't get very far until the unknown factors got overwhelming.

Its like we humans are only related to each other. Because there is no way we can pin point the time you can add in a different common ancestor. The missing link as science like to call it.

I found out that it's actually bloody impossible to figure out what we evolved from. The different possibilities are just to overwhelming.

When i started with my self. The equation just grew larger and larger and more confusing. The equation didn't shrink. I had to add in a lot of unknown factors if i wanted the equation to shrink.

You cant use DNA because that track record is a lot shorter then 4 generations. That would put us back to somewhere around the 1930s.

You have to believe in science in this case to buy their story of the evolution of man.

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posted on Dec, 22 2009 @ 12:07 AM

Originally posted by impaired Religions have you follow their code and to NOT ask questions.

This is Not True of the Christian dispensation I believe in. I was raised Baptist and they didn't believe many of the things that were in the Bible. I would ask them why and they would just tell me "We don't believe that" or "That was for back then not for today"

I decided to pray about it because I wanted to know if the baptist religion was a true Christian church.

God led me to a church that didn't have these problem the baptist church had. They believe if the bible said for disciples to do something it was for all people then and now. This dispensation believes we must strongly question everything about the bible and what you believe because it is only in this manner will you find what the truth really is.

After studying this for a while and questioning everything and learning how to study the Bible not just from the english but the Hebrew and Greek as well I came to find that the bible does not contradict itself as many people think and that you have to let the Holy Spirit lead you to understanding when you study the bible. Everything gets questioned, researched and scrutinized.

Granted most churches do not let their followers do this.. and that is one sure sign of a false religion.

posted on Dec, 22 2009 @ 01:04 AM
"We Evolved From the Monkey, huh?'"

No, sir, you certainly have not evolved above the level of a monkey in either intellect nor comprehension.

posted on Dec, 23 2009 @ 05:47 PM
reply to post by impaired

Speak for yourself.
I evolved from Adam and Eve, who were created by God.

Whether or not YOU evolved from a monkey, well to each his own.

The standard that I hold my behavior to might be higher than yours, because I do not use my lineage as an excuse for anything.
I also doubt that monkeys believe in God.
Since I believe then I am not a monkey, or evolved from a monkey.

posted on Dec, 23 2009 @ 07:02 PM
Oh MAN I *LOVE* threads like these....

Seriously, I absolutely LOVE them!


Ok, First off... Humans did not evolve from Monkeys, in the same way that your cousin is not your parent.

Secondly, If you are going to ask quesitons like these, attempting to "Debate" Evolutionary theory... it would be a good idea to learn what Evolution *IS*

The simplest Definition to Evolution is: "Descent with modification"

This means, that you are not exactly like your parents.

Every zygote contains some amount of mutations (Most genetic mutations are caused by a failure of the enzymes which copy the DNA during mitosis, or solar/cosmic radiation)

Now, most mutations are completely benign... harmless... useless...

They encode no proteins, they cause no developmental changes... they do nothing.

Occasionally you will get a mutation that alters a specific "Part" of a creature.

Like a baby bird whose beak is just a *LITTLE* bit longer than those of its parents.

Now, this "Mutation" allows the bird to reach more food in tiny crevices (Bugs and such) and so, makes that organism better at survival.

Since it can capture more food, and is a better provider, it has a better chance of mating, and thus, making little baby birds that ALSO posess a beak that is a *LITTLE* bit longer.

It's offspring will be better at reaching food, providing for their offspring, and reproducing because of this.

Eventually, over several generations, the entire breeding population will have the "Mutation" of the beak that is a little bit longer.

This process of an entire breeding population acquiring a specific mutation through the survival, and thriving of those who posess the mutation is known as "Genetic drift"

Beneficial Mutations, and Genetic Drift have been OBSERVED.

Now, we did not come from monkeys, because monkeys descended from the same ancestors that we descended from.

And our common ancestors were *NOT* monkeys.

In addition, our common ancestors no longer exist in the form that they used to exist AS, because their children were *SLIGHTLY* different that they were.

The THEIR children were SLIGHTLY different than they were.

Etc, etc, etc...

When a breeding population becomes divided, and the groups get separated, their evolution takes on different paths.

Lets take an actual monkey for example... a breeding population of monkeys, maybe 100,000 of them.

Half of the monkeys migrate south, towards the equator.

The other half migrate north, towards the poles.

The half that went to warmer climates will have just as many mutations as the half that went north...

But a mutation to have slightly less body hair is a BENNIFIT to the monkeys in the warmer climate, and thus, those who posess that mutation are more able to survive, and provide for their offspring... and thus, HAVE more offspring, thereby giving this mutation to the rest of the breeding population of tropical monkeys.

That short hair mutation, however, would be a detriment in the cold weather monkeys, and that monkey would die earlier, having less of a chance to pass on his mutation to his offspring, and if he DOES have offspring, they will have less of a chance to pass this mutation on, so on and so forth.

