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Dream or Astral attack?

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posted on Nov, 24 2009 @ 04:50 PM
A few weeks ago i had a very strange experience that i couldnt really explain but looking back on it im sure it must have been some type of attack or intimidation atleast.

i should have wrote it down then but im trying to recall this from my memory. I believe i woke up in the middle of the night or woke up in a dream? if that makes sense… the first thing i remember is waking up like a JOLT already in a state of almost panic and scared for some reason. the next thing i notice is my entire body is paralyzed, but it feels more like a tremendous weight or gravitational pull is holding me to my bed. i start to panic a bit more, and consciously thinking to myself (this kind of fits descriptions of reptilian attacks..) there was almost a very ominous presence scary atleast, presence in the room yet it also felt very not real, dreamlike almost. The next thing i remember is a very bright greyish white flash happened in my eyes.. didnt seem like it was outside of myself and me witnessing it. it felt like the flash was in my own eyes or on them. and i was pretty much blinded. which freaked me out a bit more yet i was just kind of observing this passively. (couldnt really do much else though i guess.) The next thing i remember.. and this is the wierdest part and the part that makes me want to say it was a dream. was that i felt something (the wierd part was it felt like a humanoidish hand with multiple digits and a thumb) reach into my back near the bast of my neck.. not pick my up by my neck or my shirt or my skin… reached into my being and grabbed some etherial spine or something lol it felt like my spine and then proceded to lift me ( i dont know if it was out of my body or my whole body)above my bed a good 4-5 feet. and i was still paralyzed, so i was kind of just hanging there like a ragdoll from that point in my body all hunched over. (now feeling completely helpless and fairly scared yet not as scared as i think i should have been.. i was also kind of curious.) i was then moved over across my room a couple meteres. it felt like i floated but still hunched over and being held by the scruff of my neck like a kitten. feeling very helpless and scared. i then remember consciously or seemingly thinking to myself “i think im being attacked or something this must be a reptilian, they are known for doing this, what else can do this” “what can i do to stop this or attack him back in some way” i decided to fight back with my thoughts.. what else could i do. i thought to myself anything that would make an impact on the entity or whatever it was if it was. i thought to myself you cant hurt me you evil bastard i love the one the most high god. i dont fear you, infact i feel sorry for you heartless loveless sad outcast of a being. things like that.. i started to build confidence ,and the next thing i remember is waking up the next morning in my bed. very baffled by the experience still fresh in my mind. i thought it must have been a dream but if it was it felt very lucid and i wondered can you consciously make decisions and think to yourself in that mannor when you are dreaming? i wasnt sure. but one things for sure.. i felt it was an attack because i was scared as hell and felt very helpless and by what i have learned… reps love to do that and feed off of it and its a common tactic. i dont think they wanted to hurt me but try to scare the crap out of me. i think i prayed to the one that night before i fell asleep.

any interpretations or anything would be appreciated.
but most of all i just wanted to get this out there

posted on Nov, 24 2009 @ 05:12 PM
You should maybe get a regression hypnotherapy done to find out what happened after you lost touch. Might help. Or at least give you some peace of mind.

posted on Nov, 24 2009 @ 05:58 PM
Your description of this event sounds similar to many abduction testimonies. I had a sleep paralysis type of experience once. It was a black mass at foot of bed type. Once able to move again, it was gone. I felt like something had physically intruded my home. I felt violated. It felt like something was trying to read my mind or steal my thoughts or memory, but was unable to succeed and left.

posted on Nov, 24 2009 @ 09:42 PM
This has happened to me more often than I like. Praying works for me to keep them away and when it is actually happening, I always call on Jesus for help and he has never failed me to make it stop.

I am just learning that for some people, this is what they describe an alien abduction to be like. I think it's spiritual posession but I think it's all the same, just different people calling it different things.

2compelled, I had a similar experience with the same thing you described. A black mass or shadow, dark figure. But it wasn't just at the foot of my bed, it was on top of my chest choking me. I couldn't breathe and when I finally was able to scream and break free. I actually saw it jump off and run out the door, and I remember the door swung a little when it left. Also, my hands were on my neck as if I was choking myself and I'm sure I was but at the same time, I know I was being 'influenced' to do it. This particular experience happened a long time ago but since then, I still get paralyzing nightmares.

I think each mind creates its own figure. Shadow figures, reptilian creatures, little grey aliens and my dad actually had this happen to him too only his attacker was a monk type figure. I remember Sylvia Brown explaining on tv that this is called astral projection and that other figure is just you trying to get back in your own body. I don't believe that at all but I can see people willingly alowing these things to enter them after she said that.

My question for anyone who's had similar experiences is if at anytime in your life you remember getting anything stuck in your skin that you couldn't get out.

posted on Nov, 25 2009 @ 12:45 AM
There is interesting evidence of a Spirit/E.T. correlation. So many different perspectives. So many abduction testimonials involve having been physically taken by a physical being. It does not appear that Angelic or demonic entities would need to travel in spaceships, although I'm intrigued by some evidence that supports this theory.
The best accounts of returning from an astral projection that I've encountered involved a feeling of the eyelids turning under and an extreme drain in physical energy like one is starving so bad they can hardly move. Perhaps that experience is the result of some life force or energy eating entity having fed.

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