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Kevin Treadeau on Alex Jones: Number #1 enemy of NWO

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posted on Nov, 23 2009 @ 09:22 PM
reply to post by CanadianDream420

If you listen to all the 5 videos of him on Alex Jones recently, he explains some of the stuff I had wondered about, of him supposedly doing criminal stuff, and he explains how the BIG Pharma guys pretty much framed him because he was becoming to successful with his alternatives, a threat to their industry. They didn't want your children too become smarter with HOOKED on Phonics, because the more DUMB the kids could be made to seem, would allow for hooking them on Ritalin programs and pretty paycheck for the school with all the " disabled kids" and Trudeau wasn't going to accede to their NWO plans dumbing and drugging the children of the future like that.

If you think about it, a book is either useful or not, and if it wasn't, it wouldn't sell over 50 million copies.

I think some people get frustrated because they want to get all the answers just from reading a book and it's not like that.

I would say Kevin's book opened a lot of people's eyes to Big Pharma's deception.

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posted on Nov, 23 2009 @ 09:33 PM

Originally posted by Seiko
I agree with kevin on a lot of things, but he comes off as a fanatic sometimes.

I wish he'd get some rich benefactors behind him to invest in real studies to counter those produced by the medical industrial complex.

If we really want to help him, and things he supports we have to wrestle control of the fda back into the hands of the people.

I find nothing wrong with Kevin advice. Freedom of speech is what is at stake here. Communism reacts to freedom of speech like Tiananmen Square.

posted on Apr, 18 2010 @ 11:33 AM
I like this thread quite a bit more than some others. A lot of actual controversy being stated. A lot of both sides shown here. I credit trudeau greatly for opening my eyes to a lot of things I was completely blind to. and through his recommendations that I have personally tried his word has bases for personal credibility with me.

His books to be seem to stand the test of time itself. If someone has been selling products and books for as long as him, to me if it was all BS and no one ever got any benefit than they wouldnt be selling to this date not to mention his newer products would never have the success rate they do.

I personally recommend his books to everyone, not to mention you can buy his natural cures book on for a penny plus shipping. And for everyone who thinks so ill of him, its real simple. Don't buy his books. The definition of a Scam is: dishonest scheme: a scheme for making money by dishonest means. Kevin sells his books because he truly beleives the information inside and does the same things himself. Even if what he said in the book was wrong or inaccurate (which I dont believe) he is doing what he thinks is best for the people he is trying to help. Yes the guy makes money on it. Do you not making money doing your job and I am sure a lot of you have jobs that are a lot less focused on other peoples benefit than his own.

I have met hundreds of people who love the things KT is doing as much as me, and the majority of the ones I meet or talk to who do not like him have either never read his books o most difinitely have never actually tried one of his "snake oil" products. They are just repeating what they have read elsewhere.

I have yet to see a post that says I read KT's book and I had this problem, I did everything he recommended or used the mega memory program myself and did not benefit from it or it was not worth the money I spent. It's always read this, read that, the news said this, this website said that, he was sued for this, he was charged with that. It's always brought back to a source that was created by a industry that he is exposing and costing money.

I support KT until I am convinced myself that the item I buy that he recommends does not do what it was intended to do, not by the discrediting done by outside sources that always have profits to make by shutting him down.

Anyone who is in favor of what Kevin Trudeau is doing or has done or even if you are on the fence I would be happy to talk with you more. send me an email at [email address removed]. He is doing something new and it's growing fast that I would like to introduce you to called GIN.

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posted on Apr, 18 2010 @ 12:24 PM
"Here's 80,0000 a year salary, a new rolodex, and a company card. Your job is to go out there and make he natural health industry look as bad as possible, in a decent fashion. Oh, and one more thing ... don't blow your cover. Read the fine print if you don't know what that means."

If the TEA party of America can wind up with 4 out of 10 members infilitrating the movement, how prone is an entire health industry to the FDA, WHO is declaring a solid war on it and our health?

All the training in partisan politics should, to any sane mind, see that Kevin Trudeau is the lesser of two evils even if you are convinced he is somehow against people living healthy lives. I see the perspective of him as a "fraud" and can't put a finger on what particulars that might entail : nothing of his claims which I read were "debunked" because he stuck to quite "safe" naturopathic points of education from the two books I read (Natural Cures They Don't Want You To Know About, and More Natural Cures ...). Further, the awareness on the FDA was a valuable wakeup call to millions, and I can attest to him as the person who woke me up to it all five or six years ago! Even from an antagonistic view (which I don't hold) he is doing far, far more good than harm, even though the FDA would seek to attack his claims.

There's no point even looking at the FDA opinion on those who would oppose the industry rigorously. It's apples and oranges. It's a collossal waste of your time to try to sift their disinfo. I suggest instead looking at Kevins CURES and research network that he offers on his site if you are interested - that's what it is, a network of naturopathic understanding for sufferers to not only get the bottom lines on their health, but to support and promote the health of others.

You go to his website which is "private information" so FDA can't shut him down. The catch? It costs $600 dollars to register/join to get on his website.

That's for a lifetime membership. Otherwise it's ten a month; I know because my dad's been signed up for years - some of us see it as among the best charities we could donate to. Lol better than the Elites "Cancer Drives" - what a white-is-black movement. I'm not selling his site for the money, Kevin nor any affiliate pays us anything except good info. There are more currencies than money in this world!

posted on Apr, 18 2010 @ 02:25 PM
While I'm certainly skeptical on some of what Kevin says, to try to use the FDA to show he's "bad" is hilarious.

That's a murderer telling you a person that ran a red light is a horrible person.

I read somewhere in this thread about some claims on coral calcium; my dad has gout, and when he started using coral calcium for it, whenever he has it and takes it regularly, he NEVER suffers from an attack. He has gone years without attacks when before hand he was getting attacks every few months. That's certainly a testament for a natural cure right there.

posted on Apr, 22 2010 @ 02:56 PM
KT's most recent "charges" should be a simple red flag on the fact he is being attacked directly for bull# charges.

Hes being charged with falsely misleading the public (or something similiar) and the reasons they have behind it aren't what you would assume like customer return rates, customer complaints, class action lawsuits or even the concept that the protocol he clamied was easy did not work. Because he is not guilty of any of the above. He is being attacked on the fact that the FTC and the judge do not agree on his statement that the protocol talked about in the book was "EASY". They beleive it was not easy which is completly fine and their own opinion is their own. But to charge someone with misleading the public because he said the protocol was easy is just flat out rediculous. KT even states in his books that the protocol was not his, it was the work of a german dr (named dr simeons) through his own research found the underlying cause of obesity and weight gain and address it itself. KT is just playing the journalist or reporter who is trying to expose more people to the truth.

I personally have benefited from this book and the "drug" they say kt recommends for the protocol is the hormone that is found in pregnant womens blood or also in their urine that pregnancy tests detect to determine if a women is pregnant or not called HCG.
But the protocol itself can easily be done without the HCG and you will still experience terrific results. The protocol itself does have a lot of steps to be considered to the protocol perfect but I did no where near everything stated and i lost 50 lbs in just about 1 month do as much as I could and not using the HCG.

The point though is the fact hes not being charged with anything that has the slightest chance to hold water. Kt also knows this and the more they publicly bash him the more people end up buying his book to simply see what the controversy is about which even the FTC is noticing was a bad idea. Eventually it's going to be dropped one way or another because the fact on what they are trying to shut him down for is his opinion which is completly protected by his first amendment rights.

If anyone is curious, KT posts his court transcripts on his radio website for anyone to read over for themselves at

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