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Epxosing NWO webs: Baxter International, Inc.

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posted on Nov, 24 2009 @ 01:57 AM

I use well known Illuminati/NWO conspiracy scheme as working hypothesis. I'm starting with some vague idea that Baxter International is somehow connected to NWO criminal gang. Investigation thus may lead to two possible outcomes: I will be able to fill NWO hypothesis with relevant data and thus approach to theory level (aka prediction/falsification) OR there will be no relevant corellation between rumors and facts and I can set Baxter aside.
Why I use Baxter as means of investigation? There is this "swine flu" game and Baxter have big say in it. Also - as I recall - I read something about say IG Farben - Baxter connection or something similar but I just can't find it so I'll try to reconstruct this from other sources. It will be also very useful to start parallel threads on other suspected NWO institutions. Maybe we can prove direct eugenics link in Novartis, GSK, ... history.

Financial and personal connections are fundamental for us while we are uncovering criminal plot. So first step must bring to light persons involved with company and their relations - financial, family, work positions, other (secret) societies ... This approach is also significant because is based on verifiable public domain documents.
As second line of investigation I'll use proclaimed NWO partial goal - depopulation - as leading narrative. It is well documented that Bush clan and other powerful families associated with Illuminati/NWO were involved in eugenics movement in USA and Nazi Germany. It is implicit, that this clans keeps continuity of their goals and ideas. So if is Baxter connected to NWO then it will serve as 1. moneycow for them 2. as bio-warfare department. Are there any signs of it? There are mysterious mistakes which Baxter did in recent history...

I'm not perfectly fluent in English so I can't guarantee proper interpretation of some "slang" texts - USA/EU newspeek is almost as absurd as Bolshevist newspeek was. It is my first project of such scale at this field so I'll greatly appreciate any help. Especially early history of Baxter and other BigPharma monsters will be burried somewhere deep in books which I didn't read yet.

EDIT: sorry for the typo in Subject

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posted on Nov, 24 2009 @ 02:17 AM
Few dates and bodies for starter

Company was founded in 1931 by Davis Baxter. Things start to be interesting for us when:

Mr. Graham joined Baxter in 1945 as vice president. In 1953, he became chief executive officer, retaining that post until 1980. He was chairman from 1971 until 1985 and, thereafter, senior chairman until 1996.

Let me say that it is not common practice for chief executives to stick with one company for all their professional life. Who was Mr. William B. Graham? We don't know. Just appeared from nowhere. Graduated on University of Chicago (Rockeffeler funded) and also supported it.

Graham has been prominent in drug-industry activities, having served as president of the American Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association and chairman of the Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association (PMA). He served as a director of the PMA for more than a quarter of a century.

He did fundriasing for D. Rumsfelds first congressional campaign back in 1962. He produced no scientific paper yet he received lot of "medical prizes".
Gray mouse but probably important one in background scheme. Maybe later something other will surface...

Another interesting face of Baxter Inc. is:

Vernon R. Loucks, Jr., is chairman of the board of Baxter International, Inc. Prior to joining Baxter, Mr. Loucks was a senior management consultant for George Fry and Associates. He joined Baxter in 1966 as assistant to the president and chief executive officer. His career at Baxter has included senior positions in both domestic and international operations. In December 1975, he was elected to the company's board of directors. He became president and chief operating officer in 1976, chief executive officer in 1980, and chairman in 1987.
He is also ocupiing top positions in other companies.
Prior Baxter engagement he was director of Kellog Foundation - another eugenics/NWO asset. Ehh I allmost forgot to mention that he is Skull'n'Bones member. Take a look yourself - this is ugly guy:

No good NWO conspiracy without Society of Jesus! Robert L. Parkinson is nice candidate for jesuits agent:

Mr. Parkinson also serves on the boards of directors of Chicago-based Northwestern Memorial Hospital and the Northwestern Memorial Foundation as well as Loyola University Chicago’s Board of Trustees.

Also have lot of to say about him.

Other interesting people (Rumsfeld, Obama and many more) around Baxter International can be found here
ATS - Top Shareholders of Baxter International Inc

Tomorow I'll continue ...

posted on Nov, 24 2009 @ 03:00 AM
if you have too much time, investigate Jane Burgermeister. it's highly possible she's a hoax and that baxter's case was blown out of proportion on purpose, to make people NOT WANT the vaccine. just go further than her own site, check who owns the domain, where it's hosted, what was her previous site, if Burgermeister is her real name, if she really filled charges against those she claims she did, the documents behind that, everything.
you'll be surprised.

posted on Nov, 24 2009 @ 05:41 AM
reply to post by jedi_hamster

Yes, J. Burgermeister and her story is one of the reasons why i chose Baxter first. There is too much smoke and screens around JB. It is perfectly possible that she is participating on cover up or that she is "guided" opposition leader or whats ever. JB, for sure, should have dedicated post here.
I plan to summarize Baxter mistakes and there will be place for her story. BTW there is few threads with JB as subject. ChemBreather appears as her "fan". I'll take a look on those threads.

posted on Nov, 24 2009 @ 08:25 AM
Is this a Kevin Bacon game? Six degrees of the illuminati.

posted on Nov, 25 2009 @ 03:57 AM
Dates and bodies II.

