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KYMATICA- Your True Purpose In Life, The Ego, Logos & Creation a MUST WATCH!

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posted on Nov, 25 2009 @ 03:22 PM
Kymatica - mixed bag for me.

There are a lot of semblences between ancient culture that could mean some of these events were real (last ice age was only 6,000 years ago so wthin human memory) or humans travelled more. Romans in particular liked to borrow other people's Gods and give them the same virtues as their own.

Lot of this brings me to the Gnostics who believed in duality. this palce on Earth was the horrible place before we went to heaven.

We do wars still because our logic brain is the LATEST evolved and has the lowest voice. Earlier evolved is our emotion side of the brain and this is where we make most action (and actually where we make most decisions - but we disguise it/pretend to ourselves this is logic!). Thereis an earlier evolve part of the rain that keeps us alive.

posted on Nov, 25 2009 @ 04:37 PM
reply to post by jinx880101

this fascinates me very much and is resonating with my understanding of the universe as ONE. Ill watch this as soon as possible.

posted on Nov, 25 2009 @ 04:37 PM

Originally posted by jinx880101
reply to post by GovtFlu

The part about certain languages (part 3 about 8 min in), mostly of the mid east variety, that when spoken... resonate into some crazy frequency that un-locks geometry, or something.. What if the current languages we use, when spoken, resonate outside the frequency we are supposed to generate??

Who is to say there isn't some crazy ancient language that allows our voice and mind to resonate at a frequency that can unlock barriers to our spiritual side?.. like a specific chant that lets us talk to the spirits of dead relatives.

Wouldn't that be the ultimate conspiracy?.. that the elite know our languages are like some wacky out of frequency ancient codes designed to keep us stupid and unaware... there has got to be a sci-fi movie like that out there.

You hit the nail on the head there my friend. Our minds are being downplayed-using a simple weapon such as language. This was also the reason why ancient civilizations that practiced Shamanism were destroyed.

What I also find interesting is that children between the age of 3 & 6 years old can learn 3 additional languages at the same time, excluding their home language. Yet, these days children of that age are not taught much apart from shapes and colors! Makes you wonder doesn't it.

Definitely makes me wonder.. our languages are the one thing nobody ever questions as to who decided and why. I have seen videos where some opine that Kids who have so called invisible friends are more in-tune with the spirit world that us numbed down adults.. and of course we have turned these into bad things like the scary boogie-man under the bed, an entity to be feared not embraced.

How about stories we have all heard about animals that are sensitive to spirits or things invisible to our eyes? a relative passed away a year ago here in my apt from an aneurysm, not too long afterwords I swear her cat started seeing something and will get excited out of nowhere purr like mad as if being pet.

We have all heard of ancient chants, meditations and things that allow us to communicate with spirits and/or other dimensions.. which would fit into the idea that we can all access these frequencies if we knew how. What better way to control our spiritual abilities than by teaching us an out of frequency language?

I have been looking into Dimethyltryptamine aka '___', sometimes called "The Spirit Molecule".. made into a "Shaman tea" used my the wise men to communicate with "the elves" or spirit world.. which of course is illegal in the US even though '___' is inside all our brains and triggers our dreams. A '___' trip is actually a very deep dream state.. that some say opens our 3rd eye for a very bried view into other dimensions.

I find it fascinating that almost everyone who tries '___', no matter what language or culture they're from, has a similar experience of meeting spirits who offer great wisdom / advice. Many say their lives are never the same again, as if there are more aware of their self. Almost as if mother earth has given us an alternate tool to manipulate our frequency.

My friends call me a "crazy person" lol when I first get deep into this stuff.. but it makes them think.

posted on Nov, 25 2009 @ 05:39 PM
I just finished watching the videos. I agree with the approach and have found it most affective in my own progression. Everything is an illusion, especially the means and methods of those that would control us. Smoke and mirrors. Remember that when we are freaking out about death camps, flu, electronic big-brotherism, mind control ad nauseum... all of it is smoke and mirrors and can be disregarded into non existance. Even if these issues do have a basis in reality, it does not mean that we are helpless in the face of them. We actually choose to be slaves and can stop at anytime if we wish to do so. We can choose not to play anymore. Period. That is the truth that the illusion is designed to obscure. We are powerful and we do create our own perceived reality. Time to ditch the parasite, aye?

posted on Nov, 25 2009 @ 05:50 PM
thankyou for posting this, absolutely fantastic
next line

they've hit the nail on the head

posted on Nov, 25 2009 @ 06:49 PM

We need to get this information out there...

