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Couple arrested over 'theft' for refusing to tip in restaurant

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posted on May, 8 2012 @ 03:38 AM

Originally posted by jibeho
If the service is terribly bad I leave a customary ten cent tip to make the message clear. I don't want the server to think that I forgot.

If you want a 20% tip from me, which I often leave, you have got to be on your game and take care of some pretty basic needs at my table. It's pretty easy. Never let a glass go empty, especially my beer.

As for mandatory tips, pretty ridiculous really. Where is the incentive, hence a tip, to go above and beyond.

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leaving a dime is actually a dick move, i forgot how on the internet, everyones a jerk

posted on May, 8 2012 @ 02:52 PM
reply to post by Bisman

I too stopped tipping when they started charging a delivery charge.
I either let them have the change, or $1 plus the change.
Where I am delivery is $5-10 based on the amount you order.
The more you order the lower the delivery fee.

I used to tip the delivery man well, he brought me my food and hot that was of value to me.

I do have one horror story though.
I was house sitting and ordered pizza and soda and paid with my debit card and put 0 for the tip and was going to tip him out in cash.
I was going to tip him out in cash because I was at the end of a long pay period and knew I only had enough for the food in my checking.
Before I could give him the cash the driver flipped out yelling at me making threats.
I got him to be quiet for a min. and explained that I was going to tip him in cash.
I even showed him his tip, and told him that he wasn't getting it now.
I check my bank account because I got a message that I was over drawn, the bastard put a tip in the tip line that was at least the price of the whole meal+soda if not more.
I got charged an over draft fee, I fought it and won but that's just wrong.
It's theft.

What's sad is as a bartender I've seen countless other bartenders fill in the tip line because the customer is too drunk.
I've seen 50% increases to 3-4x increases in tips, and most of the time the people don't even dispute the charge.
Worse, I've seen owners go through and re do the tip line.
In some bars only the owner can do the final charge off.
For those that don't know your cards most of the time aren't charged until end of shift, or the next day.
Though the time stamp will be when you paid.

The owners I've seen do this are the ones that take 20-50% of the credit card tips, their excuse for taking my tips.
"The bar is charged a fee for each credit card purchase and we need to make our money back".
That is total BS as the fee already built into the pricing at most bars, and if the bar does high volume they get the fees back at the first of the month from the previous month.

reply to post by Dragoon01

You're right the government messes things up, when they increase the minimum wage it drives prices up, and decreases patronage.
They also use it to regulate certain industries which is BS.
In San Francisco, Subway was getting flak from the city because they advertise as a healthy alternative to fast food and have the $5 dollar foot long.
The cities gripe was that not all the sandwiches are healthy and the average person doesn't have the ability to understand that.
There was some BS rule that they tried passing but it didn't work Subway appealed it or something like that.
So what did San Francisco do?
They raised the minimum wage up to the point where San Francisco Subway's couldn't afford to offer the $5 dollar foot long as it was not cost effective.

Regulating consumer habits and policing business through BS minimum wage laws.
That should be criminal.
Sorry if the subway story was off topic, it' just erks me when the Government sticks it nose in where it doesn't belong, and it tied into your minimum wage comment.

posted on May, 8 2012 @ 03:01 PM
Here's a tip: Go back to school and become a Doctor or something.

posted on May, 8 2012 @ 09:47 PM
How does a mandatory tip differ from the built in cost of labor for, say, an automobile?
Or a bag of diapers from Walmart?
Or a pound of avocados from the corner produce stand?

Every one of those establishments have the cost of labor built into the price you pay.
In those cases, the only other option you have is to shop elsewhere.

You have the same option in this case as well, instead, however, one would choose to not pay for the labor costs associated with the purchased product.

posted on Aug, 27 2012 @ 03:02 PM
reply to post by kalisdad

i know this is a dead thread, but because the interwebs are forever, i cant let this sit.

the argument is not about minimum wage, i never even mentioned it. the argument i made is simple:

since a server in the US has their income tax based on the amount of food sold, any instance of food sold represents a tax burden. if you stiff your server on your 100 dollar bill, paying only 100, then the IRS will assume the waiter has "earned" 8 bucks and tax him accordingly, literaly removing dollars from the servers pocket as a reward for the insult of being stiffed, this is easy to see, yes?

