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Kary Mullis' Next-Gen Cure for Killer Infection

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posted on Aug, 7 2010 @ 10:16 AM
reply to post by VneZonyDostupa

I seen whats going on in Russia right now, and I hope that your family is not caught up in all that. You are always pretty quick on posting your replies & when I seen that you had yet to do it, i was quite surprised.

posted on Aug, 7 2010 @ 12:51 PM
reply to post by alpha68

I appreciate the concern, really. Some of my family does live in Moscow, where the smoke is pretty bad, but they are mostly staying indoors and when they go outdoors, they wear the masks you've probably seen plenty pictures of lately.

Hopefully the heat and smoke will clear quickly

posted on Aug, 9 2010 @ 12:09 PM
reply to post by VneZonyDostupa

I'm glad to hear that your relatives are staying inside, that smoke is toxic, thick and its everywhere. You should tell them to take as many precautions as possible, like putting plastic over the windows & wet towels at the bottom of the door jams, if they haven't already. I seen how many people over there are hitting the beaches due to the heat. People, vodka, heat & deep water don't mix real well. "oHH ! BoY !"

Did you read my post ? (THE 2 BLOCK LONG ONE NEAR THE BOTTOM OF PAGE 5) I expected that you would have came at me hard on that ?
That is alot of reading, but its well worth it, they speak about U.S. goverment folks being invited to ahh...BUILDING 6 at BIOPREPARAT
But first take a look at the below link and the the Biopreparat vist is talked about in the second link, keep scolling down until you see Alibekov mentioned, if you haven't read the entire thing already.

Vladimir Putin would have a better chance at winning the "BRONZE" in womens gymnastics before anyone from the Russian goverment would ever get an invite into a U.S. Goverment Point Lab. lol

We just are not supposed to be doing things like building virological weapons here in the United States and the U.S. goverment plays the innocent bit better than anyone. They gave Alibekov the $ so not only would he not be tempted to give that info to someone like Saddam, LiL' Kim Jong-IL or a terrorist group like Al-QAEDA,
but also to keep up appearences regarding U.S. innocents regarging the no good were up to as well as to keep Alibekov here in the U.S., so they could keep an eye on him.
They already had Ebolapox before Biopreparat did. The "Ohhh...what ever do mean ?" type innocent crapp that they speak is just that > TOTAL CRAPP!<
The 14th person to join my research group was at one time employed by the U.S. goverment and she loved Las Vegas as much as I do. lol
She had the highest civilian clearance level you could ever possibly get, if you ever got the chance to chat-it up with her "lol" I believe you would view the things I'm trying to tell you in a whole new light. She explained just about everything you could think of to the head researcher of my group & myself regarding what can & can't be done, and the list of what can be done as opposed to what can not be is one whole HeLL of alot longer. The times that these things became possible is something that I know would shock you.

NOBODY KNOWS OR KNEW MORE about Retro-viruses than Dr. Peter Duesberg and the powers that be will not let him work with H.I.V., that should tell you something right there, he was the most logical cadidate for the job period. When and if anyone ever had a question regarding Retro-viruses who's research do you think that they would refer to ? Who do you think they would call ? > DR. DUESBERG !<
He's not a mass-murder, they made a monkey out of him plain & simple.
Name another killer RETRO-VIRUS thats deadly to humans ?
A spokesmen for USAMRIID said that the rumor regarding them & the H.I.V. virus was started by a smear campaign carried out by >RUSSIA.<
They said that the good folks at "FORT DIRTY TRICK" just ain't "SMART ENOUGH" to create H.I.V. from anything, regardless of what was said that it's origin's were. They didn't say ANYTHING in regards to the avalible technology.
Dr.Duesberg was asked if he believed that a retro-virus could cause cancer and he said "ABSOLUTELY NOT." Well now Guess what ?
There is now someone saying that one or two actually do ! Thats my specialty and I'm here to tell ya...that is most certainly not true, no how.

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posted on Aug, 9 2010 @ 03:45 PM
I did see your previous post, but I didn't respond because it contained no new information. It was just a rehash of your previous post.

I have already pointed out that the technology did not exist to do any sort of genetic recombination of viruses during Albekov's tenure at Biopreparat. I have also pointed out that these two viruses do not infect and become pathologic in a synergistic manner, so mixing the genes of the two wouldn't create a more virulent or dangerous virus. Ebola already has a high mortality rate less than five days after infection, so there is really no need to make it more dangerous.

As for your comments on Duesberg, no one is preventing him from working in HIV. The reason he has lost a lot of funding and support is because he makes wild claims with no science to support them. This sort of behaviour always leads to a suspension of funding, especially when you are using that funding to look into projects that have no basis. You are only granted funds for work you have shown to have merit. When you take those funds and push them into other projects, you are violating your contract. Don't confuse his martyr complex with the reality of the situation.

posted on Aug, 10 2010 @ 12:41 PM
reply to post by VneZonyDostupa

Smallpox is none contagious during its incubation period, which can be anywhere from 7 to 17 days, but it's airborne once the pustules begin to form. Ebola on the other hand has an incubation period of 2 to 21 days, 6 on average. Ebola is contagious however during its incubation period regardless if the infected person is exibiting any symtoms or not.

The SMALLPOX vaccine offers protection from smallpox for only 3 to 5 years, with decreasing immunity thereafter. If a person is vaccinated again later, immunity will in-fact last longer.
Nobody would EVER be vaccinated against Ebolapox, because #1. Its not even supposed to exist to begin with. Smallpox has no cure once the pustules start forming, and nobody that wasn't in the Gulf War was ever vaccinated in the U.S., if the SMALLPOX vaccine is given within the first few days of the initial infection they will get a weakened form of it, or quite possibly nothing at all. The only problem with that is in most cases its not going to be found in time and there is NO stock-pile of vaccine for SMALLPOX.

Due to the fact that there is no such thing as lol "THE AMERICAN EBOLA SOCIETY," there have been many scientific advances with Ebola.
The problem here to, is that NOBODY in the U.S.A is ever going to get that vaccine or any other filovirus vaccine, because its not a problem here to begin with.

Ebola that was 30,000 times more potent than the virus’ most lethal strain ? SaY WhaT ! >Please see below link on that one.

Biopreparat's jacked-uP Marburg virus in powder form is a complete nightmare on its own. "I.C.B.M. Delivered for sure"

From "THE DEMON IN THE FREEZER" Link. > One person who asked not to be named said, "I really have to be careful what I say. Yeah, Alibek's claims have been corroborated in multiple ways. There's not a lot of evidence. There's some."

"BECAUSE WE CAN." is always the reason to make HeLL worse in war, regardless of how bad it already is to begin with.

Q > When exactly did do you think Alibekov actually said that BIOPREPARAT did in-fact birth "EBOLAPOX" if at all he publicly did for a total fact in the first place anyway ?

Q > How is H.I.V. in Russia ? Are there boat-loads of cases there ?

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[edit on 10-8-2010 by alpha68]

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