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Anti-government Militias Resurfacing

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posted on Nov, 25 2009 @ 11:38 AM
reply to post by Janky Red

The motive behind this mobilization seems to be questionable for me, that is my point.
Frankly I think the knee jerk

Please be honest with yourself is it questionable to YOU or is it questionable to media pundits and politicians you idolize? What exactly is your geopolitical background that you feel qualified to fully understand and appreciate the socioeconomic conditions that lead to things like the rise of militia movements? Further you do understand that the fact that it is questionable means you either genuinely have questions or you genuinely have a bias that you are promoting. I am not hearing a lot of questions by the way. I do see in play what the government and media spend a lot of time and money cultivating and that’s trust issues and fears. Clearly what you are saying is you don’t trust anyone’s version of circumstances and events except for the media pundits and politicians you idolize and frankly I find that to be highly questionable in and of it self.

Just saying!

Hunt down the terrorists!!!!


OMFG Obama is "staying the course"

Obama was still chewing his shirts to dull teething pains when I first started researching conspiracies in government and corporations. You seem to be more caught up in political idolization than quality of life issues. If your love of a Washington politician a mere mortal man puts bread on your table, money in your bank account and gas in your car well you would be one of those very few. You are focused in on personalities and love of personalities and the concept that personalities should and are only judged on personality, not performance, not accomplishments, not a lack there of but just personality. Politics isn’t American Idol and running a nation isn’t a popularity contest it’s an intense, demanding job that some people don’t have the experience or aptitude for no matter how lovable they seem to some people. Obama is not the black sheep boyfriend being brought home to your family that you make excuses for to your concerned parents. He has a responsibility to ALL the American people and not just YOU and ALL the American people are as equally qualified and equally empowered under the constitution to question the Chief Executives performance and methods. Some people have very low standards, some people have very high standards and one of the biggest problems with the decay that is eroding the fabric of life here in America is people aspiring towards the lowest possible common denominator and not the highest. Flimsy and deflective excuses like well President so and so did this and President so and so did that that people didn’t like so why critique this President for doing those things is a direct and deliberate route to the lowest possible common denominator and a wanton attempt to advocate for its acceptance as the status quo.

Many people are tired of American ideals and standards being shortcut, short circuited, abandoned, ignored, and sullied by leaders who focus more on establishing personality cults than sound administrational skills.

Leaders of personality cults are of course narcissists that insist everything be about their popularity and based on peoples idolatry of them or lack there of while they sweep the real issues and expectations under the rug through the type of deflections they teach their supporters to parrot by chiming into serious discussions with ridiculous things like “well so and so did that and such and such time too, and they weren’t called to task for it therefore I question your motives for doing so now”. Personally I question the motives of people who are that desperate to deflect through a form of denial very real things that are happening now and not happening then.

We live in the present and not the past. We must confront what is occurring in the here and now as we can not alter the course of what has happened but we can adjust course to minimize or eliminate the damage continuing from mistakes of the past. Of course we can’t do that if today’s mistakes are excused by people caught up in cults of personality and worship of idols who support continuing bad ideas because the leader they worship supports continuing them, even when and if they ran on a platform denouncing them and claiming they would put a stop to them.

That’s where the real denial comes in with those afflicted by the Obama personality cult because they actually do look for ways to deny and minimize that their own horse isn’t even running the race that it claimed it would.

When they pledged allegiance to the personality cult leader instead of the nation it was based on those assertions being preferable. That is what made him better than the other guy not just his personality. Now though that nothing has changed in fact existing situations and problems have been amplified and expounded upon as opposed to ended all of a sudden the other guy wasn’t so wrong to do them because Mr. Personality is doing them too?

Amazingly the circular logic of people in personality cults aren’t even able to honestly formulate and verbalize the very questionable motives that would cause individuals in mass to breech their own ideals and faith to follow and worship a personality.

Running a nation isn’t about personality, it’s about performance and results and the reality is that the current administration is not getting the results that the personality running it led the American people to believe that he would achieve. In fact he isn’t even putting a credible effort into them, instead he is making criticism of his failures seem to be all about other people’s motives instead of his own motives for failing and letting down the American people.