and minimum wage? who would work for that anyway?

the argument you bring up about the house being forced to maintain a minimum wage is legit, but it is not connected.

those of us who are specialists in this line of work are not working at that wage level. Were talking about the kind of folk that walk around large inexpensive buffet restaurants with plastic tubs wearing hairnets. nobody tips them, but the house can still pay them sub minimum in expectation of tipped income, any dif between tips earned and local min wage will be corrected at payroll.

but thats not where i am... i sell SO MUCH food for my boss, that come payroll time, the IRS expectation of 8percent as income requires a paycheck witholding that is larger than my check!

so i get a document every 2 weeks that represents a bill from Uncle Sam, because the measely 3 bucks an hour is not enough to cover 2 weeks of income witholding. stamped on it clearly it reads "THIS IS NOT A CHECK"

this means that my entire life runs on tip income. luckily for me our house is popular and good at what it does, and i seem to please my guests, who dont mind.

last night 15 minutes before close i got a new 4 top of chinese businessmen. late table, foreigners, language barrier, a less experienced servers nightmare, they had 3 courses, drank wine and beer, rang up a 140 dollar tab, threw me 30 bucks and split.

Now if folk from as far away as CHINA can treat a US server well, whats the problem with the locals?

if you expect to enjoy the customs of fine food and drink, then it is expected that you will observe certain customs as well. not being overly loud, smelling nice, observing the dress code, refraining from certain forms of speech in public, and having the simple courtesy to tip your server for their efforts, if you do not wish to tip, hit the drive thru.

and to the guy that wont tip pizza drivers...

you know the BOSS keeps the delivery charge right? at best the kid gets a nightly spiff for gas and his tiny little wage, and YOUR tip.

ok wow /rant off

any other US servers wanna beat this dead horse with me?

and regarding bad service... heres a TRUE STORY.

at a very expensive italian place where i worked for 3 years, if i recieved a 10 percent or lower tip, the owner of the place INSISTED that i confront the payer to LEARN HOW I HAD FAILED.

if i had not failed, then the owner would ask the nice man if he liked coming to a nice place with nice people. the guest would say YES (invariably) then the owner would ask the guest how he expected to have a nice place with nice people IF HE WOULD NOT PAY THEM?

the guest would either never return (no problem for us that place was PACKED) or he would become more educated as to fine dining, and thats part of the fine dining process, education,

im the guy who tells you that at THAT price point, the Rosso Di Montalcino that youve never heard of is FAR superior to that mass market Chianti you were aiming at, or if you wanna step up just a little bit more, theres Brunello. (ahh Brunello di Montalcino) (AHH! Vino Nobile Di Montepulciano!)

holy crap this stuff is worth tipping over because YOU DONT KNOW WHAT IT IS.

And by helping you buy it for your guests, I MAKE YOU COOLER.

ok /rant off this time for real.

one last PS, I am NOT talking about the Subway or McDonalds level dining experience. if you dont wanna tip, hit KFC.
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posted on Aug, 27 2012 @ 03:08 PM
A tip should be just that: a no obligatory reward offered, without expectation, for providing better than normal service.

An obligatory tip is not a tip. And thank the gods we dont have that culture in Britain (although I understand its starting to creep in in some places).

No wonder Americans carry guns when they get held up like this!

posted on Aug, 27 2012 @ 03:18 PM
This makes me feel like putting on a musical performance and then writing a bill to everyone who listened and telling them they are required to pay me 20% of whatever the spent at the venue on their drinks and food.

Hey, I played music for your enjoyment. You owe me. I didn't have to. You coulda got up and got it yourself.

Oh, by the way, I spit in your music. Neener nanner boo-boo.

Is this starting to sound ridiculous to anyone else?

Simply refuse to eat at places that require gratuity. As well, refuse tips to those who are employed as well. Leave it up to the restaurants to pay their help. They will quickly fix that if everyone stopped paying gratuity.

Of course, the greedy wolves will spike the prices of their foods and even more than necessary to cover the labor costs because they will use the excuse that the absence of tipping caused them this great void thereby forcing them to increase the prices of all their food double instead of a few dollars.

So, either we give the extra money to the greedy and expectant waiters and waitresses or we give the money to the overlords of the restaurant business and make them richer while they pay their help minimum wage at best...


