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I smell here ... hmmmm ... the biggest conspiracy in human history.

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posted on Jan, 1 2010 @ 04:40 AM
if you want to make australian archaeologists REALLY paranoid aggressive, ask them about the gympie pyramid in Australia and other pyramids in Australia that the govt 'allegedly' bulldozed into the ocean a couple of decades ago. Apparantly cattle kept getting lost in the tunnels under the gympie pyramid and the govt dynamited the entrance. Also two statues were dug up, said to be 'hoaxes'. There are egyptian hieroglyphs in many places in australia, all said to be hoaxes of course. the hoaxers never rest it seems. they are busy chiselling away all the time, building pyramids and carving hieroglyhps on cave walls.

i take my hat off to them.

also they carved all the ica stones in peru out of extremely hard andesite, drew pictures of anatomically correct dinosaurs on them that we only now have discovered, and ensured they were covered with grime signifying a great age. Amazing. All done by some poor peruvian farmer who must have spent several lifetimes carving the thousands of stones, and was put in jail for it.

Similar story with the acambaro statues. Busy little forgers, i must say.

i suppose they also forged the carving of the stegasaurus on the wall of the cambodian temple...

and the gold artifacts unearthed in peruvian tunnels from an unknown culture. Must have been rich forgers as well, to have all that gold to carve with.

or maybe ask the aborigines about hte gympie pyramid. THey know all about sacred places, OBJECTS, and tunnels, and creatures... i would imagine. But they're sworn to secrecy.

also the govt has laws that block off "sacred places:" from the public and you can't get within kilometres of them. Many many more have been destroyed.

also skulls with elongated heads have been found in australia as well. The govt gave back the normal skulls but kept hold of these ones.

rex gilroy reckons there are megaliths in australia, but is accused of making it all up.

still, there are megaliths and pyramids everywhere else in the world, so it stands to reason tehre should b e some in australia.

funny how the ancient sailors made it to the spice islands Indonesia, but somehow never set foot on australia, even cape york. Unlikely i would think. there is a carving of a viking ship in a cave in thailand. the ancient sailors like egyptians etc, ancient chinese, indians crossed vast oceans. they would have stopped off at australia. the denial of academics that this occurred and the covering up of evidence and explaining it as hoaxes is just absurd and bizarre.

but so is much of archaeology today.

posted on Feb, 17 2010 @ 08:28 AM
By the way, I am not talking only about fission and fusion weponry.
//Nadia(main protagonist, an atlantian princess): The secret of Blue Water (Blue Water = Philosophers stone)-anime by Hideki Anno//: The main antagonist, the "NEO(new)-Atlantians(Mammalian human-like aliens from the Orions cluster, 1200 LY away, landing on Earth 3.500.000 years ago)" used a communication-weapon system left here by their ancestors after the great deluge (which the atlantians caused themselfs by out of control warfare and hate).

Project: ROD of GOD
Name of Support device: SERVANT(SLAVE)-STAR sattelite network system: All SERVANT(SLAVE)-STAR sattelites ever to exist: ... positioned on a polar orbit three main Command&Control&Coordination sattellites, calling signs: "DARK CHEVALLIER(KNIGHT)(staus unknown-propably collected and brought to the surface in later 60s of the 20th century by the US Goverment for study), DARK MESSANGER(ANGEL)(destroyed), DARK HARBRINGER(PROPHET)(destroyed)" , originally not incorporated ... need for precission targetting in atmospherical and space-to-ground firing conditions after the choice was made to weaponize the system.
... positioned on a geosynchronous orbit 13x PROJECTOR (MESSANGER) class orbital platforms, calling signs: ... GABRIEL, MICHAEL, AZRAEL, LUCIFER(destroyed), SAMAEL, AZAZEL, RAPHAEL, URIEL, PHANUEL, ZARACHIEL, SIMIEL, RAMIEL, ZERUEL.

Name of main device: TOWER of BABEL: All TOWERs of BABEL known ever to exist: ... Atlantis ToB(damaged beyond repair), Tartessos Tob(destroyed), Lemuria ToB(destroyed), Island of VULCANIA ToB(destroyed), "UNKNOWN" ToB(status unknown),

Functions: a)communication: FTL comm achieved by projecting a multi milion volt particle beam up into the orbit, message and information encoded in a trinary quantum code, and then projected and accelarated through space-time fabric by an SERVANT(SLAVE)-STAR sattelite network system to extra-stellar collonies.
b)Ground-to-Orbit-to-Ground particle weapon system. Capabilities: Minimal: Killing of personas for example by burning a 2mm hole in their heads. (under 1kt)
Medicorel: Oblitaration and vaporization of city areas. (1kt - 250Mt)
Maximal: Causing the Earth axis to tilt into a another direction, permanently, by firing from an angle. (250Mt - 1.5 Gt)
TOTAL(used only once, by firing all ToB (in prehistory more than 5) into X sattlites then projecting these beams into the last Y(Y can be smaller than X = multiple beams into one sattelite) and to the ground at once in Maximal modus): Consequence: Causing the hidden litospheric to upper mantle part of the planets HYDROSPHERE to burst to surface levels(60 percents of our HYDROSPHERE is hidden in our Planets inner regions, thats a scientific fact, look on the web.). GREAT DELUGE.

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posted on Feb, 17 2010 @ 10:51 AM
This is ringing true for some reason.

posted on Feb, 17 2010 @ 12:16 PM
TPTB don't want us to know the truth because if we did, we would most likely, no longer need TPTB. They know what's going on, and saying "people would panic if they knew the truth." is bunk. I don't see anybody who is probably "in the know" jumping out windows. It's a very small club and they want it to stay that way and keep the rest of us busy with the day to day B.S. while they enjoy whatever benefits all this secret knowledge has to offer. I believe it's called staying in control.

posted on Feb, 17 2010 @ 12:19 PM
I think this phenomenon is an issue of conditioning. Education, even at the college level, is all just repetition and conditioning to think a certain way When that conditioning is broken, the conditioned grows restless and uncomfortable and lashes out at those breaking it.

posted on Feb, 17 2010 @ 06:13 PM
The mind runs in ruts, people form attachments and are re-infoced with anything that assists their survival and ego. It's hard to be open minded", most people aren't even when the claim to be. Perhaps none of us are objective on all issues. "Archeologists" know what side their bread is buttered on. What it takes to get funding and image is critical. It only takes one to stand up with an objective and honest argument to get the ball rolling. Unless that happens people just prefer the security of their position even if they think outside the box to themselves.

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