That the members of his personality cult would have a need to defend that to maintain their illusion and validate their decisions and opinions seeded by media pundits and politicians is obviously at play here for the usual frail reasons.

That people who haven’t been indoctrinated in to the personality cult and understand what Constitutional Standards and Principles are and when they are being adhered to and when they aren’t are in fact cognizant of the fact that they aren’t is what it is as well.

As an American you are entitled to an opinion and to voice it but the fact that you question other peoples motives and goals for doing the same with ones that are contrary to yours does not in and of itself make personality cult based arguments more valid than constitutional ones.

BTW - this entire movement is about deflection bud, easy to see. When you guys get your conservative savior in, all will be roses, tow the line like always and advocate a punitive, powerful government because it has the conservative seal of approval.

I do not participate in the two party electoral systems, I am neither conservative or liberal I am Protoplasmic Traveler a natural human being whose identity is based purely on my humanity. That you have been indoctrinated into the school of divide and conquer warfare where people are either with you in your camp of thinking and ideology or must be in the other group’s camp because they aren’t in yours is part of the defeating rhetoric and dogma that the corrupt political establishment in Washington uses to exploit you and to extol you to fight for personality cult Masters.

My mind is not for rent to any G-d or Government, I am a human being and my behavior and goals as one is not based on herd membership.

I feel very badly for the people who have been so long manipulated by a corrupt political system and have had this damaging circular logic foisted on them and drilled into them night and day, and day and night, by the very entities and political celebrities that suggest to people very simple things are ‘questionable’ to keep people from seeing problems for what they are, which is opportunities and to keep people from seeing simple common sense solutions to opportunities that politicians love to exploit as a problem to create an opportunity to further erode the nation’s constitutional standards and to institutionalize their own increasing power over life and death.

That you have been taught to think as Constitutionalists as terrorists is quite apropos as George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams et al were considered and labeled as terrorists in their day too.

Very similarly it was a tyrannical English government that taxed without representation or consideration of the people that they governed here in America that labeled the founding fathers as terrorists in their struggles for freedom and independence and self-determination.

Is it any surprise that today a tyrannically run military dictatorship that runs America on behalf of the Military Industrial Complex, Banks and Oil companies through carefully selected and groomed public personalities would consider people who still cling to the nation’s founding principles and ideals to be terrorists as well?

I think not, it is surprising that they convince so many intelligent Americans to be suspicious and distrustful of the very things, notions and ideals that make an American in the first place.

That above all is why militias are needed, and a misguided love for corrupt personalities no matter how lovable they attempt to pass themselves off to be will accomplish constitutional results and achieve constitutional standards.

You do a fine job at demonstrating the need and urgency to end the gravitation towards the lowest possible common denominator and personality cults in government and society.


posted on Nov, 25 2009 @ 12:31 PM

Originally posted by Donny 4 million
reply to post by ProtoplasmicTraveler

Ok!---- you may be the Rubber Band Man and the Seventh Son.
So go head and untangle this mess you created for yourself.
Your words --this thread.

"the only way you can be anti-Government is being anti-Constitution, because only the Constitution is legal and lawful government."

How do you stretch that to Anti- Government Malitia?
Oh yeah i know how!
It is called trolling for anti something , anything. You would have to be fuc#ing bonded by the boys that run the club to even be allowed to utter your spiel of INTRIGUE

It's true I have a lot of friends! Everyone loves a witty and humorous conversationalist especially a well spoken and mannered one. Having a keen grasp of logistics, strategy and human behavior and motivations sure doesn’t hurt either.

America’s problems are not going to go away though Donny when the people Americans are reliant upon to solve them are in fact purposefully creating them to begin with because some people’s tragedy is another people’s boon.

I didn’t create America’s problems, I have never advocated for or supported the people who have or attempted to justify them doing it or to minimize the impact that it has had and is having.