You know, I think I'll just eat at home then.

posted on Aug, 27 2012 @ 03:30 PM
this is quite simple and as college students they should have been smart enough to know that if the mandatory gratuity is mentioned on the menu they have to pay the percentage. simple solution, pay your bill in full including the mandatory gratuity and not a penny more, complain to the manager about service and wait time. if you are still unhappy with the way you have been treated, never eat there again.

posted on Aug, 27 2012 @ 03:36 PM
also there is no use arguing this with anyone outside of the united states, lol call them cheap call them what you want but for the most part non americans are not used to our habit of tipping.

tips stands for to insure prompt service. waiters and waitresses, bartenders etc etc for the most part make their money off tips, i have no problem tipping for good prompt service and friendly helpful service. if the food was bad i feel that is not the waiters fault, if u mention that to them or the manager usually they will discount the meal. now if the waiter or waitress is rude and not attentive no they do not deserve a tip. on the other hand if the mandatory tip is included on menu, you are basically S.O.L. your best bet is to take it up with management in a polite manner.

posted on Aug, 28 2012 @ 09:53 AM
hey you guys are totally right about bad service by the way...

higher end waiters dont usually get caught up in bad service situations, it takes experience and refs to get a high paying gig.

that italian spot i mentioned earlier (george noory dines there when hes in town) once earned me 500 cash IN TIPS for working a FRIDAY. (after i tipped out my assistants)

now i had to pull lunch and dinner straight thru, but still...

thats a LOT of happy people. but thats what we do we make ya happy.

now if i FAIL to do my job, PLEASE STIFF ME. I seriously seriously mean that. for REAL.

youre gonna have to catch me on a "bad-hair-day"... but stuff does happen.

now on the other hand, if I DO make ya happy, well we have a strange custom about how you say "thanks" to a waiter, and that strange custom is a 20 percent tip.

now to the musician, of course you should be paid for your efforts, but your argument is off kilter, the guests approach us hungrily and demand and require service, we dont just surprise them with food that they didnt order and ask for a tip. In fact i never ASK for tips at all,

its rude, and a waiter has to be very careful about being rude

I survive on gracious gifts, and i act graciously in return, this includes things like ignoring bad hairpieces and horrible deformities, this includes the deliberate extention of old fashioned social graces to anyone who can foot the bill and act right (for a few hours)

a high end waiter is like a butler that you get to rent, for a short while. he (or she) even comes with a support staff.

theres a thousand ways to feed yourself without tipping me.

but if you participate in a social convention or societal custom theres a certain amount of submission to the custom, for example, you have to change shoes to go bowling

i know its wierd but you really have to or they wont let you bowl.

so if you want to sit down at Cardwells, or Cafe Campagnard, or Trattoria Marcella, or Cafe Napoli, and you expect to FREESTYLE your social interactions, folk will regard you as a buffoon, as if you were on your cell phone at church or something...

on the other hand, one does not have to act politely, at all, if one refrains from polite society.

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posted on Aug, 28 2012 @ 11:04 AM
reply to post by uwascallywabbit

how many of you guys like the flick "Goodfellas"?

i love it, i love the scene where they hit the nightclub and Henry stuffs a Cnote into every hand or pocket that he can find. thats awesome. and stuff like that really happens, especially in the Italian Dining community. especially in the kind of places with clientelle that enter through the kitchen to avoid the public.

my background is mixed, i was in IT, and also involved in a (failed) film production company.

Me and my boys would leave work and head into the club district to a sushi and sofa bar called Rue.

every time i stepped in to this SLAMMIN club, i got a sofa. i wasnt trapped outside looking at a velvet rope and steroid addicted bouncer... and i wasnt leaning against a wall with no place to put my gin.
i got a sofa, every time. AND IM A NOBODY

1st: up to the sushi bar and throw a 20 in Han's bowl. Han would be like "YOURE BACK!" and he would start trying to feed me, Im telling him NO NO NO im gonna eat later, and before i can get Han to stop being nice to me, my crew is shoving 20's in his bowl as well.

theres 5 of us talking movie crap, every time we hit Rue Han is up a Cnote BEFORE HE STARTS WORKING.

if you use this custom (tipping) in the right way, it can help you out with your public performances...