What the guy talks about in the 8th clip, is true to the best of my feeling.

Also the cruelty to the dog made me almost burst into tears. VERY emotional indeed, and a special video in getting the message across.

This is why I am on ATS. Wake up Human race.

Thank you very much!

Star and Flag!


posted on Nov, 26 2009 @ 02:21 AM
Pretty interesting video. I guess everything happens for a reason, and the reason I watched this one is so that I can explain a little more of just how everything "might" work(and this one is pretty critical, because it may have to do with your eternity. Now I don't know what happens to your "soul memory" or "information" after this dimension, but if there's one thing that you need to keep in mind, keep this in mind.)

It has to do with this little "channeled" lesson that I read awhile ago, and it went like this. After everyone makes their way back to the highest(11th?) dimension, they'll have a choice to: keep their individual identities and experiences, or "to become one with God or the Ultimate Creator." The channeler didn't say just what exactly happens when you "become one with God," but we can infer that we will lose our identities, and that clearly is not a good thing(you want to be your own God, don't you?)

So clearly, this idea of to become one with the universe is not quite as "enticing" as it seems. Remember, the point of existence is to experience as many things as possible(and after seeing this very beautiful girl, I can only be thankful that I took this "contract" and be able to learn of this "possibility.") According to Hidden_Hand, God became Space to give us the appearance of individual identities. To try to find our way back to God would seem to defeat the purpose!

This video made the analogy of the ego to Satan. If the ego is giving us the illusion of separation, then clearly, he is NOT such a bad guy after all(and perhaps the reason why he chooses to "help" us out here is really because he doesn't want to continue his journey back to God, such a sly "devil" that he is).

If we were to connect that video with what Hidden_Hand said, then the introduction of Free Will is merely the introduction of the ego, which gives the illusion of separate identities. We can conclude then that this "consciousness of (our) universe" could merely be the reprehensible Yahweh, who did not how to "create" or "sub-divide." To think, then, that we should "unite" with "that guy" makes me sick to my stomach.

Anyway, I've been pondering, if this is all a game, then what if someone from Africa wanted out of this game? According to Hidden_Hand, Yahweh trapped us here, so maybe they don't really have a choice.

Well, that's all for today. I'll post about the stuff about evolution tomorrow.

posted on Nov, 26 2009 @ 02:24 AM
I didn't enjoy this film at all, and I watched the whole film.

It's simply another home made badly edited film made by some guy from some band who feels he has the answers after doing some badly done research. Does anyone else find something inherently wrong with a film where the narrator/director/editor/creator is ALSO one of the two people interviewed and this is never recognized? Ben Stewart literally ends a sentence, then we have a clip of him sitting their all slyly talking as if he was asked questions by someone else and he is some sort of expert. He is not.

If any of you were watching a documentary in a cinema or even on television and you suddenly saw the narrator being portrayed as one of the sources, you would see a problem with it.

posted on Nov, 26 2009 @ 02:44 AM
reply to post by JohnBadger

badly done research.

Kindly point out this 'badly done research' you speak of....?

