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The Aliens who don't want to be disclosed

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posted on Nov, 23 2009 @ 05:25 AM
Phil Schneider, one of three people to survive the 1979 fire fight between the large Greys , US intelligence and military at the Dulce underground base.was found dead January 1996, due to what appears to be an execution style murder. He was found dead in his apartment with a piano wire wrapped around his neck. According to sources, it appeared that he repeatedly suffered torture before he was finally killed. Seven months prior to his death , Schneider did a lecture on the forces he had discovered at Dulce.

"Back in 1954, under the Eisenhower administration, the Federal government decided to circumvent the Constitution of the United States and form a treaty with alien entities. It was called the 1954 Greada treaty, which basically made the agreement that the aliens involved could take a few cows and test their implanting techniques on a few human beings, but that they had to give details about the people involved. Slowly, the aliens altered the bargain until they decided they wouldn't abide by it at all.


The final words of Phils lecture

I cut up my security card and sent it back to the government and told them if I was threatened, I have been, that I was going to upload 140,000 pages of documentation to the Internet about government structure and the whole plan. I have already begun that task. Thank you very much."

Phil Schneider May 1995

Phil Schneider never got the chance. Dead 7 months later.


So what if the aliens dont want to be disclosed, and it's not our goverments fault, but they are scared of the aliens, they are scared at what would happen if they told us the truth.

They want us for experiements, they give the goverment technology.

But lets say the govt did tell us, would the greys be pissed off, im sure they could kill us all with one blow.

posted on Nov, 23 2009 @ 05:30 AM
He has the biggest secret in history and waits to upload these documents?

Isn't that convenient.

I mean, he couldn't get a few copies of these documents and spread them around?

posted on Nov, 23 2009 @ 05:35 AM
reply to post by WishForWings

Maybe he didnt want to put his life in jeopardy, and he was only saying that to protect himself.

Little did he know he was going to be killed anyway.

posted on Nov, 23 2009 @ 05:39 AM
reply to post by Haydn_17

Most people don't know when they're going to die, that's why we have wills and life insurance.

If he felt that his life was threatened why didn't he just go public about it, surely that would help.

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posted on Nov, 23 2009 @ 05:42 AM
reply to post by WishForWings

yeah! and, on top of that, he got OFFed, too. Too convenient

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posted on Nov, 23 2009 @ 07:34 AM
He had seven months to upload what he had. Man.. that must have been one slow internet connection! It's more likely he was thrill killed by some goofball.

I don't see any kind of intelligence agency being that sloppy... or stupid!


posted on Nov, 23 2009 @ 08:05 AM
The one thing I dont get with these whistle blower types is why do they TELL the govt what they want to do?! I mean if I were him I wouldnt say a damn thing, I would just upload and make copies and send the stuff out to every news outlet. Why tell them?? That right there WILL get you killed!

As for the aliens, well IMO I doubt that they are scaring our govt officials into being quiet and not disclosing. I bet they are scared of us
If they didnt want us to know they existed they would hide themselves in a much better way if they have such better technology.

posted on Nov, 23 2009 @ 08:27 AM
an excerpt from:

"Will the Devil Explain What Happened to Phil Schneider?"
Steve Bass March 08, 2009

"Phil Schneider died in January 1996. He was found in his apartment by a friend after having been deceased for as much as a week. Numerous anomalies occurred after Schneider´s death, such as the coroner´s refusal to investigate his death, instead ruling it a suicide. Schneider reportedly died by self-strangulation, having wrapped a rubber hose several times around his neck. Some find this disquieting, since Schneider had limited mobility in his shoulders and missing fingers on his left hand. Some, including his ex-wife Cynthia Drayer, believe it would have been extremely difficult, most likely impossible for Schneider to have done this by himself. Ms. Drayer points out that, due to a lifetime of illness and injury, Schneider had numerous prescriptions for medicines he could easily and painlessly overdose on, or he could have used a pistol he bought for personal protection. With so many "easy outs", why would he choose such a painful method of suicide? Why would anyone with a desire to live, and to live pain- and illness-free, who just purchased a weapon for protection, suddenly want to commit suicide? Ms. Drayer notes that the handgun was purchased following several attempts on his life.

Without a full autopsy by an unprejudiced forensic pathologist, the truth may never be known, and Ms. Drayer may only have her common sense to rely upon in coping with his death.

Assuming that this was, in fact, a homicide, what would be the motive? If the things Schneider alleged were not true, why was he murdered?

Rumors abound that Schneider, who held a highly secret ´Rhyolite´ security clearance classification within the American government, was in the process of writing a tell-all book about his life. Reported to be play a large role in this book were secrets about America´s participation with the Grays.

Of note, a longtime friend of Schneider, Ron Rummel, reportedly committed suicide on August 6, 1993, almost two and a half years before Schneider allegedly committed suicide. Rummel was a former USAF intelligence officer who was collaborating with Schneider on a magazine entitled Alien Digest, and was reported to have been working together on Schneider´s tell-all book."

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posted on Nov, 23 2009 @ 08:36 AM

Originally posted by InfaRedMan

I don't see any kind of intelligence agency being that sloppy... or stupid!


You don't ?
What about 9/11 or more recently Fort Hood ?

posted on Nov, 23 2009 @ 08:49 AM
Its not sloppy per say , what it is is that the various aphebet groups are working against each other for there own slice of the power structure. Meaning peter doesn't know what paul is doing. But ego gets in the way all the time.

posted on Nov, 23 2009 @ 02:11 PM
I've always liked the Phil Schneider story, as usual when someone puts themselves out there like that my first thought is why would they lie but I know people do so who knows. If it is true it's a terrifying encounter, what was it like 70 people killed during the fight? What a nightmare, everyone around you getting cut down and there's absolutely nothing you can do about it.

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