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Whistleblower under attack by Conservatives

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posted on Nov, 25 2009 @ 08:38 PM
A top Diplomat in Canada who was deputy ambassador to Afghanistan is coming under heavy criticism for making allegations that the Conservative Government knew about the torture of Afghan prisoners being turned over to the Afghan Police.

He was in Kandahar from Aug of '06 till Oct. '07 as Canada's chief political liaison for the PRT. He says that he sent reports about the abuse to as many as 76 different people in the Canadian government and military as well as Canadian Officials on the ground in Afghanistan.

Our Defence Minister as even called him a "Taliban stooge". Although he has been posted to places such as Palestinian Territories and is now stationed in Washington, a post considered to be the peak of Foreign Affairs postings. He has also served in Moscow.

The attack dogs are in full blown assault mode. He has faced ire from General Hillier, our Top Dog for the Military during his time in Afghanistan, the Defence Minister Peter MacKay, threatened with charges of threatening national Security if he provides documents requested by the Parliamentary Committee investigating his claims.

It is his reports that stopped the transfer of prisoners to the Afghans in the first place, back in '07. Yet, now, he is a liar. The funny thing is, this Government passed legislation back in '06 to protect people like Mr. Colvin. It was one of the reasons they got elected in the first place.

The best part of this whole affair is that when these allegations first came to light last week, the Conservatives had one of their top bureaucrats on TV to try and quell the fire storm they knew this was going to cause. He said that these allegations were easy to make from the safety of North America. The Liberal MP who was on the show to debate the topic with him pointed out that Mr. Colvin's allegations first were brought to light while he was actually the top diplomat in Kandahar, on the ground in the war zone.

The people we were handing over these prisoners to were ex KGB officers employed by the Soviets during their occupation.

It just goes to show that our current Government is no better than past ones and that their Accountability Act is nothing but words on paper.

As a matter of fact, a recent poll shows that only 25% percent believe the Conservatives version of the story. His claims have also been corroborated by other International Human Rights agencies.


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