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The "Book of Henoch" and the "Course of the Lights of Heaven"

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posted on Nov, 19 2009 @ 10:51 PM
I came across this rather enigmatic reference to two texts I have never heard of. Google seems to be of little use here. Perhaps one of you can shed some light on the nature and content of these books.

First, the original source I found:

"...The most notable witness for astrological superstitions in the era of the decadence of Israel is the apocryphal "Book of the Secrets of Henoch ", which, notwithstanding its perplexing phantasies, is a rich treasure-house of information concerning cosmological and purely astronomical problems in the Hellenic East. The author of "Henoch" is said by a Samaritan writer to be the discoverer of astronomy, and the book contains valuable explanations in regard to astronomy and astrology at the time of the Machabean dynasty. The evidences for astrologic demonology in ancient Israel, when the nation was affected by Hellenism and Babylonian decadence, are found in the latter part of the "Book of the Secrets of Henoch "-- the "Book of the Course of the Lights of Heaven "-- as also previously in the fourth section which treats of Henoch's wanderings "through the secret the places of the world". This latter is perhaps the archetype of Dante's "Divine Comedy". According to the "Book of Henoch " the human race derived its knowledge of astrology and "lunar sorceries", together with all other forms of magic, from the seven or eight spirits from whom come the chief sins of mankind (Henoch, i, 8...


I am assuming that "Henoch" is another name for "Enoch." Some research on Google seems to confirm this. I am aware of the apocraphical Book of Enoch, but I am not sure whether this is trhe same as the ""Book of the Secrets of Henoch" referenced above. Moreover, I am not able to find any information on a "Book of the Course of the Lights of Heaven" other than the information presented in the quote above.

Any information or clarification would be most appreciated.

posted on Nov, 22 2009 @ 11:06 PM
reply to post by silent thunder

At “The Book of Enoch the Prophet” has a chapter on the revolutions of the luminaries of the heavens. This is in chapter LXXI.

The angel Uriel tells Enoch about the different courses the sun and moon take during a solar year. There’s nothing special about the description except for one part. Uriel says that this pattern the sun and moon with take will last for ever, until a new work shall be effected, which will be eternal.

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