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Is there " ET " ?

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posted on Nov, 21 2009 @ 12:21 AM
Per say it's not a poll and it's anot a "I believe" thread. It's you think there is or not discussion. Bc there is a huge difference in believein and thinking about the same thing.

So, do you think, for YOU, that ET are here or there?

I do think there are here. Why it's not obvious is part imo bc of some historical fact and part of our society construction. Some would called it " systemic faculties to want to be safe " . If you want a example, religious faith banishing scientific facts in the medieval time and us rediscovering it slowly just to bang our heads saying : " Damn, Greek knew that ! "

posted on Nov, 21 2009 @ 12:41 AM
I do not think they are really aliens , That may be how they show themselves.
They are just children of fallen angels who bred with humans and they have been here in history for quite awhile. Sometimes I think it is the secret societies pretending or posing as aliens also. Most of the technology we call UFO is actually our own craft built by the different governments of the world.

posted on Nov, 21 2009 @ 12:47 AM
Please provide support and actual evidence (non-Biblical, it's biased) for them being "fallen" angels.

There were many good ones in the bible too correct?

Kinda making a big leap there havign never met one in person right?

posted on Nov, 21 2009 @ 12:53 AM
i believe ET is out there..closer than we ever thought and in large numbers

though i wish we are being visited since they will be coming with the greatest secret ever..Space it possible??

if ET is not coming here..we have to wait at least 50 years more to just know that life out there 2014 there shall be an unmanned mission to Darwin4 were we shall be landing some probes looking for life...the mission will take at least 42 years to arrive to destination...and ommunication with earth will take at least 6 years to arrive and this Planet is only 4 light years away!!!!

To conclude...

Now we know that..every star we see is a sun like ours..
We also know that Planets are a common thing orbiting around its Sun..
When Kepler telescope will deliver its Data around 2012 we shall know also that Planet in the habitable Zone like our Earth is also a common thing is the Cosmos

here is a special gift...

Something must be out there!!!

posted on Nov, 21 2009 @ 01:05 AM

Originally posted by IntoUFOs
Please provide support and actual evidence (non-Biblical, it's biased) for them being "fallen" angels.

There were many good ones in the bible too correct?

Kinda making a big leap there havign never met one in person right?

you're right. It's amazing how all the actual evidence of extraterrestrials supports them being nice and kind.
Please provide support and actual evidence for them existing at all. Theories and such from pro-UFO sources cannot be used, cause it's biased.

posted on Nov, 21 2009 @ 01:46 AM
Because of my life experiences, and the ideas I explored at a young age ( I was reading about quantum physics at age 7, and about the third eye, chakras, and the energy body by age 9) and I have had UFO, and paranormal experiences since I was 5 or maybe even earlier..
I have grown up with an understanding about E-T life and my perspective of things is vastly different, on a whole 'nother page from most people in society. I'm only 19 years old right now, but I feel age doesn't matter when the heart is alive, "Live from the Heart" I always say.

E-T do exist. There are beings of intelligent life that are here that are not part of our Humanity.

These beings include a vast array of life on whole different levels of existence, I am talking about beings, cultures, 'civilizations' (more-so family/tribes/collectives) which are entirely non-physical in their nature, being of a 'higher-vibration' a.k.a.

In order to give you an idea of the 'difference', some of these cultures are hundreds of thousands, even millins of years 'more developed' than we presently are. However this is entirely a perspective - I am only saying this to relate to your common-society perspective.

In fact, these higher-vibrational beings do not view us as strangers or discoveries, for many of the instances here, WE OURSELVES have a connection to these collectives on a personal level (being that, we are related via DNA) -- Also, I was going to leave this out. But I don't care, I feel it's important people become aware of this, although you must do your own 'inner work' sometimes before you can 'move on' to re-discover the rest of the bigger picture -- Much of these beings are humanoid like we are. But be wary too, that human beings are not simply physical organisms, we are entirely multi-dimensional - Quantum physics has shown our bodies are ''99% space'', I could go on and on but I won't right now. Just be aware, that although you guys may think all this UFO/Alien stuff is some big unsolved mystery it's not like that for everyone..

The indigenous ancient people who have carried oral wisdom and timeless traditions are very aware of what is really going on. They understand our connection to the 'bird tribe' and even refer to our 'cosmic family' or 'star family'. They have no spoken out to the modern world EVER before. The council of elders from the over 400 tribes of Hopi/Maya have never before 'publicly announced' anything. However, the knowledge is here, there is NO mystery, there is NO un-known. ALL is known. We are Re-Discovering.. and Un-covering.

There is a lot of fear-mongering on this subject, but what can you do? Just don't let it pull you in because a lot of people project their inner fears into the world or onto other people or ideals (obviously).

There have been groups of E-T who are actually -a part- of the 'secret global government' and there are many levels, and layers too it. I suppose a lot of people are worried about the idea that the secret space-develoments such as 'weaponization of space' and 'bio-pandemic disasters' with all that goes along all a part of the 'plan' to stage and commence a controlled 'cleansing of the world' AKA mass-genocide and crimes against humanity and Earth... Seriously my people, this is not going to happen. It is defying so many universal laws and to tell you the truth, if we -the public masses, mostly asleep (but gradually awakening) or still ignorant- have not been helped on some level both individually and collectively -- by our Higher Self, and the many guides and guidances we inherently have -- as well as our planet's awareness and conscious connection with other beings of life (which do live among us, although in other states of consciousness) -- then the powers that be would not have had so much trouble the past few generations with 'keeping us quiet and dumbed down'
If you cannot see that we are awakening exponentially, you will.
We probably won't have to 'wait' another decade for TRUTH to ring...

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posted on Nov, 24 2009 @ 02:57 PM
check out these: Galactic Channelings
Check Out Mike Quinsey, and Matthew Ward

[[This was cool too!!]]

posted on Nov, 24 2009 @ 03:03 PM

Originally posted by heineken

Something must be out there!!!

Game, Set Match............ If you look at that picture and deny existence, you need to get a seriousssssssssssssssss grasp of reality.

Bible doesn't work with me.... Oldest man is 600,000 years old, where in the bible does it mention that ???

The Bible is a peice of literary work that was put together by a group of people and an Emperor to control the masses.

They picked and chose what literature to put in there.

Where did I learn this??? From my Private Christian College(Maryville College) and Bible history class.....

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