A Long hair mutation, however, would thrive in the cold weather monkey, as would mutations to store more body fat, etc, etc... things that make them able to survive.

So, the environment actually "Chooses" the mutations, as those that are better equipped for survival, and thus, for reproduction.

So, after several hundred, or thousand generations.... what you started with... a single group of monkeys...

You would end up with two COMPLETELY different species of monkeys...

One, thin, short haired, tropical monkey.

And One Fat, Hairy, cold weather monkey.

The original Monkey (Their ancestor) has since then, ceased to exist in its original form (When the two populations split and migrated) and has evolved into these two "Daughter" species.

Now, if enough time has passed, and enough mutations have been introduced into these new monkeys (Cold and warm weather), then if a reproductive member of either species met, they would not be able to interbreed.

If they cannot interbreed, they are no longer a separate "Race" or "Sub-species" but they are now a completely different SPECIES from each other.

Humans did not come from monkeys...

Humans came from a breeding populations of early primate, that diverged its breeding population into several separate groups.

one of which, adapted for tree swinging, termite eating, etc...

The other developed bipedal locomotion, tool use, and larger cranial capacity.

Monkeys, Apes, etc... are quite LITERALLY our EXTREMELY DISTANT COUSINS.

They are not our ancestors...

Our ancestors are all dead, as are the monkeys ancestors.

OH, and BTW, FYI...

We (Humans) *ARE* APES.

The reason that We are APES is because an "APE" is what we classify a biological entity that requires the ingestion of living cells to survive, has an internal digestive tract, has four limbs with five digits on the end of them, is covered by hair follicles, has fingernails and toenails, develops from an embryo that is contained in the mothers womb, develops the opening for the anus before the mouth in incubation, possesses circular pupils in gel filled eyes capable of seeing light, has teeth in a calcium jawbone, connected to a calcium skull and cranium, with a hind leg dominant structure for the hip bones, develops in an embryonic fluid during gestation, and mammary glands capable of lactation, with a highly social lifestyle, etc, etc, etc...

Humans are Apes
Monkeys are Apes
Baboons are Apes
Gorillas are Apes
etc, etc, etc...

"APE" is a classification, a GROUP if you will, that MANY different species belong to... Including OURS.

The only reason to ask the question that you did, is that you have absolutely no idea what it is that you are arguing against.

We don't "Believe" in evolution... we have PROVEN that it occurs.

We don't say that we are related to monkeys because we WANT to be related to monkeys.



posted on Dec, 24 2009 @ 08:15 AM
You guys who continue to bash me really need to read through the entire thread. I don't know how many more time I have to say that. This is literally almost the 10th time. It won't even let me edit the OP anymore, so I can't change anything.

For THE last time - I FELL FOR THE MISCONCEPTION. I admitted that. There's something you don't see on ATS very often: PEOPLE ADMITTING THAT THEY'RE WRONG. - Especially on an OP level.

Maybe if I could edit the OP, I would change the title to something like, "Our creation is suspect - Science and religion seem both wrong or right - the real missing link is ET" (or something like that).

And then I would put a disclaimer saying that I believed in a common misconception but I corrected that - regardless that is not the MAIN point of the OP.

And you know what? Now that I think of it, if you even read the OP and my subsequent posts correctly instead of bashing me, you all would of realized what the post was really about. That one I am standing my ground on.

I messed up on something small compared to the big picture, and in came the thread derailers who just won't let this go.

And anytime I brought it back to the real point and held argument to another poster, THEY NEVER CAME BACK - just more people ripping me to shreds over a small mistake that truly isn't too relevant to the OP after all.

So I messed up on the thread TITLE. Sue me. - It won't let me change the topic and touch-up the OP. I will not keep arguing with THE ONES WHO CAN'T READ THE REST OF THE THREAD.

posted on Dec, 24 2009 @ 05:51 PM
reply to post by impaired

Well then... my apologies if my reply was not fitting with your original point.

(Second Line is a Bad Monkey)


posted on Dec, 24 2009 @ 06:38 PM
Ok this is a post in general and does not really apply to the first original post...

A lot of people are very eager to force their own religious views down others necks with no respect to others opinions, this is how wars are started.

Science is a relativly new dicipline for mankind but you can't simply choose to ignore facts through relegion.

My personal belief is that religion should be used only as a moral and spiritual tool help you become a more developed person it should be used for its spiritual purpose not as source of scientific information unless it has merit.

This is where science and religion differ.

The Bible is a collection of books and papers from a number of authors who shouldn't be expected to know the same level of scientific knowledge that we know today, as such we should expect a number of errors.

Just as religion shouldn't ignore the could hard facts of science so should science not ignore the moral teachings of religion.

posted on Dec, 24 2009 @ 08:48 PM
Writers of the books in the bible had contact WITH the creator of the scientific facts of the universe.

