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Spinning within the web of physical reality

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posted on Nov, 24 2009 @ 01:46 AM
There are those of us who can handle within their grasp the physical reality and all its energy and components. One can take themselfs and all their own energy and apply it within physical reality and its really like spinning a web of spirtiual energy, imparted and imprinted within the walls of all phsyical reality among you.

This is truly legendary when someone can do something like this in this reality on earth. Some master have been doing it, some know others do not. Some of the indian tribes people of the north west have been doing this for years through what they would call the sacred spirit.

Those who are uplifted to this point can expect to understand things very clearly and be in a state of self replinished growth, and are usually in love with everything around them and sometimes in guilt, yet its more based on swollowing your pride and not being able to do anything with earth when it so clearly needs help.

I'm in a constant state of thank you and asking for forgivness and not to a prelate or a replication of a fantasized worship or religion,

I'm speaking on such a deep level that it hurts and makes me feel vulnerable, but the amount of love and the pure and sweetness, it cannot be taken away or forced to stop at any cause. That oh so subtle yet, oh so powerful energy, that we all have trouble putting focus on because our emotions are actually more overbearing to hear by us and distracting.

I am more than willing to give everything I have, and give everything that I am. Because the love is so powerful that my worry stands taller than me, and I quickly forget about myself, but never my experiences, which have a bigger meaning now than before. Its about this energy and myself as represented within this energy structer. How could this physical body have any resemblance, other than a way to function and work in a limited way but with a harsher invrionment that is harsh like the most remote forest.

There will come a time when I will be called upon to speak this truth and to the ears of those who will come to be known as the contactee's or global impact on society task force(group). This just mean I will be a kind of liason as the son to exterrterrestrials to establish that we are all actually brothers and they are here to prove it, through lineage and long withheld facts on our history.

I have been in this since I can remember and I'm sorry you didn't see me, and the ETs are sorry we didn't see them. So they say it will be very soon in time. Just above the horizon, so close that we can begin to visualize what it will be exactly like and it begins to weave into our fabric. One day we will all realise how we did all this constantly from day one and it never stopped. We are all going to realise and be self conscious as to just how much we are in control of our reality and have allways been. Things will be made clear for example, the state of living that we were and are in, including seeing energy and being able to read people up and down from all aspectual levels to undertand any individuals energy patterns.

I feel the things im speaking are going far beyond the current deception. But people don't realise just how close to coming into reality real reality really is. Becuase it allways was and allways had, life and we designed the system together with our very being and soon this will make sense as to what im saying means.

We are imparted within the physical reality that is our soul, our essence, including all our energy and thought and to personality to feelings. This is us. It exists within a reality of all plants and animal life including all humans and other species on earth. I'm painting a picture but alot of things sounds like they are completly in ordanance and makes total sense. We are very powerful beings with fire as powerful as energy to errupt out and sing to the cosmo's in a dance of life.

Let your heart sing and allow your energetic personalities to emerge out and in full force as to who you are and to attach to the power of yourself in this form to move without pain and to stand no injustice, with the hope that is pure and to lay or rest praying for all life forms in existance.

Im open to this degree becuase I have known life in my past as to be in a constant state of knowing and complete sharing. Flux, it was in a sate of flux, everything is in a state of flux. I live in my own little slice of love and heaven that I have found on this earth. I'm very lucky and sometimes even feel guilty, but its not, because there is a complete boon. The feelings of guilt stem from my inability to directly change the worlds problems knowing past through to into truth. It takes great humbleness and real life changes to accept the fact that everything is one and allready perfect and to be given the gift to see through life and into these realms.

When I speak I feel im pulling those poeple who can see into a higher reality with me. I had done this to one boy I know and he was affraid and couldn't handle it, he almost went crazy. And I have touched upon souls of those who have gone completely mad almost like a crazed turkey or chicken, this happens when there is a mental breakdown from a massive supporitority complex. Most of our known leaders are psychosomatic and highly damaged and tampered with souls. They dont know they are their own beings used in their games, this kind of thought never occurs to them. They have broken down to practically no remorse through death or pain, so they cannot think there is anything eles. They are taught to get what you get and walk on others in the moment to move up in this "empire".

posted on Nov, 24 2009 @ 02:31 AM
I hope that I am the light for people to see, as much as I am my own light to move with and understand life. I dont even want to bring in physical attributes to this, this is purely spiritual and belongs to stay that way. It will continue to carry on joy and the orignally meaning so long and like a whisper and a soft kiss from a lady in your dreams who makes you feel complete, and the pure love and desire for everything that is pure. Like life would mean nothing without you, but only this brings meaning to life like nothing eles does. It makes life and your dreams become the sweetest thing in the world. To see into the very depths of your own soul is living to me.

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