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9/11 articles in the Sydney Morning Herald

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posted on Nov, 25 2009 @ 04:31 AM
Truth News Radio Australia are carrying the message that there's been some articles on 9/11 in the Sydney Morning Herald today.

I don't care for Sydney, or it's news... but it seems like a breakthrough for some exposure.

Utzon's son signs up for 9/11 truth...

Fire felled the third tower... (Spot the error in the article)

Meh... the paper is reporting some of the wake that Richard Gage's recent Aussie tour has stirred up.

If anyone from Sydney read this in the paper today, did you feel as though other people gave a damn?

Edit: Craig from CIT was recently interviewed on TNRA. Scroll on their front page, to October 11 and listen to it, if you wish.

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posted on Nov, 25 2009 @ 05:09 AM
From the fire article:
"The 9/11 Truth Movement points to the discovery of thermite, a potential explosive. The institute replies that the same metal compounds would have been present in the construction."

Yeah they forgot to mention thermite doesn't go BOOM hehehe.
The article is so badly written that if you keep your mind open, if not knowing much about 9/11, you'll pick up on the absolute kerfuffle it is!

Gage is in New Zealand now (Wellington) and was involved with a bit of a fuss from a rather 'throughly denying' dj on national radio, according to my neighbor and a few others. Kim Hill is the name... My neighbors are solid official story proponents but after one of them heard the Gage-Hill interview, they appeared to look a little ruffled, will be interesting to see if they bring it up again.

"Kim Hill sounded like an unhinged cat lady, she came off sounding like an evasive weirdo, she even asked Richard Gage if their were planes involved in 911, and mockingly laughed at him on numerous occasions, she completely discredited herself as a journalist.
620 people attended the presentation at Te Papas sounding theater. there was sustained applause at the end of the event."

One of the article comments. Contains link to interview also.

He's coming to Auckland on monday as far as I know too.. should be great.

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