What we need next? A freemason! Here we are:
Walter E. Boomer - Baxter director and retired Marine general.
He is listed as "Inspectors General Honorary - 33rd Degree" here.
Military record here.

Ok, another CEO in row:

1999 - Harry M. Jansen Kraemer, Jr., became chief executive officer, succeeding Vernon R. Loucks Jr.

Hmmm.. Four names for one guy? It smell like snob. Who is he?
Member of Chicago Council on Global Affairs
Name similar to CFR?. Ok what about some Wikipedia as hint:

The Chicago Council on Global Affairs was founded as the Chicago Council on Foreign Relations on February 20, 1922. At its inception, the Council included 23 members with the purpose of opposing what they viewed as U.S. isolationism during the first World War.

Same name as CFR, same agenda - guilty until proven otherwise.
Mr. Kraemer helped Mr. McCain with campaigns in 2000 and 2008. Ended as CEO in 2004 when was changed by Robert L. Parkinson, Jr.. His mini profile is in second post of this thread. I have feeling that Mr. Kraemer is something like traveling management superstar, somebody who is hired for one goal and then fired to higher post. Why he was unexpectedly fired after relatively short time in position? Maybe he is just filling gap between Skull'n'Bones and Jesuits reign.

From this and other readings I can say that at least from year 1980 (Vernon R. Loucks, Jr. CEO) is Baxter infiltrated by Illuminati/NWO servants. What happened in those years with Baxter? Company started on, and long time sticked to medical devices for blood handling and processing. Then:

1985 - Baxter acquired American Hospital Supply Corporation, becoming a broad-based healthcare products distributor in addition to a developer of medical technologies.

In 90's company massively expand to China and then went to vaccine industry:

1997 - Baxter acquired Immuno International AG, an international leader in infectious disease research and the development of blood products, related biologics and vaccines.
Baxter completed acquisition of Columbia, Maryland-based North American Vaccine.
2001 - ...
Baxter acquired Cook Pharmaceutical Solutions, a manufacturer of prefilled injectable drugs in vials and syringes.
Baxter announced that it would participate in the production of approximately 155 million doses of smallpox vaccine for the U.S. government, in conjunction with Acambis Inc.
2004 - ...
Baxter’s board of directors elected Robert L. Parkinson, Jr. as the company’s new chairman and chief executive officer.
2008 - Baxter received a positive opinion from regulatory authorities in Europe for CELVAPAN, the first cell culture-based H5N1 (avian flu) pandemic vaccine.
Shortly, Baxter is moving into vaccine business. There is also intimate relationship with Abbott Laboratories confirmed on personal level.

posted on Nov, 25 2009 @ 04:13 AM
Partial summary:

I didn't found any direct link between Baxter International, Inc. and pre-war eugenics movement. But I can clearly assume that Baxter is till 1980 under heavy influence of Illuminati/NWO agenda. This was proven by personal links between well known Illuminati/NWO institutions and top Baxter management.
There is great probability that Baxter is not only bio-weapon asset of Illuminati/NWO conspiracy. Baxter is probably serving just partial role: we didn't look properly at Baxter achievements at virology ...

posted on Nov, 25 2009 @ 04:27 AM

Originally posted by damwel
Is this a Kevin Bacon game? Six degrees of the illuminati.

Sometime man awake into game

Take it like an exercise in investigation. You are never questioning without some pre-knowledge so it is necessary to clarify your ground before you start reasoning. I can investigate Baxter from other views - say how their employees are handled, how well they do on stock market, and so on. I just took Illuminati/NWO as framework of my asking.
And guess what? It is somehow working.

posted on Nov, 28 2009 @ 01:03 AM
I just found interesting thread on PrisonPlanet forum. While my own investigation didn't prove Bexter - prewar eugenics link, PrisonPlanet found it through personal links between Baxter - Abbott Laboratories Bayer and IG Farben.

It look like Baxter was "taken over" by shadow government in eighties and nineties.

Here is interesting pdf by GARY RICHARD ARNOLD.
It is very sketchy but interesting as hint where to look.
Very informative article summarize Baxter history and financial scandals here.

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