2 blind dates, one ends with you, the guy, complaining about a 20 dollar tip and leaving 10 (way to impress that date)

the other date starts with the service staff beaming at you and saying oh mr smith YOURE BACK! right this way. (now you havent done anything but shes already impressed)

find a house you can trust and keep the wheels greased, you will always be welcome, and your clients, dates, dates MOTHERS, etc will think better of you for being thought well of by the staff, who is clearly overjoyed to see you.

ive waited on 2 cast members from the Munsters (granpa and eddie), countless baseball guys, that hot nascar brunette (i cant recall her name) ive been Stan Musial's waiter more times than i can count (he doesnt get out much anymore) August Busch fed me shrimp THAT HE COOKED at a charity bar-b-q in frontenac

ive waited on DON KING twice, that guy is HILARIOUS in real life. he wears an american flag tie pin made from diamonds rubies and saphires that is the size of your HAND (without fingers).

i walk up and do my intro thing and Don interupts me, i wish i could quote exact, i can get close...

"you gonna be bring me a champange, you gonna bring him a champagne, you gonna bring me a cappucino, you gonna bring him a cappucino, you gonna bring us both a shrimp cocktail, we dont wanna see no menu, we want the best from the chef because we gonna eat like kings and we gonna drink like kings and we aint gonna worry about no money... " (and then much louder) "WE AINT GONNA WORRY ABOUT NO MONEY!"

after a boxing match (spinks vs some russian) Don was back in the house late, it was way after closing and we were only open special for celebs..

half the room is stlouis, spinks people and promoters, the other half of the room all russian, everyone is wearing sunglasses at 230 in the morning.

the party was for locals, but the russians found out that they werent invited and CRASHED IT.

by the time it was all said and done, my boss made ME go drop the check on DON KING.

this dinner tab was just over 8 THOUSAND DOLLARS.

Don smiled broadly and without flinching or displaying anykind of self concious anything, said to me in a loud clear voice, "Now you know a black man aint got no money!"

and he slid the bill to the surprised russian boxing promoter, who suddenly looked slightly less pleased with himself...

one of the guys i used to wait on regularly in the 1990s was an exmobster. not a wanna be who saw the godfather too many times, but a real life "goodfella". now that he was outside again he was legit, but old habits die hard. he was a GREAT GUY to wait on

im not going to give you a name or anykind of identifying ANYTHING. this guy is way too cool to disrespect even casually..

they would give him and his date my 6 top, because it was a nice table, and i would try to say hello.
he would interupt me with money in his hand, a 50 usually

"this table is so nice what you coulda put a whole family around here huh? but me, i quit drinkin ya know and she only eats a little salad about once a month maybe (laugh).. so if we do a little flat bread, and a San Pelligrino i might as well just ROB YOU right? i mean you coulda sold 6 specials and 2 bottles of wine here RIGHT? So just because they like me YOU gotta get short fifty bucks ?? TAKE IT TAKE IT TAKE IT

the tip money i spent on bills and stuff

the life lessons on how to be a big dog when you wanna be EVEN IF YOURE A NOBODY LIKE ME?

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posted on Aug, 28 2012 @ 12:45 PM
Allthough I resent the "mandatory minimum tip" thing, I tend to tip very well and an 18% mandatory tip would actually lose them money with me usually. Why? Because I understand what a tough job waiting can be, having been there myself once, and if someone is going to go out of their way for me, I'll go out of my way for them. A joke or wisecrack or nice to the kids or cheerfulness, or many other reasons and I'll tip much more than that.

posted on Aug, 29 2012 @ 02:30 AM
reply to post by TarzanBeta

Expecting to get paid for the job that I do makes me greedy? I'm a server and bartender and I'm very good at my job. I know every ingredient on my menu and in every drink, I make excellent recommendations based on your questions and comments and desires, and I'm very fast and entertaining. I can even offer suggestions for any diet you may name, including allergen free options for every common issue. I very very very rarely make mistakes. It's not greedy to expect that you pay me 15% or so of your check price for my time and knowledge. If tipping didn't exist, in order to get anything but crappy service, restaurants would have to put more than that 15% price on your check, and you would have no way to complain if you didn't get fantastic service, because you would never get it. People like me wouldn't bother to do this job anymore, because the ONLY reason to do it is the money. Customer service is a crappy job, and minimum wage just wouldn't be worth it.

