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Bill O'Reilly to discuss stalking, death threats

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posted on Nov, 23 2009 @ 06:52 PM

Bill O'Reilly is speaking out about his life as a public figure. As expected, it turns out that being very opinionated on TV can lead to some consequences in real life. The controversial host of "The O'Reilly Factor" appeared on Friday night's episode of "The Insider," and while talking about Sarah Palin a preview was shown about O'Reilly's upcoming interview.

He said that he has to "watch where [he goes]" in order to avoid people who apparently want to harm him or even take his life.

good news for some I'm sure.
I happen to like Bill and hope he continues holding people accountable

posted on Nov, 23 2009 @ 06:55 PM
I remember a while ago a statement he made. Something along the lines of, people that don't agree with his views, are the type of people he'd like to take out with a hand grenade.

I'll have to look for links.

Edit: Seems like all I could find was a comment he made about bloggers. But still, this guy makes people mad, it's no wonder he's afraid for his life.

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posted on Nov, 23 2009 @ 07:01 PM
Since nobody else is showing sources.....

Isn't he responsible for the murder of a doctor somewhere, I mean, didn't he basically get the guy killed by spewing his particular brand of hate for months and months about the doctor, until someone murdered the doctor?

posted on Nov, 23 2009 @ 07:18 PM
I wouldn't say he got the guy killed but he sure put a spotlight on a doctor who was one of the only doctors in the country to perform late term abortions on a whim and some people don't like that. Thousands of potential lives were erased by this man. I don't have any real opinions on the matter as other peoples choices are exactly just that. To say o'reilly had him killed is just not accurate. A vigilante act of self righteousness cannot be pinned on anyone other than the person committing it. That comment is as absurd as saying Marilyn Manson's music was the fuel that fired the Columbine massacre.
o'reilly often comes of as a prude who verbally assaults his guests and often his rhetoric is aimed at uplifting conservative America and traditional American values, this alone makes people want to kill him.

posted on Nov, 23 2009 @ 07:21 PM
reply to post by Rhetoric

Here's a source:

He has his own section on that page.

O'Reilly started stalking private citizens, i.e, bloggers, all the while claiming he only stalked and harrased public persons. That may be why some people are starting to stalk him.
He really has the thinnest skin in TV.

Oh, and for a multi-millionaire, no one plays the "victim card" with more self righteous indignation than billo.

posted on Nov, 23 2009 @ 07:21 PM
I wonder if BillO has the same empathy for the woman he sexually harassed so bad she sued him and he had to pay her off so the details wouldn't become public. Gee, I wonder if she felt like he was stalking her.
Bill O'Reilly is a hypocritical puke.

"a female Fox News producer fired back at the TV star today, filing a lawsuit claiming that he subjected her to repeated instances of sexual harassment and spoke often, and explicitly, to her about phone sex, vibrators, threesomes, masturbation, the loss of his virginity, and sexual fantasies."

posted on Nov, 23 2009 @ 08:38 PM
Stalking - F'in thing SUCKS!

Perhaps a beating would make Bill O'Reilly come to his senses.

posted on Nov, 23 2009 @ 08:45 PM
Good. O'reilly ``I don't care about the constitution`` ``Anyone opposing Bush is a terrorist``, ect... he's a SOAB and whatever he gets, he deserves it.

He talks hard, being a freaking hate-monger government propagandist. He can go to hell.

It's not like he didn't deserved death threats after all the garbage and the hate he spew for all those years.

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posted on Dec, 3 2009 @ 09:34 AM
Thought this may be the place to post this.

He really is unpopular over there huh?

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