Yet America certainly does have problems and as someone with a keen grasp of logistics I can tell you that presently no real solutions are being floated or worked on that will benefit the American people.

As usual America’s problems are being exploited by the politicians and the government to further their own institutionalized interests, power, wealth and prestige and not constitutional interests and the collective good of the American people.

I didn’t deal America the lemons that keep coming up time and time again, I am just someone who would prefer we make lemonade or a delicious lemon meringue pie out of them! That’s good eating Donny! By the way sour things make for a sweet disposition you might want to lay off the sweets if you know what I mean!

There is no need for America to panic in the face of these daunting crisis and problems. That is not the American way. There is no reason to try to pass the buck either in regards to these abysmal affairs. That is not the American way. There is no reason to bury our head in the sand and hope that by ignoring these problems that they will go away. That is not the American way.

Most of all there is absolutely no reason to trust in or look to a corrupt and self serving political establishment that perpetuates and expands problems versus solving and eliminating them. There is no reason to pretend that a corrupt
two party political process controlled by the commercial driven media and the entrenched two parties where people with sound ideas and ethics are shunned and excluded from the massive media and funding a big political campaign costs in favor of those politicians who will play ball with the corporations whose lobbyists so clutter and clog the halls of the House, the Senate and the White House that a citizens concerns or voice is absolutely the last thing that is ever going to be heard if in fact it is ever heard at all.

Attacking the messenger won’t solve the problem and at some point we either have to suffer the totally ruinous consequences of letting our government in Washington subvert the constitution in favor of running a huge military empire that spans the globe to enrich our internationalist corporations and enslave the American citizen through excessive taxation to pay for it all or we have to return to the constitutional roots of good government.

That would be a small central government that exists only to arbitrate disputes between the nation’s states and to set tariffs and foreign policy. Foreign policy was meant by the founders to avoid the entanglements of taking sides in foreign disputes. Don’t take sides you are everyone’s friend, take sides and you make enemies of your friends enemies by extension. When you have nothing but friends because you don’t take sides you have no enemies and you don’t have to pay the debilitating cost of maintaining a military presence in 2/3rds of the nations around the globe. You don’t have to give any of those nations’ aide, or arms or tie your prestige, morals or ethics to their governments. A government run by the people for the people, not by lawyers for the corporations who hire them and feed them their agendas as politicians.

That isn’t going to be affected through the existing corrupt political establishment or the political personalities enriching themselves. That isn’t going to be effected through a media that does nothing but editorialize and shape perspective and opinion in defiance and often contrary to the facts and reality. That isn’t going to be affected at the polls though a perverted and usurped electoral process controlled by deeply entrenched corrupt interests.

That is why our very wise forefathers who also happened to be very brave and dedicated men envisioned the precise need of militias and well armed citizens and their right to band together in militias to protect the Constitution we are meant to be governed by but no longer are.

That is not a cause for panic or anxiety that is a cause for celebration and reassurance because the reality is the Constitution does provide the citizens a corrective avenue and remedy to safeguard themselves and good government when all else has failed.

Mr. Hope and Change has turned into Mr. deflect and blame and it’s safe to say all else has failed and America and its increasingly unemployed, increasingly poverty stricken and increasingly terrorized and frightened citizens need not live in such a pitiful state of orchestrated and controlled chaos as there is a legal and constitutional remedy to what terminally plagues us as a nation.

It’s called the citizen, a citizen who has a right to bear arms and form militias to remove tyrants and despots who have usurped the government and constitution to harm the American citizen, to enslave and terrorize them, to exploit and rob them and to brainwash and corrupt them.

Where there is a will Donny there always exists a way and it is why the media and government works so hard to sap the will of the American people. I can’t imagine why any true American would aide them in that endeavor, those who are should really ask themselves why they are aiding and abetting a criminal government and what they hope to get out of it, and what good could possibly come from it?


[edit on 25/11/09 by ProtoplasmicTraveler]

posted on Nov, 25 2009 @ 05:47 PM
militas...what silly old school thinking.

