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Disasters, controlled and manmade?

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posted on Nov, 24 2009 @ 11:11 AM
Even I'm not sure where this topic fits exactly, but it does fit well in this forum enough for me to consider it a start. Governments and militaries have been competeing for ever it seems. Even though archeologists have supposedly found a prehistorical time when man was not at war with each other, that was pre stone age.

So, here is some stuff I was looking into, and thought would hopefully get some other perspectives on the material. This has to be said, the following is very interesting and seeing where the lines connecting the dots from this, deffinetly sets things into a "perspective" we should be aware of.

Note there are previous situations provided in the link below quoted text. Following links are for reference purposes, in case a reader was not familar with the subject material.

Please take note as namesof interest are included;
Alexander Litvinenko

KH-11 laser satellite
Key Hole

82 nuclear-tipped SS-23 missile launchers

Are examples of the frosting on this cake, check out the first paragraph from linked source:

Part Fourteen

Washington's attempt to trigger a non-nuclear conclusion to the Cold War in March 1986 did not fail because of a want of trying but because of Soviet countermeasures, thanks to the spying for Moscow by the Agency's Rick Ames, the Bureau's Robert Hanssen, and others. Their information alerted Moscow to the surprise. Alexander Litvinenko's railway security squad discovered the Toshiba container with all the sensors, and the Red Banner Fleet was placed on maximum alert against NATO's attack submarines trying to sink any Soviet boomers hastily going on station in the Barents and Black Seas in response to the shooting of Sweden's statsminister Olaf Palme. Still, the Reagan administration went ahead with the showdown, though it had no KH-11 laser satellite to blow up any Soviet ICBMs if they started preparing for launch in response to the surprise because of the failure of the Space Shuttle Challenger to even achieve a successful liftoff, much less launch the laser satellite in space. Moreover, the Anglo-American conspirators knew nothing of the 82 nuclear-tipped SS-23 missile launchers in the USSR and East Germany - under the command of Soviet hawk, Marshal Nikolai Ogarkov - which would have been fired if the shooting started. (Mark Urban, UK Eyes Alpha: The Inside Story of British Intelligence, p. 290)

Little wonder that Robert Gates, who became Pappy Bush's DCI a little bit later, and is now Obama's Secretary of Defense, complimented "Stillman's ability to adapt the latest advances in science to solve unmanageable problems and to analyze foreign technologies made him an invaluable asset to the Intelligence Community."

Glimpses of America's Man-Made Disasters

Nuclear weapons:
JASON: Nuclear Warhead Lifetime Extension

Just seeing how others see this information, to me it fits together sort of hodpodge, but it is interconnected. Does any one else have some perspectiveon this?

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