Obviously, the Creator, God, saw no need to burden their minds and hearts with trivial things like how does this or that work?

He knew their time on earth was short, so He just told them about the important things, like how to ensure one went to heaven and not the other place.

posted on Dec, 24 2009 @ 09:42 PM
Don't listen to these people, impaired. Some just can't accept the theory that has more evidence backing it.

posted on Dec, 25 2009 @ 12:49 AM
reply to post by impaired

"ET comes down, tinkers with apes and monkeys. Prototypes emerge (no particular order): Neanderthal, Homo Erectus, Floresiensis, Habilis, rhodesiensis, and many more..."

You know, I enjoyed reading your OP. Ignore all these clowns that claim they know it all. None of them hold any proof to the claims they have made. Yes, I enjoy reading opinion after opinion, but thats just that, it's all opinions and everyone is entitled to their own. I personally enjoy the ET theory, but, only time will tell... lol.

From my research and understanding, ancient civilizations have written about these ET's you may be speaking of. Here's an interesting video that you may or may not have seen yet.


posted on Dec, 25 2009 @ 03:50 AM
Firstly I should of mentioned in my previous post that I do believe it is possible that we we're genetically modified or enhanced by an alien race.

The above post was an attempt to show people that science and religion can co-exist mutually exclusive of each other.

I do believe it it possible we were enhanced by an alien species but I do also believe there may be a long number of missing links that we just don't know about.

As for planet X it's being treated largly as religious dogma however the facts are these:

There is enough mass in the kuiper belt to create a whole planet so it is possible that planet X may have existed once.

Scientists can look deep into space these days and try as they might they have seen no evidence of planet X

Most scientists agree if there was a planet X moving in an elliptical orbit it would of been seen now by the effect it has on its surrounding area.

in conclusion saying planet X existed is no more logical than closing your eyes and saying "i'm invisible"

If what your getting at is that an alien race could of lived on a nearby planet then eventually came to earth I would suggest one of the more habitable planets that actually exist and may of once supported life e.g. mars.

Please see this link for more info (wiki, i know, i know).

posted on Dec, 26 2009 @ 12:35 AM
where did the planet come from??
did aliens evolve out of rocks, or intelligent plant life?
maybe two rocks had a mutually voluntary juxtaposition of the pebbles without using any silicon prophylactic??
where did the habitable planet whenceforth come from??

Whether you study your conscience. (in His image and likeness)
Or whether you study science (that which the Creator God fashioned).
You will arrive at the same inescapable conclusion.
God is evident in his created universe outside of self (science)
God is evident in side of self. (CONscience)

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posted on Dec, 26 2009 @ 12:41 AM
I think it's fairly obvious that we are "related" to other Great Apes, most noticeably from the shared DNA we have. Not monkeys, but we are distant cousins of other Apes. To deny that we are related is to ignore overwhelming evidence.

posted on Dec, 26 2009 @ 04:22 PM
reply to post by Tek-Neek55

That video is funny, but far from factual in its assertions. There is no evidence any ancient culture knew of aliens. None at all. There is no evidence we know of aliens, even abductees.

Religion was the science of people without the scientific method. That's why religious texts, when dealing with the nature of the world, are almost entirely incorrect. They can harp on about angels (no pun intended) as much as they want, as they are unscientific in nature. But, as soon as the religious texts touch on the formation of the Earth or the universe, they're incorrect. Wholly, 100% incorrect. To treat the Bible as something other than an amusingly old collection of works by different people telling different stories (or even the same story in different ways), is an exercise in futility.

Religions are, by their very nature, irrational.

posted on Dec, 29 2009 @ 07:06 PM
Excuse my lack of posts and experience on the site, but Impaired, I would just like to say that I support your questioning. Everyone within this site is allowed their own viewpoint, and there are plenty going around.

Although the original post's brash points on evolution weren't well received (and with reason), I think the center of your post was the ET.

ET could indeed be the missing link that both science and religion aren't quite addressing. There are many authors, theorists that would agree with you. My, even the theory of the annunaki is similar here.

What I really personally would like to believe is this;
In the 9.5 billion years before Earth, life was able to evolve either on our planet or on others. These life forms were seen to either 'create' humanity, or give it a jump start. Whether that be from primates, or creating that as the starting point I care not to think about. These superior beings were involved somewhat in our history and evolution - they were seen as the Gods of ancient times, and existed on a superior spiritual, as well as physical level to us.

The purpose of our creation is something I feel our race will not - perhaps should not - ever know. Be it slavery, worship - I feel we as a race give ourselves too much credit for how much we could know.

posted on Jan, 3 2010 @ 12:47 PM
reply to post by Outline

Unless there's evidence for any of that, it's a moot point.

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