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Extraterrestrial Life Official Disclosure Imminent

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posted on Jan, 5 2010 @ 09:52 AM
Newest GFL channeling:

Greetings, This is Ashtar. The Galactic Federation has been finalizing the details for Worldwide Mass Decloakings. When it happens there will be celebrating on every country on Earth. It is hard to imagine the magnitude of it. There will be televised broadcasts of those who are double agents now, coming out to say We Did This! There will not only be Mother Ships and their Shuttles seen in the sky, but also new technologies not before revealed. We will then pause a few days for Announcements so everyone can get a clear understanding of what has just happened. Have you taken in and thought about what this change will mean in your own life? Be prepared for that now. After you have wiped away the tears of joy, tears of release, then what will you do? Think about the Spiritual Service you came to Earth To Do. You all Have A Mission. This Mission evolves around selfless service to others. It is the reason you are on Earth now. Imagine, in a week or so, you have all the abundance necessary to carry out the Biggest Dream you can Imagine. There was a television show like this. The Teams were to give away as much money possible. It wasn't easy to do. What if St Germain walked up to you and gave you a Million dollars? What if he said he would pay you that, only if you can give away 1 Million dollars in the next 1 hour? Could you do it? Who would you give it to? For what reason? What if you wanted to give it to Animals, or the Sea? How would you figure out who to call? Begin imagining your own personal scenario now. Dream Big Dreams because there are none that are impossible now. The only clue I will give you is, Make It Fun!! Spark Your Joy! Only by Selfless Service, Through Love will you find these answers. It will no longer be about surviving, it will be about LOVING. There will be no more fighting over things. There is enough abundance for Everyone! Love Each Other. We will immediately show you how to travel in your own craft. Begin to imagine where it is possible to go now. You no longer need to be the Grid Keepers. You are free to move about at will, to fulfill your dreams. How did that change your Vision of a Dream? There are absolutely no limits now. Be In Joy! Your Family is Here and We will Be Joining You and we will Dream into Manifestation a New Earth now.

posted on Jan, 5 2010 @ 10:49 AM
Disclosure has already happened on the scale to acceptance if you are already are reading this thread,
but that is as far as you will tread your worthy feet on,
whilst the padlock is so tightly preserved that even a granite atomic explosions would not open the hidden treasure,
thus a day will arise,
we may than know where the treasure is hidden;
as many have given us the keys,
that lead us stray to the plans of the hidden sacred treasure,
but our patriot captain jack will remain a mere hero,
well remembered partisan in semblance of legions alike,
Berry Hill and Majorine Fish.

[edit on 1/5/2010 by krystalice]

posted on Feb, 2 2010 @ 06:27 AM
Another hoax perhaps & maybe!?

My evolved stellar plasma fusion generated neutrinosynthesiser sentient cosmic consciousness understanding is that interstellar quantum leaping UFO flying ET's have put a great deal of energy, time & labor into visiting this Ngaigaia Biosphere Earth world.

Largely in response to the Hiroshima Fatman & Nagasaki Little Boy fission fireballs generated Japanese kamikaze SOS tornados of terror & torment Zwing Zwang Zum, broadcast their interstellar neutrinosynthesiser psychic/telepathy ET ways; as of August 1945 in evolved Earth time, eternally recurring to a metaphysical perception thereto:

We live in a reciprocating, or Karma controlled, periodic table of valency atoms evolved Universe, where books are of necessity balanced through time, one way or t'other!
In other words, the stellar plasma fusion generated neutrinosynthesiser sentient cosmic consciousness choice before this Sentient Ngaigaia Biosphere Earth World now, is that we choose by evolved democratic intent to reciprocate in terms of home solar power energy expenditure over a great many quantum leaping interstellar future years of universal spin within spin:
Or the powers that be on Earth as now refuse to meet in comprehension, that future evolved interstellar energy expenditure option:

Whereupon, I would speculate, Vogon type poetic justice ET's, at the end of their bureaucratic quantum leaping interstellar tether, will receive the evolved psychic/telepathy neutrinosynthesiser sun go~ahead to solar energy exchange reciprocate, all in in one etenally recurring Big Bang books balancing go:
A 2012 Maya heart stopping, 'Rapture Ready' zeroization, perhaps & maybe!?