posted on Nov, 26 2009 @ 11:46 AM
All around the world people have been seeing 11:11 and asking what the true meaning is. The meaning of 11:11 is for you to wake up to your higher self. Consciousness!
11:11 = A box with a free-floating dot in space. Or the
Before I move on you must come to a basic understanding Pay attention. Zero=One or 0=1. I want you to grab a coin. Hold the coin in your hand look at it from the top to see it as a 0 or circle. Now look at the coin so you see it as 1 or One. As you hold the coin in your hand you can see it has 2 sides heads and tails this is the principle of duality, but notice that both are equal as .5+.5=1 So we can now say that male=female black=white positive=negative light=dark. If you understand that, it is all equal but a difference of scale. As one cannot tell you where light and dark begin or where hot and cold end and start. We are all = and we are all One.
What was mans first creation? The wheel how does one create something from nothing? Zero or 0 is nothing right? Right! You create from thought. I hope some of you are catching on. Therefore, you are a thought in the mind of god or the All. Yet he loves you so much that he wanted you to experience his creation and or mind. Therefore, as thought or soul you are born into this world as a human. When you are born your pure but as you grow and develop you never lose your purity you just forget that you’re a soul in a human body experiencing a collective limited reality.
A circle O or pi 3.14=8/2 =4 or 1111 I divided by 2 as we have two side of a coin and because everything is a half-truth. 3.14=11.0 in Binary computers program in 0 or 1 for the diameter of the circle I used the golden ratio as it is found on the human body. The golden ratio is 1.61=8/2=4 1.61=1.1 in Binary. So Pi+golden ratio= 11:11
I hope that you’re catching on. The next time you see 11:11 ask yourself who am I. Better yet look into your eyes and ask yourself who you are. How do you see yourself? In a mirror how else? Thru the eyes of others.
Consciousness or thought= vibration. Matter is light held together by vibration. One can say that math explains vibration. Π if you look at it is nothing more than a flip of a coin, when you flip a coin it sends out vibration. This vibration holds everything that you see together. Everything is consciousness or vibration. Evolution is a change in consciousness and or vibration. Some of you are going to say well I am conscious well yes, you are but not fully, if you were I would not have to be sending this message out. When was the last time that you stopped all your thoughts? Let me break it down for you so you have a better understanding. When you grow up you’re taught but you never learn anything for yourself, people become automated so automated that you lost your true self, always on the go people all kept in fear and stress out so you never get to really every do any real deep thinking for yourself. You then go to school to learn other people’s thoughts and discovery never able to question the teaching or find your own way or learn things outside of the curriculum, this is call conditioning. After school, you work never questing anything. When you retire if you get to, they you might have time to reflect on your life. This is the system that you’re a slave to. You’re never given the chance to figure it out; it is like this for a reason. The people at the top know that if you ever wake up and realize that you have been fooled all your life the system is place would come down. What the people at the top don’t understand is that we put them up there. They forgot who they are themselves they got lost in greed. The few that know and control the system, we all go back to the light. People need to wake up and understand that your pure essence is light. People need to wake up and understand that we are all = that nobody is better than anyone if you think they are you created a mental prison for yourself.

posted on Nov, 26 2009 @ 11:47 AM
They keep you in your mental prison by keeping you in fear, busy and the best distracted by entertainment. Keep the people stupid so we can control them. You’re never given the truth always looking elsewhere for the answer. The answer has and always will be inside of you. It is the most guarded secret on earth. Find your true self and the answers will come.
Who are you? Ask yourself. Well at first, you’re going to say your name, wells that’s not me then you’re going to say well by body really? When the body dies what happens? Oh ya I am spirt. I am I. I am One. Now let us look at i. Notice that the line under the dot is the same thing as the dot it is just a different view. When a person stands straight up with arms to the side he, make an i with his body your head being the dot and your body being the line. The dot is pi the line is the golden ratio both are infinite. “I” flipped on its side with the middle section at the top forms a table or house move the middle section to the bottom and you have a cup. Also, note that the dot on top of the I represents infinity. All the infinity symbol is a O is a twist you can see this by spinning a quarter and watch it wobble it will form the infinity symbol.
However, some might ask for proof of consciousness well ok. I will do one better. I will explain how space and consciousness work together. Fibonacci already explained it but people just see numbers and not the meanings behind them, because they never question why it is so. Fibonacci 011235813 notice it is increasing in vibration it is also goes to infinity. Doing this creates a golden spiral Spiral=consciousness. What Fibonacci could not say was that he was explaining the unfolding or folding of space with consciousness. Just as I cannot tell you other things because it has to be realized by yourself to come to this understanding. Once you have reached this place of consciousness your given answers but some of the answers come with a price, once the veil is lifted and you see with your true eyes you will understand what I mean. I also wanted you to notice that consciousness=spirals, look at nature look at the world around you look at space look at your face; better yet look at your eyes.
Some of you might ask yourself how I obtained this information, simple I sat in meditation cleared my thoughts and listened and followed 11:11 literally all around the world I. I had faith in myself and just listened to my higher self my true self. As you sit and read and think I will share a secrete with you, no two people see the same thing it is only assumed that we do. When you come to an understanding that nothing is outside of yourself that, what you see is all in you. It now makes me smile to see man try to travel to distant planets and understand space when this entire time it has been locked inside of you. Some of you will not understand nor even care to and this is fine. More and more people are awakening and science is starting to back this fact. The vibration of the earth has been changing awaking up junk DNA it will continue to do so. Nothing is random.
So why go thru all of this? Because I love you all, because I understand that, we are a collective consciousness. Because I know and other know what is to come in the next 3 years. Because the most important teachings are locked inside of you and are taught to you when you reach this state of consciousness. The true and only teaching were never intended to be written nor spoken, this was to prevent what has already taken place. The truth shall set you free; this is why they keep you busy, because now that you know it has started. With a collective consciousness all information is shared everyone can tap into this as we are all 1 or 0 thought, this is what they are afraid of this is what they protect no more secrets.
All the great civilization before us knew this, why do you think all the information was suppressed or destroyed? For control, follow the money. I am doing this to wake you up. If everyone in the world just focused on developing themselves and not worrying about what others are doing, we would have reached peace a long time ago. Just be.

