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The God Number

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posted on Jun, 26 2004 @ 01:54 PM
If there was a number of god, I think it would be Phi, or 1.168....
It has to do with almost everything we know of.

posted on Jun, 27 2004 @ 02:32 AM
I'm sorry, it's just a test message because this thread seems to be broken : I cant' read the third page.

[EDIT] : Nope, it seem to be fixed[/EDIT]

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posted on Jun, 27 2004 @ 11:35 AM

There is nothing inherently "unspiritual" about homosexuality: in fact, quite the opposite seems to be the case if you read your history closely.

There seem to be some people on this thread that are unaware of the "bi-sexual nature" of the Hebrew god ELOHIM ("gods") in the book of Genesis: according to the Hezekielite writer (P) who wrote Genesis chapter 1:2-4b and re-appears magically in Genesis 5:1-32 (the same P writer school wrote much of the Torah laws and was particularly interested in numbers, dimensions, ages, generations ("toledoth") and time-line sequences etc.

The P writer, whoever he was, (it was the same hand who was part of the "school" who wrote the book of (H)ezeiel, some time after 520 BC, uses the term ELOHIM ("gods" is plural, but governing a singular verb such as "bara" he created = lit, "the gods, [he] created the heavens and the earth" : note how he carefully avoids the use of the name (haShem) of the clan god of Israel "YHWH" until the appearance of the Bush in Exodus chapter 3).

So your gematria has to be built on ELOHIM not YHWH if you are trying to find any numerical puzzles in Genesis chapter 1 (the "first" creation myth).

It has been shown in occult numerological studies that the very first sentence is in fact a gemmatrial puzzle, based on some kind of "base 3" numerical system:

HEB: Bere#h elohim bara et-hashamayim vebet-ha-aaretz,

but no other verses in the clusters that follow in the text seem to have any clean numerological sequence, just the rather elegant first line.

But in terms of making a case against "homosexuals" and "hermaphrodites" are closer to "god" (as say the Chumash Indians and other ancient civilizations sometimes believed) perhaps nay-sayers should study a little Hebrew before mouthing off:

Consider this little tidbit for example:

The technical Hebrew term "ELOHIM" (the "masculine" plural of ELOAH, which is feminine) is clearly a BI-SEXUAL CONSTRUCT, at least according to its gramatical use by the socalled P writer of Genesis:

Only in the obscurely written "poem sections" of the book of Job beginning at chapter 3 (written in early Elamite unpointed Hebrew) does the term "ELOAH" (translated "god") appear in the "singular form" in the whole Old Testament. Eloah technically is feminine.

Note the careful wording of the pedantic P writer (who seems to love formulas and patterns within patterns)


Therefore ELOHIM (at least according to the P writer) is depicted as being Bi-Sexual, like many of the ancient gods of Egypt and elsewhere in the Near east, even in Canaan, whose temple walls show ithyphallic attributes (i.e. erect penises) as well as female breasts in the same composite figure (e.g. Ithyphallic Isis), showing "self generation" capabilities of the "gods".

Notice also there is no "Hayyaah" [ or "Eve"] in the P writer's Myth of Creation in Gensis chapter 1:1 to 2:4a----men and women are both ("mankind") "created" (bara, "created ex-nihilo", from "nothing") and are created together--and NOT "formed" out of pre-existing materials ('qatzah)") as in the myth in Genesis 2:4b and following where YHWH Elohim "forms" Adam out of Mud and Hayyah (Eve) out of Adam's "side").

Despite the majority of the world's pantheons having gods existing in Dyads (or Duats) of Male and Female Gods (i.e. God with his Goddess, even YAHWEH the clan god of Israel originally had a "wife" named "Ashera")--still, many ancient civilizations revered their Creator deities often as "bisexual" gods as the most potent gods of all, possibly in view of their "sexual totality" and ability to exist and procreate other beings "on their own" without needing a "partner".

posted on Jun, 27 2004 @ 01:51 PM
I don't think that there is anything special about PI. I think PI is akin to time. Time is a concept to represent a change in something. Time only exists as a concept for our reality. I believe the same is for PI. It's nothing mysterious, it's just there.

Now, the Fibonacci sequence and the golden ratio/spiral is truly interesting! I have done extensive amateur research into it, and make more discoveries about it weekly. If any number is to represent GOD I'm sure it would have to be in the Fibonacci sequence, or maybe the entire sequence to infinity. PI has no order to it, just an endless string of numbers.

I don't feel comfortable with exposing what I have discovered with PHI yet to unknown people. If anybody wants to start a research project with me on this subject, please U2U me. I'd like it to be a private forum. I've done a lot of work thus far and I wouldn't want to lose credit to someone else.


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posted on Jun, 28 2004 @ 12:06 AM
The God number?

No man made number system could be subject to Gods depth spirituality and intellect. Gods on a totally different level, and I doubt he ever used a scientific calculator.

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