If and when there is a complete takeover of the US, there wont be soldiers walking the streets, there wont be targets or central will be done democratically by the people and ruled by what appears to be the cant shoot at an idea.

If people truely wanted to start a 21st century milita...they would be taking computer classes, becoming teachers, blogging, etc. not gun range classes...the big warground is information, not bunkers.

The revolution will start and end and not a single bullet will be fired. Education is the weapon here...the other is just playing army men in the forest with your friends pretending its 1770.

posted on Nov, 25 2009 @ 05:52 PM
reply to post by SaturnFX

If people truely wanted to start a 21st century milita...they would be taking computer classes,

You mean so that they can get a degree in IT, and then go on the unemployment lines because companies outsource their IT to India, Pakistan, Russian, China and Indonesia?
Give me a break. I can give you hundreds of IT students who were excellent students and ended up getting jobs selling paper in Office Depot, because the IT jobs they sought had been outsourced overseas.

posted on Nov, 25 2009 @ 06:33 PM

Originally posted by SaturnFX
militas...what silly old school thinking.

If and when there is a complete takeover of the US, there wont be soldiers walking the streets, there wont be targets or central will be done democratically by the people and ruled by what appears to be the cant shoot at an idea.

If people truely wanted to start a 21st century milita...they would be taking computer classes, becoming teachers, blogging, etc. not gun range classes...the big warground is information, not bunkers.

The revolution will start and end and not a single bullet will be fired. Education is the weapon here...the other is just playing army men in the forest with your friends pretending its 1770.

It’s true that the war for hearts and minds and to shape attitudes, perspectives and predispositions is a critical one and that the information age lends itself to a far greater number and range of people having an impact in that regard.

However when it comes to the changing of the guard there must actually be a guard to exchange and violence itself is very much a tool of the government. One need only look to the shocking and shameful events of the most recent G-20 in Pittsburgh to see a tyrannical government intent on making violent shows of force simply to illustrate that it can. Sound cannons, emitting painful high frequencies fired after the prerequisite and cursory warning of prerecorded computerized messages to the masses, tear gas, tazers, truncheons and phalanxes of armor clad Gestapo in futuristic and anonymous garb to obscure their identities and humanity in a style that even George Lucas would have had a hard time envisioning in 1976 when he wrote the original Star Wars, all of these were used indiscriminately on peaceful Americans simply exercising their constitutional right to demonstrate and protest.

Propaganda wars, information wars, that eternal battle for hearts and minds is designed on the government’s part to reduce the numbers of people it will be required to perpetrate violence against in order to maintain its unconstitutional and criminal rule over the masses.

They are designed to confuse people to the point of staying on the sidelines or to entice people into defending the criminal regime in Washington’s actions in exchange for some notion of absolution and security and being a good citizen.

Good citizen has come to be defined as only those people who support in their entirety verbatim every last dictatorial policy and initiative of the corporate dictatorship that has hijacked the American government.

Bad citizens who still cling to the values and ideals and principles of the constitution that politicians and medias alike often purport to be antiquated and insufficiently flexible for the needs of a modern corporate dictatorship and the militant security arm that enforces its edicts will face as they have faced and shall continue to face a mounting campaign of ever more and more technologically sophisticated forms of violence against them.

The propaganda wars shall simply determine who cowers in their homes looking for the meager pittances of government sustenance to tide them though dark and ominous days and events and who stands tall, proud, defiant and determined in the face of a government and its agents of violence who have completely lost any moral compass and constitutional standards.

Information technology will play a critical role in the potential sabotaging of the government’s elaborate communications network and chain of command that because of its many redundant layers even using real time technology operates at slightly faster than a snails pace.

Militias and patriots will be challenged with how to defeat dictatorship communication systems while creating an effective one of their own to share intelligence and coordinate efforts to exploit the dictatorship’s at times unwieldy and inefficient chain of commands.

Computer viruses, system hijacks, electromagnetic pulse weapons and others could in fact be successful tools in combating the dictatorship’s technological edge and rendering them less effective by rendering the technology they employ and deploy less effective.

