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Last night I realised (UFO/Alien related)

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posted on Nov, 24 2009 @ 08:10 PM
Last night I realised that in this reality of ours where we discuss unknown phenomenon and possible theories, we have come to accept the following as part of the discussion or is at the very least somehow related to the subject of UFO's or unexplainable phenomenon.

  • The US government retrieved a crashed saucer in the late 40
  • There is an NWO conspiracy to block out any information regarding UFO's
  • Every country except the US would like disclosure but somehow the US decides when disclosure happens
  • There are several alien species visiting and watching us
  • The greys are looking for genetic material through humans and cows
  • Reptilians are in fact disguising as world leaders
  • Reptilians created and/or breeded with the first humans on Earth
  • There is a secret space project led by the US
  • It's so secret that no other nation or observatory has discovered it - or they could all be hiding the same thing from the public
  • The Vatican are also in it
  • The Vatican are afraid of Planet X (Nibiru) returning
  • Jesus Christ or other religious figures may have been ET's
  • Some Alien races are Green Earth advocates and hate the suffering in the world but won't do anything about it to inspire us to stop
  • Modern day technology stems from ET's
  • Some of us could be hybrids
  • Some of us can communicate with ET's
  • There are UFO bases under the oceans
  • Disclosure is imminent *applicable for use on any given moment
  • John Lear and other Exopolitics commentators and authors know something only a few people on Earth do
  • The Egyptian Gods were not mythological but in reality ET's themselves
  • NASA is a Freemason conspiracy
  • Buzz Aldrin is a fraud
  • Some crop circles are messages from ET
  • There are bases all over the moon that belongs to someone. Could be us, could be them, could be nothing
  • The Moon is an ancient spaceship
  • There are underground colonies on Mars

That's just a very short list off the top of my head right now but what is remarkable about that list is that any self-confessed UFO believer has probably considered not one, not two, but all of them probable if not factually certain. In essence, everything extraordinary must be true because the very subject of UFO's makes anything extraordinary into most probably likely.

I'm not being critical of the subject in general but does anyone else find this peculiar?

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posted on Nov, 24 2009 @ 08:13 PM

I'm not being critical of the subject in general but does anyone else find this peculiar?

No, hardly. There will always be extremes. Do I believe in UFOs? Yes. Do I believe Roswell was a legit ufo event? Yes. Do I think reptialians are ruling the world? Do I believe in crop circles? Do I even believe in a NWO? Um.. no.

Don't try to paint people nor the genre with such a broad brush.

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posted on Nov, 24 2009 @ 11:07 PM
reply to post by Shino

You have to take into consideration that the majority of humans are believers. They are brought up to believe in myths, starting with Santa Claus, the boogeyman, angels, demons, gods, buddhas, jesuses, etc. Most humans do not realize that their minds are being messed with so they cannot employ their own decision making to counter the mental conditioning. This mental conditioning can be seen every day on TV and the media.

Some are able to sort-of snap out of it and question some claims but not all claims. When it comes to the subject of UFOs, whether flying or crashed, there are more believers than questioners. They depend on others to do their research footwork for them so when an author comes out with a book with "UFO" in the title, chances are it'll become a good seller and the readers of the books will support whatever crap the book contains.

The alleged crash near Roswell is possibly the biggest money maker and the town of Roswell is grateful for the resurgence of the dormant tale in the late '70s, early '80s. Then the aliens started to come out of the woodwork and now they were "abducting" humans and coring cows. Everyone that wrote about those subjects smiled all the way to the bank. And it still goes on.

UFOlogy is 90%$, and 10%...

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