A few actual facts for those people who have never worked in the industry.

(1) I have never even met anyone who has met anyone who actually did something to a customer's food, regardless of the provocation

(2) If you do not pay your check, it is a crime. It is equivalent to walking into a store and stealing.

(3) They didn't wait an hour for their food. There's no way. They probably waited a half hour or less. Studies have shown that 15 minutes is the amount of time most people will wait for food without getting annoyed. Beyond that, it starts to feel like a long time, subjectively. Our order system has a timer for food. When you order, the first thing any server does is put the order in to the kitchen. The system then times how long that food has been in the kitchen. Just the other day, we had a group of people who wanted to see a manager to complain about the amount of time their order had taken. They said "We've been waiting over 40 minutes".. The timer? Read 20 minutes. Annoyed people vastly overestimate how long they've been waiting.

(4) Your server has no control over how long your food takes to prepare. I don't cook it, sometimes I don't even bring it out. Most modern restaurants have systems designed to ensure food gets to you as fast as possible. I will do my best to make sure that anything I can do to speed things up happens, but 99% of the time I have no control over what my kitchen is doing, especially if it's busy. Most people WILL penalize their servers for any issues they have though.

(5) I've been yelled at, cursed at, been told I'm stupid, you name it. I recently had people who I spent over two hours serving, who ran up $150 tab, and then tried to walk out on part of the check. I gave them excellent service, despite how rude they were the entire time they were there.. but of course, no tip. If you have never done it, you have no concept of the amount of patience it takes to deal with people who literally treat you like scum, who grab you, yell at you, take out every aspect of their crappy lives on you, throw things at you, complain in order to get things for free, etc. I've had it all. And yes, they will lie and claim things that aren't true to attempt to avoid paying tips or their bill. There are some really crappy human beings out there, and I sometimes feel like I've waited on all of them.

(6) I'm sure some of you will say something like "Well your fault for doing something like that, blah blah blah".. You know what? I go to school full time, I take no handouts from anyone, and I support myself completely, because there are some decent people out there who do realize that tipping is 99% of our income, and that you are paying for something tangible. If I gave you crappy service, you know what? You can feel free not to tip me. But if your kid pukes on or trashes the table, if you find that your drink was never empty, if you sit at my table for four hours, then no, you can't. Usually, if I am giving you crappy service, it's because some other asshole was making sure that I had no time to spend with you. I'm working towards a day when I can choose to do something else, but in the mean time, I pay my rent. Would you rather I didn't? It would be easier to be unemployed while I go to school after all - for one thing, I would be paying less tuition fees myself and have more time for homework. A 4.0 isn't easy to manage, but I do. I don't want people to think I'm whining, I'm not. I'm just explaining reality. If you work, you expect to be paid for your job, right? You want to be paid an amount that's relevant to your skill level? Serving isn't the cakewalk people who never have done it imagine it to be. I spend eight hours or more on my feet, running around after people. I have to smile when you're horrible to me, no matter what you say or do, and I have to be knowledgeable and be excellent at multitasking. You try it.

posted on Aug, 29 2012 @ 02:34 AM
reply to post by DimensionalDetective

How can they have the tip as mandidtory? that makes no sense. In canada it's optional, but typically people leave around 15 %

posted on Aug, 29 2012 @ 03:07 AM
reply to post by r2d246

I understand some mandatory tips for large parties.
They shouldn't call it a tip though, it should be called an extra service charge.

Restaurants have to disclose this beforehand on the menue or tell you.

If the service sucks I don't tip above the mandatory amount.

posted on Aug, 29 2012 @ 03:18 AM

my pet hate..

Seriously, i cannot understand the idea behind it.
Yes, give a tip if you've been well looked after or really enjoy the service provided but for it to be almost mandatory is beyond me.

People have jobs in which to earn a wage. Tips are a bonus, nothing more.

I spent time in the Philippines, which is influenced by the USA.
I'm from the UK.
The amount of people I met who expected and/or waited for a tip from me was incredible. The Brits are not always so giving. It does happen, mostly in restaurants..

but it is the expectation of getting a tip that annoys me..
Al they did was bring me a drink or my food or take my money for some other product I bought.. even the taxi drivers there expect it. It's not as though they made me feel special or gave me twice the amount I had asked for..

the problem there though is that many do not have a clue that I am British...and not American.. they just see white skinned westerner and assume I'm from the states.. as everything comes from the flag waving USA.