Yet sooner or later the fact remains to change a violent dictatorial regime into a peaceful and democratic one it is safe to expect that dictatorial regime will as it does use violence or at the very least the threat of it to intimidate, threaten or eliminate people to cling to power.

Each person will need to perform based upon their talents and skills and many talents and skills shall be required.

The citizen’s best defense is in fact well staffed and well equipped militias that give the tyrants in Washington pause to think before launching future initiatives.

I was born once upon a time in Pittsburgh and what the military dictatorship did there at the G-20 in unprovoked attacks and massive displays of force and violent technology against unarmed students and children clearly displays the level of unconscionable depravity and tyranny that the security industrial complex now favors in the furtherance of the criminal dictatorship in Washington.

All Americans will eventually have to defend themselves against this scourge or fall victim to it. Absolution is just a word for propaganda purposes and even those who toe the dictatorships politically correct line will be immune from its increasingly violent excesses and evil intent.

Every red blooded American needs to ponder these events for they do portent ominous things on the horizon that the propaganda maestros would very much like to distract Americans from pondering as they plan and then implement the final stages of collapsing America from within and incorporating it into a one world government authoritarian world.

The reality is not only does America’s future depend on the effectiveness of the citizen’s militias but the entire world does for if America falls to the internationalist’s agenda the rest of the world’s nations shall fall like dominos.

We should not, and we must not minimize our plight simply for the sake of some illusionary peace of mind and false sense of security. No one is safe and secure from the excesses of the military industrial complex, bankers and oil barons and their internationalist New World Order one world government agenda. No one!

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posted on Nov, 25 2009 @ 07:14 PM
Here's a great opportunity for a militia with a few dollars of moving money to acquire a great asset:

Free to good home: USS John F Kennedy

The US Navy is giving away an aircraft carrier.The decomminsioned USS John F Kennedy, all 1,056 feet of her is looking for a good home as a museum. The Navy is accepting applications from groups willing to take her until Jan 22, only cost is moving her from Philly.
Do we have any militias on a coastal port?

posted on Nov, 25 2009 @ 07:45 PM
No one should be surprised by any of this. This has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that a Black Man is President but rather it shows how distrusting the American people are with their current Government. They are not happy with what is going on and are frustrated and these type of groups attract frustrated people....with guns

posted on Nov, 25 2009 @ 08:02 PM
Well, I know a few 'militia' types. Even call a few friends. And I can tell you, they run the gambit between disgruntled blue collar workers repulsed by what they see as the failure of the American Idea to laid off engineers disgusted with the corruption in every level of government.

And yes they have guns, yes many are growing more aggressive, and yes, they will likely be squashed by the heel of the despots in Washington. But when the heart of this Nation, the men and women who make it strong are destroyed, the light of liberty, freedom, and reason will fade to an ember for a thousand years.

Welcome to the second Dark Ages.

posted on Nov, 25 2009 @ 08:03 PM
get your guns as fast as you can and tell all your friends too also!!! please!!!

posted on Nov, 25 2009 @ 09:56 PM
The best militia is a owner untraceable web site on the Internet with no real members and a lot of hot air. (these can be run on foreign web site providers using proxies and would be nearly imposable to trace)

If there were a 1000+ of these on the Internet the government would not know what to do about them and would spend a lot of money investigating each one of them.

The environmental movement does just that with 1000s of environmental groups with few members (many have less then 5 members) but they never say that, There sites claim large numbers of members so that they have large affect far beyond there real numbers.

I use to be a undercover Sierra club member for a mining group and have seen tables full of petitions that the sierra club was running against something
Each with a header of a different made up environmental groups all opposing what ever they were trying to stop.
Many people would sign all of these petitions and when turned into a congressman they would make 500 people signing 50 petitions with different group headers look like 25,500 people.

The anti gun groups use the same trick.

So if 50 people put web site on the Internet claiming to be militia groups with 250+ made up member numbers the government and better yet the media would believe there were at least 12,750+ militia members out there.

Propaganda is a powerful thing even when based on BS.

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