It is a terrible, terrible, terrible n~syn. chakra sphincter halo to heart breaking encapsulate you All:
Vain pimples all:

Being the stellar plasma fusion generated neutrinosynthesiser sentient thoughts of Universe, you/we must take responsibility for those thoughts we express on behalf of Universe which is Entirety in Eternity~~~

posted on Feb, 2 2010 @ 08:46 AM
First, your thread title is crappy , and misleading. Second, you actualy have no news to report. You claim insider knowledge , but offer no proof as to the authenticity of either your claim , or your statements made on the basis of those claims.You suggest that aliens have been given carte blanche to detain and remove people from thier lives and experiment upon them. This would be absolutely no different to what has apparantly been going on for YEARS already , without the knowledge or consent of any government across the planet . Therefore surely the point is moot and not worth raising ? Furthermore, what you have essentialy said, is akin to " nothing to see here, move on please people you are blocking my drive... thats right, off you go". If thats all you had to say , couldnt you have just said it rather than wasting so many words on it? A little efficiency is all I am asking for here.

posted on Feb, 2 2010 @ 08:54 AM
Ok...This is a bust:

What worries me is that most of you are between 25-40..


posted on Feb, 2 2010 @ 08:59 AM
reply to post by kayne1982

Why would et's make such an agreement? It isn't like they have to make a deal with G-men if they want to extradite humans; in the cases that seem genuine the human wasn't given a choice whether to Just Say No.

But it was a fun read.

posted on Feb, 2 2010 @ 09:00 AM
reply to post by Miccey

Why does that worry you ?

posted on Feb, 3 2010 @ 12:10 AM
Kids between 5-12 usually cook up stories like these..
Not grown men and women..

Please dont get me wrong, i believe in Extraterrestrial Life,
i believe they have tech that is far beyond our comprehenshion,
have they been here, not sure.. Hope so..
But i surely dont start to fabule on stories that is in the lines with
Drakonians, Anunakis and so on..

Angels and Demons, same thing..

Jesus and God, same thing..

Trolls and goblins, same thing..

Santa, comon, its like the tothferi..My son said to his sister. Yea i know
who she is..And stared at his mother..

posted on Feb, 3 2010 @ 12:21 AM
Aww hell...if the cute little buggers want to come down and annihilate the human race, let them. I mean, it's gotta be awfully lonely on Xibiru or whatever planet it is called, and they must get bored, seeing as they have no gonads and all. Shoot, I'll even be the first to offer them a nice cool Budweiser beer before I bash their brains in with an aluminum baseball bat.


In all seriousness, if they do come, they're not going to come here to "save" us. We as a species have already condemned ourselves, and I'll welcome the day when they come down and wipe us all out. At least I won't have to pay my taxes anymore.

posted on Mar, 13 2010 @ 02:22 AM
As above so below: according to Hermes Trismegistus:

Quantum leaping at the subatomic or microcosmic level involves charged particles in orbit about atomic nuclei:
Quantum leaping at a macrocosmic interstellar solar system to solar system level involves chakra aligned telepathy ET's piloting atom engineered, or polarity charge aligned space 'UFO' vehicles:
At least that's the extrapolated theory as far as it goes!

