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Hemorrhagic flu in US, says Polk County Coroner, deaths under-reported

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posted on Nov, 30 2009 @ 04:52 PM
I think this is another scare tactic and misleading info. I live 20 minutes from Des Moines and there is nothing going on. It may be the backlogged cases that someone is reading into...and I wouldn't trust KCCI anytime soon. Hell, I never even watch the news here.

posted on Dec, 1 2009 @ 07:49 AM
Looks like the eco/Niman plan worked in getting alot of people riled up. Sell, sell, sell more vaccines.

posted on Dec, 1 2009 @ 12:34 PM
It looks like soon the swine flu is going to be history. The CDC is saying that the swine flu is on the decline. Only 32 states are reporting widespread swine flu in the USA. Flu season will be over in February so this will probably be gone by next flu season.
The fact that this is easily spread makes it easy so it burns out quicker. I be at one point almost everyone had it and devoloped more of an immunity to it.
If you remember the Spanish Flu it suddenly disappeared because it had burned out. This does not appear to be another repeat of the 1918 flu. Thank Goodness. (unless there will be a third wave?

posted on Dec, 1 2009 @ 01:59 PM
Deeper in the article they speculate that the mutant strain is mutating in situ. In other words, they're saying that it mutates the same way in every individual they find it in, after that individual is infected with the non-mutated strain. That doesn't sound particularly plausible to me.

A 'window of opportunity' for preventing another wave of swine flu December 1, 2009 | 11:15 am With activity of the pandemic H1N1 influenza virus declining across the country and the availability of the vaccine against it growing, health authorities have "a window of opportunity" for preventing or minimizing another wave of infections in the coming months, said Dr. Thomas R. Frieden, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, at a news conference this morning. In planning for the short-term future, CDC officials conducted an informal poll of about a dozen internationally recognized flu experts, asking them if they thought there would be another wave of infection this winter. "About half said yes, half said no, and one said 'Flip a coin,' " Frieden said. "We don't know what the future will hold."

posted on Dec, 1 2009 @ 02:07 PM
A severe lung infection (which swine flu contains 99% if not 100% of the time) can cause bleeding in the lungs especially with those with underlying lung conditions. I was a pulmonary critical care nurse for 6yrs. I just don't "see" it as the plauge.

posted on Dec, 2 2009 @ 12:10 PM
"BOISE, Idaho (AP) - The infectious bacterial disease brucellosis has been found in a beef cow in eastern Idaho, and state agriculture officials are scrambling to see if the infection is isolated or if it has spread to other herds."

posted on Dec, 2 2009 @ 12:43 PM
reply to post by dreamseeker

Of course there will be a third wave, if indeed you can call them "waves". The flu season extends til April, so we will see more ill, especially as the weather turns colder and more humid. Remember, socially we are more crowded than last year, and the crowding will get worse, along with the base health status, due to the economy continuing to worsen for workers.

Some people seem to view the flu season as coming with a preset limit or some sort of bag limit for the virus. "We get x number of people sick per year, and have already had x + n, so therefore we must have passed the peak and are on the decline now" seems to be the reasoning.


The worst is yet to come.

The virus is mutating towards lethality, and the Chinese have warned that H5N1 is endemic in China, enough to concern them it will mix with A/H1N1 soon. That would be a disater beyond comprehension. It already has easy transmissibility, and if it hooks up with H5N1's lethality (80-100%)...I don't want to think about that scenario. The only thing close occurred just after contact with Europeans, when their diseases annihilated at least 90% of the populations in North and South America.

Because it is mutating so fast, current vaccines are most likely useless against it and can't be developed in time to make much difference. So, even without side effect issues, I can't recommend getting them: flip a coin and take your chances.

But don't make the mistake of thinking this is over yet, because it isn't.

It's barely begun yet.

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posted on Dec, 4 2009 @ 02:34 PM
Not slowing here:

Link for full article

H1N1 Hospitalizations Hit All-Time High in California
by LA Times

Friday, 04 December 2009

Nearly 800 people in California were hospitalized with the H1N1 flu last week, the largest one-week total of hospitalizations since flu cases began escalating this fall, state officials said today.

