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Fear Mongering

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posted on Nov, 26 2009 @ 12:29 AM
All right, so I don't know where to put this but maybe in something psychological might make more sense. I have read a post or two, and other posters who start accusing others for aiding this state of mind. If this is a near duplicate post but with a more specific title alone, then you may end this thread. I just wanted to address this directly and not add anything like "personal enlightenment" or how to "help" mankind.

Fear-Mongering *cracks open a beer, first one though!*
*Ahem* Class, can you tell me what this means? I say class because like it or not we as a species thrive on knowledge and are always learning even if we do not want to. We will either learn about others, subjects, or ourselves... anyhow.

This topic has become an issue with many around the world I am sure, I think; but very sure with many of us here on ATS. It is becoming more and more like a bad thing and could soon be used to say "you are adding to the hysteria, now you may not voice any more opinions and must be silenced". Sure we debate and try to be verbally kind to one another but it doesn't always work.

We, who are interested publicly about a very vast minority of subjects it seems; conspiracies and the paranormal, aliens and philosophy...etc. There is nothing certain until it happens at that exact moment and it is over, regardless of how much we talk about it. So do we make things worse when we become paranoid and rant and rave in speculation? Maybe, but it has always been and will always be.

So to those of you who like to think for themselves (or so you think
) then when to referring to being a fearmonger you may decide that sure, you might be but you are also expressing your own opinion based on whatever knowledge or the lack of that one may possess. If no one rang the bell, then how will others hear? I say keep the fearmongering for one reason alone. It helps us think of the worst case scenarios. I say expect the worst, but hope for the best.

Now since I lack any further insight to the human psyche I will try to keep this short.

As to those of you who are against fearmongering, I am glad that you are trying to either improve our species or our citizens and may your efforts one day bring peace...? (We do not fully understand peace it seems)

To those of you who are tired of reading about how the earth will falter, how the govt. is going to take away all purpose of living... etc... just because you are tired of all the doom sayers/naysayers only due to the fact you find it annoying (it can be) but you have to publicly criticize another member, then maybe this website, which is based on conspiracies and theories and plenty of other categories that sometimes require a great leap of faith in some sense... then maybe this site isn't for you.

I am just asking that you take the time to consider your reasons for acknowledging that other members are creating more fear than necessary. If you fear for their well-being, then U2U them and talk to them, get to know them and relate on how to make life better.

But if you are just tired from having your head hurt from thinking into things too much ( i know.. heh) then relax, surf the web for other blogs or interesting sites. For now they are still available.

Ok, I am done I think.. no grand scaled revelations but some common sense in a chaotic world.. I hope. I do not mean to offend anyone and by any means, let me know how you feel. The worst thing you can do is ignore a person on here, sometimes it is the better thing you can do. Also I am not trying to knock down anyone for their ideas or points of view because it seems we appreciate every view except most negativity against other members.

Best of wishes, have a great Turkey day (may those birds burn and your families be fed for days

If you want to counter anger or fear, spice it up with a bit of humor in an informative manor if you can. Humor goes a long way.


posted on Nov, 26 2009 @ 12:31 AM
Argh -- this could be considered global meltdown but any Moderator, if you can move it to its appropriate category I would be much obliged. (Second real post, still working on it

posted on Dec, 10 2009 @ 03:34 PM
Hi choiseul cool for your first thread long winded but you know me I like them that way lol
But your point is well taken, and many like me would agree with you.
I’m just not sure how I can add any comments to help your cause.
And I am sure many feel the same. So don’t feel bad if your post count is low.

Well done. See you around the site.

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