posted on Nov, 26 2009 @ 11:48 AM
Never assume anything!
I cannot see the earth therefore, it is not there, I cannot see behind me therefore it is not there. It is only there when I look. I cannot believe anything that I hear, as I cannot tell what is true or false. I cannot assume that I was ever born, as I cannot recall, I cannot assume that I will ever die because how will I know. I do know that when I look into the mirror that it is not i but a reflection of light that is inside of me. I know that the light is inside of me, therefore the world that I see is a mere reflection of what is inside of me. What is the reflection of a mirror called? An illusion! Once you reach this place, you can control the illusion. I am now free from my mental prison, as the veil of ignorance has been lifted. I now create my own reality while the rest of me is stuck inside a mental prison. This is the secrete. Nothing will and has ever been outside of you. It is all inside of you. We are all one light; nothing has ever been given nor received from another.

posted on Nov, 26 2009 @ 01:59 PM
reply to post by np6888

I dont agree with many things here. Hidden Hand did not speak about us not having a chance to leave at any given moment and the logos yahweh as humans call it did not trap us,he was irritated though,and thus made it a very hard existence here for sure. that is where his pwoer ends though,since we ARE the logos Yahweh(all bein parts of it),then he really only punishes ihmself.
Hidden Hand clearly stated that there is no "that guy" or this guy and that we are all ONE,always have been,always will be, it is nto a matter of not going back to being ONE,we never stopped being ONE in the first place my friend,the separation,the identity u speak of is simply the illusion you yourself(WHOLENESS) cast upon yourself so that you can experience life as a separate being,in order to learn etc,intrpspection.

When you say returning to being ONE infinite WHOLENESS isnt a good thing,it clearly shows you have misunderstood the concept.There is no such thing as good thing or bad thing, there simply IS, believe me, ,in the 7th dimension(not 11th,theres only an octave-8) all will be so enlightened by that timem even you will be so enlightened,when in the 7th,that you will realize how childish you were in the third dimension by trying to stop something that always was,is and will be.

Take your time friend, live within the illusion of separateness for as long as you want to, time is an illusion too, so take all the time you need to realize that being ONE is inherent to you, you already ARE ONE, you've always been,and you are.
You are fighting agaisnt that which you have always been..

being ONE

good luck realizing that, and don't worry mate,you wont become ONE until you are ready to give up that illusion of separateness.
Believe me,once you're in the 5-7th dimensions,and you will get there whether u like it or not right now haha, once you're there you'll realize that you've always been ONE and are and will be. You will be enlightened enough to set aside the EGO- your illusion,that is derived from your insecurity to lose control.

You will always be your own God,because YOU are the only thing that exists.

[edit on 11/26/2009 by Valeri]

posted on Nov, 26 2009 @ 02:14 PM
reply to post by jinx880101

By badly done research I mean other than a few sourced quotes, not once do they say "and this is seen in" or "this is backed up by" the entire movie goes by the theory that you will believe everything they say while watching the movie. If this were an academic paper it would be ridiculed because of the lack of evidence to back up their claims during the movie.

Also, you only choose one thing out of my post that you have a problem with, does this imply you agree with my other remarks?

Although I do not think this movie was awful, I just found it utterly ridiculous that the creator and narrator is one of the two interviewees in the film.

posted on Nov, 26 2009 @ 02:17 PM
reply to post by I am i

Matter is not light held together by vibration. I have been in pitchblack places where there is NO LIGHT at all,not even fro mthe stars or moon etc.nothing,not even a glimpse.All the matter-objects were still as they were.

So no,it is easily provable that matter is NOT light. matter is thought,not light.