The number indicates that H1N1 flu, also known as the swine flu, continues to be widespread throughout California and remains a significant threat to public health. Health experts have said that it is possible that there could be a second wave of cases in the coming months.

And then there's this:

Concerns Grow Over Possible H1N1-H5N1 'Reassortment,' Other Mutations by Anthony L. Kimery Tuesday, 01 December 2009 'The obvious risk is of H5N1 combining with the pandemic [H1N1] virus' Virologists and influenza authorities are becoming increasingly concerned that the 2009 A-H1N1 flu virus could “reassort” with the highly virulent H5N1 avian flu that’s still prevalent in parts of the world like China, and that a mutation could occur resulting in a new strain that has the lethality of H5N1 and the human transmissibility of A-H1N1. The concerns have grown in the wake of revelations that mutations of the H1N1 flu virus had been found in Norway and elsewhere, leading experts to fear that it might just be a matter of time before there’s a reassortment of H1N1 and H5N1.

posted on Dec, 4 2009 @ 09:36 PM
Seems to me that this is wave 2, with wave 3 still to come. But I don't know what that means exactly. I suspect that wave 3 will hit uneffected areas thus far kind of like DD52 (or whatever that was) hit Ukraine.

The 1918 flu had a big surge in 1919 that took a bunch. Still pandemic like this, even the black plague didn't make that big of a dent and we are still over populated.

posted on Dec, 8 2009 @ 03:42 PM
So... yet another fear-mongering bit of nonsense that never came to fruition. Big surprise there.

What's ironic how how much some of you folks will tear into other who are trying to talk common sense. Then when the purported killer flu or martial law or nwo takever does not happen, you just move on to another fearmongering topic.

posted on Dec, 8 2009 @ 06:49 PM
So the NWO didn't depopulate us after all. Swine flu seems to have died down. Copenhagen can still destroy our freedom, but even that seems to have sizzled out. We may actually see the new year. I was sure we were gonners by Oct 15. I'm not going to say I am sorry I was wrong. But the depop people are still lurking out there. They could die of old age though. We might even still be around for the Nov 2010 elections. That would be sweet. There is even time for election reform. Demand a paper trail.

posted on Jan, 9 2010 @ 04:15 PM

The Refik Saydam National Public Health Agency has released 29 HA sequences from Ankara, Turkey. Several were partial sequences, but 26 covered the receptor binding domain and 8 had D225E (see list below), while one had D225N, A/Ankara/26/2009. The outcomes of these patients were not given but media reports have described a rapid in increase in H1N1 fatalities in Turkey. A large number of HA sequences with D225E has been published from Spain, and recently released GISAID sequences from Sweden and the UK also haveD225E, including three fatal cases from Sweden. The prior reports of D225G and D225N associations with fatal cases has raised concerns that changes at position 225 could alter tissue tropism or aid in immune escape, leading to more severe and fatal cases. In addition, the first reported cases of H274Y in an H1N1 patient who had not been treated with Tamiflu also had D225E as did another H274Y isolate from Tennessee, raising concerns that H274Y would pair up with receptor binding domain changes and become fixed, as happened with H274Y in seasonal H1N1.


The three Hunan sequences (A/Hunan Changsha/SWL4346/2009, A/Hunan Furong/SWL4224/2009, A/Hunan Kaifu/SWL4142/2009) were collected in late November from sections of Changsha city (see map) and each was distinct. The Furong sequence has closely related to a series of sequences recently released from Changdu, to the west of Hunan, but the other two sequences were unique. The Kaifu sequence was collected on the date of hospital admission for the above patient, who may have been the source. It has a number of non-synonymous changes, including a receptor binding domain change S188N, which is also present in a number of isolates from the United States (primarily Texas, but also New York - see list here), as well as Mongolia, Japan, and Spain.

Doesn't seem like it's over quite yet.

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