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Project fight Against control through global warming

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posted on Nov, 22 2009 @ 05:57 AM
I'm not sure how to start this post out, but I feel it could be one of the most important posts on ABS in recent history. Let me introduce my self... I am a young poor white American. I have over 12 years of web site development experience, and 7 years of SEO experience. Why is this is important? After becoming enraged over the leaked emails from he Climate Research Unit at the University of East Angli (God bless those hackers.)

I have always felt that the main agenda of global warming was to control humans. Especially when you consider the main pusher of this propaganda is the number one western police state of the west, the UK. For the past decade our children have been force fed global warming propaganda through social studies classes, as well as captain planet reruns. With the bust in oil prices, and push of recycling, the mass consumer was forced in to fear filled belief.

With out a doubt marketing has plaid its part, making money off people who just want to help make the world suitable for their offspring's offspring. To these people I just want to say your fools, but good people none the less.
SO to ger to my point, I would like to start a new project defacing man main global warming. It is not to disagree that the global temperature has increased, because it has. The problem is it peaked more then 10 years ago, and is now very steady.

Anyways to get to my point, I would like to start a project. The goal of this project would be to create a website dedicated to archiving the global warming hoax from beginning to now. I have a pretty full plan set up involving teams setup to attack different subjects of global warming. I would also like to get some true man made global warming believers to stir it up.

To end this post I'd like to ask any one interested in contributing in any way to respond to and flag this post. Any one who remotely beehives in this idea, PLEASE FLAG THIS POST AND RESPOND. I believe in this project, but I need help to make it real.

Let me add that I will foot the bill for the domaiin name, and already have full hosting. Please just respond if your interested, and flag this post.

posted on Nov, 22 2009 @ 06:26 AM
Sorry I posted this hastily, I have a lot of ideas. The main point is making it clear that we are mad as hell, and we're not going to take this any more. I think if we work together we can show this.

I must stop the rushing thoughts though my brain now, and go to sleep. I have work in a few hours. Please flag and respond, negative or positive.


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