As for all those pi 3.14=8/2.. I didn't even udnerstand where you got that 8/2 from, no sense at all pi is not 8/2 nor 4.

i did not udnerstand what you were trying to say,please try to explain more coherently if you can.otherwise,your information is of no use to me at least,because I do not understnad what you are talking about at all.
basic stuff liek peopel are equal etc isn't realyl naything enlightening.

posted on Nov, 26 2009 @ 02:22 PM
reply to post by I am i

exactly whos secret is that? you tal kabout light a lot,yet, I have no idea what you mean by light inside of you. there is no light inside of you, you are energy=soul inside a body, not light. When in a dark room,with no light, then that only proves there is no light within the body. the reflection is the illusory physical appearance of what you created for yourself ,nothing more.
if anything ,LIGHT is another illusion my friend,just like time is.

[edit on 11/26/2009 by Valeri]

posted on Nov, 26 2009 @ 02:46 PM
As I cannot state in words what my current state of consciousness is like is simply because it must be experienced thru self. I will explain, imaging looking in to a pond with a nice reflection of a tree or a reflection of a cloud on the water. Normal state of consciousness as one would look at the reflection of the tree or the cloud on the water would just see that a reflection of a cloud or a tree, always skimming the top not aware. People further in consciousness when they look at the reflection on the water they see the reflection of the tree or the cloud but all see to the bottom of the clear water these people see beauty. Now people further in consciousness will see the reflection see thru the water to the bottom and realize it is all one thing. These people see beauty and soul. People even further in consciousness realize that the reflection of all he sees is all inside of him. These people see essence, soul, beauty. People even further in consciousness realize that the reflection is inside of him that the ripples on the water are thoughts. People at this stage experience peace. People even further calm the mind and take the form of water formlessness. People that reach this state experience the light. People even further in consciousness remember their true and only form that is which is of pure light and remember that we are all one. People that reach this stage get to enter the house and drink from the cup. People even further in consciousness once receiving the most protected secret on earth REMEMBER to guide the people to the secret NOT ENSLAVE THEM AND MAKE MONEY OFF THEM! People that reach this state of consciousness change the world for they have no fear. The states of Consciousness are infinite. Now ask yourself how do you drink your water? Bottled? From a cup? Free flowing? Or do you see the water for what it is liquid light or oneness.

posted on Nov, 26 2009 @ 03:13 PM
reply to post by I am i
It is not required to reach that high consciousness to get rid of fear. i cna honeslty say I myself have abandoned fear a while back now.There is no need for it for me anymore,i dont feel it.i dotn understand fear either.
i see the water as another part of me,part of the ONE WHOLENESS.
As far as the ripples and pond and light,sorry,I jsut don't understand your analogies,maybe Im jsut thick-headed,but I don't get it at all, let alone stuff aboutthe pi etc.

So you mentioned 3 years,the 2012 ascension thus, any information you would like to share?! Will time-travel be possible for those ascending,or not yet? A simple question,because having fun is partially what gives life its meaning,without fun and relaxation,anywhere you are,life is not that sweet.
Also,are u of the opinion all will make it or some(my opinion) I dont think all will choose this path,soem will choose the path of experiencing even deeper physicality and materialism,completely deprived of any spiritual connection and thought,while living thta physical life.

posted on Nov, 26 2009 @ 04:47 PM
reply to post by Valeri

I would say that light=dark as no one can say where each other start and finish. It is the something just a different of scale. If you study physics and see that all the principle energies are all the same thing just a difference of scale or the rate at which it is held in vibration. It does not even matter thou, as matter is 99.99% empty space. You create what you see. You are right I am I and you are I therefore, we are the same. Just 1 if there is nothing outside of god how would one create. How do you create? From thought.

posted on Nov, 27 2009 @ 01:39 AM
reply to post by JohnBadger

By badly done research I mean other than a few sourced quotes, not once do they say "and this is seen in" or "this is backed up by" the entire movie goes by the theory that you will believe everything they say while watching the movie. If this were an academic paper it would be ridiculed because of the lack of evidence to back up their claims during the movie. Also, you only choose one thing out of my post that you have a problem with, does this imply you agree with my other remarks? Although I do not think this movie was awful, I just found it utterly ridiculous that the creator and narrator is one of the two interviewees in the film.

No, because it's not my job to try and convince you. Make what you want out of this movie.

They do state that all the material in the vid is freely available to anyone. The scientific studies all have references, and the actual researcher explaining. Why don't you first go look at all those facts you call unsupported and badly done research, see if they are true, and then come back here and call bs.
You are now guilty of the exact thing you are accusing of.

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