On the question of Jiggerboo Jitterbug; Zwing Zwang Zum described earlier on this thread:
As I reasonably well fed understand it from my two ten minute bouts of psychic/telepathy neutrinosynthesiser Jiggerboo Jitterbug, as time crossed cross referenced connected at a subcutaneous individual DNA containing cellular level, it was with underfed, war rationed inhabitants of Hiroshima & Nagasaki, engulfed in the Fatman & Little Boy fission fireballs of 1945: Which brought WW2 to a speedy close ~ probably saving life in overall numeric terms, given the then fanatical Japanese kamikaze, hexadecimal dumper, kundalini mindset:
Thus not too strenuous I'm thinking now, 20 years later:

With that stellar plasma fusion generated neutrinosynthesiser psychic experience to mind I've been considering the following hypothesis;

North Korea is populated by famine starved people with Dim Kim Ill Sung nuclear ambitions:
Let's say for argument sake that North Koreans were able to deliver fission fireball explosions upon cities of the obese, in the well fed West. Any resulting Jiggerboo Jitterbug to be experienced by starved North Koreans in karmic reciprocation, would thus, I'm thinking, be correspondingly more energetic for them to skinny & starving endure:

This scenario raises the question of whether the metaphysical neutrinosynthesiser tornado of terror & torment Zwing Zwang Zum would also vary in strength, depending upon the intellectual status of those fission fireballed:
Thus, were this hypothetical case to eventuate, then the North Koreans, or skinny whomsoever, would be best served in reciprocal Jiggerboo Jitterbug karmic terms by not firing their nuclear missiles at the obese. Who in the West, as a general rule, tend to be those of little education or intellectual ability.
However, if you were thinking to keep the interstellar telepathy ET's at bay with lots of Zwing Zwang Zum psychic tornados of terror & torment, then perhaps university campuses and such like intellectual powerhouses would be the hypothetical fission fireball targets of choice:

Seems to me we live in a Universe of Lilliputian dunces, all at cross purposes with each other, one swiftian way, ot t'other!

Energy is eternal delight wrote William Blake in 'The Marriage of Heaven & Hell' and putting those words in the mouth of the Devil:
Ying & Yang ~ as binary, polarity extrapolated, makes a Universe:
Mass is good up to a point but ultimately all 'mass' is stored energy, and 'itches' for conversion so, in tune with the evolving spin within spin Universe:

posted on Apr, 4 2010 @ 12:25 AM
Reconnected to the internet I'm disclosing another verbose anecdotal Vogon recital to Padmasambhava ramble on:
Otherwise a simple 'UGH' will do you:

However, for those brave enough to continue!

Riding the Newell Highway to Boggabilla, Goondiwindi, and the Mad Max Bulamanka Black Stump of crazed ignoramus nitwit imagination beyond; with thunder & lightning flashing & reverberating about the Warrumbungle Ranges, my metaphysical mates, and I, came to a halt outside a pub in Coonabarabran, there to wet our whistles: Having travelled the dusty road from Jerilderie in a Ford Customline that day as members of the Clarence Larrikin gang out of Victoria: Being late afternoon the Coonabarabran bar was fairly crowded with one pot and two pot screamer cocky cowboy stockmen cattle duffer types: As those who become excitable and vociferously argumentative under the influence of a glass or two of Tooths & Tooheys beer are descriptively known in Australia:

Borrowing that evocative Australian piss~artist one pot/two pot screamer terminology, and applying it to matters theological, then I would make the observation that some fundamentalist adherents of denominational religions are either one book screamers, or two book screamers ~ not to take bum poet Kirribilli abo umbrage personally:
Fundamental Islamists are one book Koran screamers obviously:
Whereas fundamentalist Christians could be said to be two book screamers, given they have and Old & New Testaments to screaming preach by, confusedly:
Therefore, given that the nethereye for a nethereye fundamentalist Jews eschew the tortured new testament of Jesus Christ Forgiveness, then they too, to a n~syn. mind, are to be categorised as one book screamers, is the manic, logical, conclusion thereto:
If you cover the cosmic chakra head with a thingumajig prayer hat, serpentine things n~syn. kundalini are liable to gravitate in emphasis to a nethereye perspective, perhaps!
For thine is the po~glo & the glo~po, at a twisting turn of the other Jiggerboo Jitterbug chutzpah asscheek maybe!

