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The sell - out crowd .....

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posted on Nov, 26 2009 @ 12:07 AM
This is a brief history , covering the past 2000 years , give and take a few .

If you don't like epic struggles , you'd better change threads now ,
otherwise be prepared to be frayed , very frayed .

Once upon a time , in a heaven far , far away , Jesus , the son of God , said
to his Father , "Dad , I want to glorify your name on earth , send me down
there , and I'll try and correct the fallen ,. bring them back into the fold ."
"Look son , I've told you before , you can't succeed while Beezlebub is in control".
"But O.K , have a go ". Barely the blink of an eye had passed , and Jesus was back .
" You were right Dad , even most of the righteous have the wool firmly over their
eyes .!" ... "MMM" , said God , "I think it's time for a personal consultation , I'll
sort it out".
God was born as a man , in modern times , with all of His wisdom and power ,
and proceeded to reclaim the lost ground . He performed many miracles , and
confused the madding crowd , through His righteousness .
Of course Beezlebub had his own plan , and it wasn't good . He had been alive
for thousands of years , and had built an impenetrable sinnergog of Evil .!
He had an army of followers , hell-bent on slavery , murder and deception . Being
an evil genius , he had invented a chemical drug that bound and addicted his minions .
They were his willing slaves , and nothing would stop their complete take-over of
earth . ... or so they thought .

To effectively counter this , God had to be one step ahead of him . He became
a spy for Christianity , uncovering , and smashing those evil plans . World leaders
were vexed and perplexed , at how one decent man could unravel their most
carefully concealed treachery .
They tried every trick in the book to dis-enfranchise God , even tricking the truly
righteous into doubting God's word ; but to no avail .
God exposed all of their lies , and crimes , turning the tables on them .
Of course they fought every step of the way , and may have succeeded , but for
the incontravertible power within Him .
After God had recognised 144,000 faithful families , He released The Four Horsemen,and their task was unstoppable.

As the last of the gnashewes died , Jesus returned , and reigned forever , on a new earth ..... Praise God !

THE END [thankyou for your time]


posted on Nov, 26 2009 @ 12:10 AM
..... " in a bunch , inner bunch

..... don't get 'em !

posted on Nov, 26 2009 @ 12:24 AM
I love that story!

What I really love is how He told us all this ahead of time,so there would be no doubt among those with eyes to see!

Praise God!

Well done! Star for you!

posted on Nov, 26 2009 @ 10:18 AM
Your welcome to my time if you write stuff like that! I thought it was really good, and I particularly liked Beelzebub's 'Sinnergogs'.
Great, great stuff! You get a star from Ramadwarf

Ramadwarf on Liking RaydarLoveGuy's story

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