Other countries influence over other countries is incredible.

I saw a tv show about how a guy from Nepal wanted to come to UK for work and to experience the wonderful life he had read about in a book made by the British, for the Nepalese..
He came here and started work as a traffic warden.. he soon whent home.. poor bloke.. really felt for him..

tips are for exceptional service.. not "just because" imo.

posted on Aug, 29 2012 @ 03:28 AM

Originally posted by Extralien

my pet hate..

Seriously, i cannot understand the idea behind it.
Yes, give a tip if you've been well looked after or really enjoy the service provided but for it to be almost mandatory is beyond me.

People have jobs in which to earn a wage. Tips are a bonus, nothing more.

I spent time in the Philippines, which is influenced by the USA.
I'm from the UK.
The amount of people I met who expected and/or waited for a tip from me was incredible. The Brits are not always so giving. It does happen, mostly in restaurants..

but it is the expectation of getting a tip that annoys me..
Al they did was bring me a drink or my food or take my money for some other product I bought.. even the taxi drivers there expect it. It's not as though they made me feel special or gave me twice the amount I had asked for..

the problem there though is that many do not have a clue that I am British...and not American.. they just see white skinned westerner and assume I'm from the states.. as everything comes from the flag waving USA.

Other countries influence over other countries is incredible.

I saw a tv show about how a guy from Nepal wanted to come to UK for work and to experience the wonderful life he had read about in a book made by the British, for the Nepalese..
He came here and started work as a traffic warden.. he soon whent home.. poor bloke.. really felt for him..

tips are for exceptional service.. not "just because" imo.

One of my pet peeves too, The reason why restaurants use tipping is because they believe that their business model is such that if they don't serve food to make income there is a drain on the business when you pay someone hourly versus a small hourly wage + tips

so to make the most of it ...they believe that sub-min wages are ok and tipping can make up the rest....

I don't agree with it at all.

posted on Aug, 29 2012 @ 03:45 AM
reply to post by fnpmitchreturns

I think it's wrong to pay workers less than minimum wages.

That said the workers enter into the agreement knowing full well the law allows it.
No one is forcing them to work there.

As for the tips themselves.
Into the mid-late 90's they were actually untaxed on their tips and came damn close to rioting when California decided to track and tax their tips.

Not every state taxes their tips, so they are actually earning untaxed income when they are tipped.

Tips stands for "To insure proper service".

I've told the story many times on how I was going to cash tip a pizza delivery guy, but was paying for the pizza with my debit card.
I couldn't tip with the card as I was at the end of a long month and running low on cash until my next paycheck.
The driver flipped his lid when I wrote 0 for the tip.
I tried telling him I was giving him a cash tip but he kept it up.
So I showed him the money and said you aren't getting a tip.
The bastard forged a value into the credit slip and over drafted my account.

I've been a bartender you would be surprised how many bartenders and waitresses over tip themselves if the customer is drunk.

It's very wrong.

posted on Aug, 29 2012 @ 05:10 AM
reply to post by GradyPhilpott

A tip of any kind should not be expected....especially if your being paid an hourly wage....If I choose to tip you, its because you gave good service. Thats whats wrong with this country...people expect rewards for bad behavior....and I will not eat in a resturant that requires a tip be added to the bill. I'd rather eat at McDonalds than to have to deal with that type of senseless entitlement.

Call me old fashion....but if you do a good job, then a gratuity is called for...unfortunatly we live in a society where work ethic takes a back seat to entitlement issues which this really has to do with. if your business sucks, its probably your staff. If business is good, the tips come because your staff is good at what they do.

Customers are not unreasonable, they understand fully when a place is busy and wait times might be an issue.


A customer should not be commanded to pay a fee on top of the set price of goods just so the staff can go out and not claim all of those tips as income so they can continue to live on welfare, evade full taxes, you get the idea.

I think mandatory tipping is wrong.

posted on Aug, 29 2012 @ 07:03 AM
I can't stand non-tippers or cheap tippers. Ive never worked as a server but I respect their job and I tip WELL. I call out my buddies all the time for trying to not tip. I love that scene in Reservoir Dogs about tipping, and the movie Waiting.

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