As a baptised Christian Pantheist bookworm with the contents of many a learned tome ringing & rattling about my 20 year old pome head, and newly disembarked off the S. S. Castel Felice at Cowper Wharf, Wooloomooloo Bay, I took lodgings at Mr Stein's boarding house, 111 Henrietta Street, Bronte, Sydney, NSW. Residing there for some months before heading south to Victoria to join up with the Clarence Larrikin gang, then based at Coora Rd, Huntingdale:
However, the continuing happy memory is that the avuncular Mr Stein would serve his young men boarders dinner in an upstairs dining room, which had wide angle panoramic views over the down the hill bungalow rooftops to Bronte Beach, and the blue remembered Pacific Ocean beyond.
"Boys, Boys, why don't you eat up your puddinks" are the memorable words of a harrassed, much bothered Mr Stein, dishing out rhubarb & custard, and whatever rolly~polly next, to his rowdy Pom & Taffy boy boarders. Who were sometimes in a hurry to get out of the Henrietta madhouse and head round the corner to the Robin Hood pub, or wherever else the fancy took them. (For ignoramus nitwit yanks & vitamin C deficient fruitless scurvy others, pom, pome, & pommy = limey).

A refugee from Hitlerian pigass sewage bestiality most foul, I would say that Mr Stein was a man without malice, trying to earn a hard worked quid or honest dollar two under difficult circumstances:
One 'Ein' not to throw his stone was Mr Stein, perhaps & maybe:
A decade or so later on a visit to Berlin, a Bavarian blue glaze 'HB' stein-gut beer mug was presented to me as a parting gift by Lottie Huber: A Spitzer born German Jewish returnee to Deutchland, and a teacher of intelligent, liberating, insurbordination techniques to browbeaten German women married to obedience seeking bully boy, heel clicking, von Junker husbands.

Part 2 of 'Vogon' recital after the jump!

posted on Apr, 4 2010 @ 01:19 AM
Part 2 Vogon recital:

In a Liebnitz Strasse neighbourhood laundromat where Lottie Huber introduced me as her visiting nephew, more than one Frau neighbor was life experienced to an ability of being able to relate horrific tales of gang rape commited by Beast Stalin's graduated avenging Russian conquerors of Berlin: Such heinous acts and practices are common to rapist men of all ethnicity's throughout warring & whoring History, eternally recurring as stellar plasma fusion generated neutrinosynthesiser perceived:
In a Karmic reciprocating cosmic consciousness Universe it is to be made evident to n~syn. males that rape can be rewarded with yanghole sphincter ejaculation enforcer haloes of one kind or another ~ up & down the chakra kundalini serpent n~syn. personalised energy system:

"[Are not] you too, Russia, speeding along like a spirited troika that nothing can overtake?...
Everything on earth is flying past, and looking askance, other nations and states draw aside and make way."
'Dead Souls' Nikolai Gogol (translated by David Magashak)
Dead Souls?
Ain't no such thing!
Everything is eternally recurring you silly buggers ~ that means FOREVER REPEATED to a stellar plasma fusion generated neutrinosynthesiser sentient cosmic consciousness of atomic polarity valency considerableness:

The coiled serpent is common imagery to diverse theologies for the reason it derives ultimately from our DNA, coiled serpent like in cells of human entity bodies ~ as does the galaxy upon galaxy~~~coiled about itself Universe~~~is my gravity influenced photon light perception overall:
Thus we are made in the image of Universe cell by cell, deoxyribonucleic acid serpent upon deoxyribonucleic acid serpent, and taking a hawk eyed overview of things all at a dunkel umlaut slither, as well as florid flitter~flutter: As was Quetzalcoatl to a mesoamerican avocado fed birdbrain mindset:

When the Nubians out of what is now Sudan conquered Ancient Egypt, the new Nubian Pharaoh adopted craphead insignia headgear that had two cobras at forehead; in place of the singular Egyptian Uraeus cobra & Horus hawk insignia combined:
Double snake head reason why the Nubians soon lost dominion over Egypt, I contrarily presume: In other words, there is a clear need to keep eyes open to the above as well as nethereye open to the below!

