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My thoughts on US society today

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posted on Nov, 25 2009 @ 11:03 PM
It was not that long ago that men and women were huddled together in their homes, using their paper currency at that time in the fireplace to keep warm, because it had less value than the wood it could purchase.
They would take the wheel barrels full of paper currency to the market and could not exchange for their money an equivalent in wood. The paper was a better source of heat, after all it took wheel barrels full to buy anything.

The currency was largely devalued due to the government’s actions in an attempt to control its people.

It was not that long ago that men and women would huddled in their homes, afraid that maybe the next bomb would drop on their home. Many sat in terror as the armies came marching down the street. Not knowing if they would be taken off to a concentration camp that so many talked about, but so many also discounted as a conspiracy theory.

Certainly the majority of people had to have thought they would be fine and that there was no way that their country men were being led off to death. Why, there would have been a rebellion, a legion of bold men ready to die for freedom.

They trusted the government still, despite the fact that their neighbors were killed. Of course this is all hypothetical talk of course because I was not actually there.

But it has been said by others and I will say it, the atrocities that happened in Russia, in Nazi Germany and in Communist China, were such atrocities that they were not recognizable by those who witnessed it first hand. They could not relate to what was happening even though it was happening right before their very eyes.

I can say that with confidence because the frame work for those atrocities has been laid out before our very eyes and we dont even see it. The same power, the same control, has laid its foundation in our nation. It is not far off from them having the capability of completely controlling us in every aspect of our lives.

Do you think that the people who have suffered at the hands of tyrants were some inbred degenerate fools and deserved their untimely death? Are you so much better that you are immune from deceit?
If some one came to your door right now screaming there is a group of armed men who are all wearing similar attire but not completely coordinated and they are murdering people or are gathering them together into street cars, what would you do? You’d turn on the news.

Most would look to the box on the wall, rather than believe their neighbor when their neighbor tells them that there is a controlling mob in the next town, not certain who exactly it is, that is coming this way. Sadly even more would laugh as their neighbor tells them that the frame work is in place for history to repeat itself in this very same manner.

On the news you may see that a group of terrorists or a group of rebels or crazy right wing militia men has been overtaken by the police and FBI and you would seldom think twice about it.

Where was the outrage at Waco, where was the outrage at Ruby Ridge? How long did it last and did it result in change? NO.
I can not say I the story behind Waco one way or another, but I know what I have been told to believe.

We can see these atrocities go on and see actual footage of it but be told that it is some thing else and we would believe it. We would believe the box on the wall. We would trust the government, much like those who huddled in their homes in fear trusted their government up until their death.

I’ve heard accounts that many of them believed they were being taken to a shelter to be fed and cared for. Obviously they thought it was better than staying in the middle of a war zone where bombs were dropping to their right and left. They were taken and murdered in concentration camps.

posted on Nov, 25 2009 @ 11:05 PM
Do you think they would have believed you had you told them, prior to the war coming to their front door, that there were preparations for mass death camps? What makes you so different that you could not be blinded by your circumstances and poisons of choice? Are you so superior that you can not be deceived?

Can you imagine having the misfortune of realizing your suspicions were right, but the time to act has far passed you by? Led off, to take your turn in the gas chamber where the phosgene displaces the oxygen in your lungs and your nose and throat begin to burn in reaction to the chemical, so bad that you hold your breath until you die?

The freedom that our forefathers desired for us included the right to defend yourself should you ever have the need to do so. Specifically stating the right to bear arms.

But you see our enemy has already disarmed us in a manner far more reaching than our guns and ammo. We have been castrated of pride by the means of lust. Our enemy is far craftier and smarter than we are and has cut us to the heart. He does not need to disarm us, we have done it for him.

We believe what we are told and do not question what we see or hear in the media. So blind, we do not recognize that the foundation for control and manipulation has slithered its way into our government.

Every one of us is overly entangled in our own lives, and grossly influenced by what the media harmoniously sings to us on a day to day basis. We just might believe them and let them lead us to a safe place, or worse yet, that a poisonous vaccine is in your child’s best interest.

So we can look back and wonder why no one did anything sooner, why no one stopped those atrocities from happening, why there was not an uprising.

Take a look at communist China and Mao Zedong (Tse Tung) where the teenagers were so brain washed that they believed the middle class was their enemy. Mao was able to convince the military and his party associates to allow the red scarves their rendition of terror. People were murdered in the millions. Yes I know some history books state thousands while others state millions. If you look at the source of the books you might know why that is.

Their fellow country men were murdered while they sat idly by.

And still, Mao is regarded today by one official in our government as a favorite political philosopher. She denounced the comment as irony? Irony? Any one who has watched her say it knows there was nothing ironic about her statements. Don’t believe me, look it up.

Many don’t realize that Mao had an agenda and matching itinerary. He manipulated the media and made certain only what he wanted to be seen in the public was seen.

The red scarves or red guards were a massive force identified by a red scarf around one arm. They were instructed and protected by Mao and his campaign raged on.

Mao had already exhausted one group, the peasants, and their actions were not as effective as the red scarves but none the less, people were murdered in mass, farmers exchanged their land for their own blood and their families were murdered, IN MASS. The land taken was divided up amongst the peasants, you know, redistribution of wealth sort of thing.

The class division that was created as a result of the political scene at that time was the perfect tool for reorganizing and controlling the people. The peasants believed they were entitled to that land.

The time to stand is always now, it is never tomorrow. One thing we must all do is wake up and let our numbers be heard. We do not need violence.

Those of us that do not agree with socialism, communism, redistribution of wealth or a tax for breathing.
Those of us that do not desire a government to tell us we are unfit for medical care because of our age or because we are no longer able to contribute to society.
Those of us that want the government to adhere to the constitution and not change it for their agenda, we only have to tell them.

posted on Nov, 25 2009 @ 11:06 PM
All we have to do is tell them, but if we wait to long we may find out we no longer have the right to do so.

Let us not be concerned for ourselves and muster the courage to face our fears. Complacency has no place in a patriot’s heart, astuteness fills its place. We must leave our lustful cravings and provide freedom for our children.

The frame work is in place.
Does it sound absurd to you to sacrifice life and health for a budget? Don’t think it can happen, ask some one from one of the countries that experience it every day.
Did you know you must pull a permit to protest in some states? Yes a permit that requires your time, effort and maybe money to attain so you can express your beliefs to those who are slowly controlling more and more of our freedoms. What if you are busy providing for your family and can not attain a permit, nor spend one half or more of a day to go to your municipal offices to pull a permit, do you loose the right to protest? = tax and control.

The slow erosion of our freedoms goes unnoticed or trivialized.
We are occupied with American Idol or the football game, or our hobbies, maybe paying our debt, chasing luxury, arguing politics. There is something for everyone to lust for, blinding nearly all of us from the slow encroachment of our enemy that will devour our life.

This has happened before.

I understand that this is an exceptionally rare way of thinking and I encourage you to proceed with caution into your study of history.
The result of unbiased study and fact gathering can be life altering as you begin to put pieces of a puzzle together, a puzzle that you did not know existed. Your entire foundation can be shaken and your perception of reality can be changed to the extent that you can not rest without a further pursuit of the truth.

It is not a pleasing task to have stumbled upon facts that lead to unanswered questions. The burden can be quite heavy once you realize that we must do something.
Ignorance is indeed bliss and liberalism is indeed a disease, as well as every other political party.


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