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Triangular UFO Over Tepec Mexico

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posted on Nov, 25 2009 @ 05:44 PM
thx for uploading the pics, cause I stopped watching when I saw Jaime Maussan.. He's jst full of it. Never did something for the UFO community other than presenting somebody elses footage.

posted on Nov, 26 2009 @ 05:31 AM
I find the Triangles videos intriguing, both OP here and Dr. Olsens. The only problem being is that these are at so great a distance as to be unidentifiable as ET or manmade. I myself am an avid UFO buff, but I'm still waiting to see a video where the craft does something no aircraft could replicate (i.e. high speed right angle turns, etc.). The few videos that have shown this so far have turned out to be CGI videos or fakes. Please share any links or videos that show me this if I'm missing something.

Johnny Anonymous, I love your vidcasts. Being a longtime lurker, it was your vidcasts that drew me to sign up and start contributing. I understand staying on topic, so I kept my follow-up comments as such.

I too have made some firsthand contacts, in NASA and elsewhere, and have heard reports about objects which would seem to be something other than least not manmade in our time/dimension or planet. But, as always I seek further proof to base my beliefs on. Otherwise it becomes more of a abstract belief than a reality.

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posted on Nov, 27 2009 @ 03:09 PM
Points of light from the triangle might be from the apexes.
As perhaps agrees with Benjamin Franklin that points discharge electricity.

Take note of the famous Belgian Triangle photo and see a wave
action as if centered from the middle of the craft.

Instead of static discharges, there might be ac illumination of the air
nearby excited from the longitudinal wave from the central transmitter
that glows red at times.

I had suggested at times that the landing gear covers were being the
source of the transmitted light. In any case, a light appears round
or ball shaped at times.

posted on Nov, 27 2009 @ 03:57 PM
This smacks of TR3B!

If the TR3B is just hearsay then what else could it be?

I go with Black Ops anyway, I believe that soon the Military will release thier new verticle take off strike craft/ bombers.

The new stealth craft!

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