When I see on my TV screen the idolatrous communist image of Mao tse Dung hanging google mouthed over the entrance Gate to Hell in Tianananmen Square, Beijing, my stellar plasma fusion generated neutrinosynthesiser sentient cosmic consciousness Padmasambhava imagination superimposes over the Dung face an image of a yanghole sphincter halo with double headed snake emanation issuing out of said googled incontinent orifice:
Some anal retentive types fear to 'lose face' as they put it ~ it all being atoms & molecules to be defecated over cellular DNA regenerative periods of seven years, thereabouts:
All is as it is meant to be in evolved, extrapolated, binary, polarity, yingyangtao Universe All aahhh & aargh, however:

When atheist communist idolised yanghole sphincter halo Dung face bombed monasteries of Tibet, killing pacifist lamas, and had the nuns raped by invader Han Chinese Communist People's Yanghole Sphincter Halo Atheistic Army, Snakeheads Dung was doing as Snakeheads Dung was ignoramus nitwit n~syn. destined to metaphysical degenerate, undemocratic devil do:
Dung Dictatorship of the people? What a stinkin' thinkin' Ass!
As a stellar plasma fusion generated neutrinosynthesiser sentient cosmic consciousness I fervently believe that those who oppose the Principle of Democracy to be Metaphysical Degenerates:

'In the Circle of Fire, recite this:'
"Sitting on the crown of my head..."
"...May happiness increase throughout the Universe!
May all things be Auspicious!
May the world be happy!"
Gyalwa Gyamtso: The Buddha Ocean~wide
(Exclamation! Exclamation! Exclamation!)

Part 3 of Vogon rambles after jump

posted on Apr, 4 2010 @ 02:15 AM
Part 3...

'In the Circle of Fire, recite this:'
"Sitting on the crown of my head..."
"...May happiness increase throughout the Universe!
May all things be Auspicious!
May the world be Happy!"
Gyalwa Gyamtso: The Buddha Ocean~wide
(Exclamation! Exclamation! Exclamation!)
taken from Karmapa: The (Cock a Doodle Doodle Doodle Do) Black Hat Lama of Tibet:
Published by Luzac & co. 1976 (was across from British Museum)
Thus it is that a Tibetan Buddhist Sensibility Mahakalakakamukha now spirals to hover in stellar plasma fusion generated neutrinosynthesiser sentient cosmic consciousness spirit over Yanghole Sphincter Halo 'Red Giant' Snakehead China ~~~ and as can be expressed in the form of long evolved Padmasambhava Vogon type ET's, from interstellar worlds at the end of their quantum leaping bureaucratic 'Red Giant' futuristic time crossed cross referenced n~syn. stellar tether, perhaps & maybe:

When ably swinging my cane cutter machete in the harvest sugar cane fields of Queensland, under a hot tropic sun, I would wear a wide brimmed Australian akubra on the pom duffer head!
Not funny?
I've long thought the Australian Wampoo Fruit~dove, Ptilinopus magnificus, to be a worthy candidate for placement as the Trinity 'Holy Ghost' dove ~ pock pock oo ~ wampoo!
I'm metaphysical larrikin moderately amused by the Down Under Down; Under Down Under n~syn. thought myself:
Moreover, I feel free to question and express the soaring thoughts of, and on, ignoramus nitwit others: All aahhh & aargh: However & whatever:

As sung by Xue Pan ~~~
'One little gnat went hum hum hum,'
"Two little flies went bum bum bum,"
"'Three little ~"'
"Stop!" shouted the others.
"Sod you lot!" said Xue Pan. "This is the very latest new hit. It's called the Hum~bum Song..."
'The Story of the Stone vol 2. The Crab~Flower Club' Cao Xueqin
Translated by Davis Hawkes. Fellow of All Souls College, Oxford.
Penquin Classics 1977.
What vacuous vapid lives we all va va voom live, eternally recurring to a pock pock oo ~ wampoo stellar plasma fusion generated neutrinosynthesiser sentient cosmic consciousness Padmasambhava perception:
Lotus corniculatus, commonly called birdsfoot trefoil, or bacon & eggs, by yokels, and such like bumptry countkins, is a procumbent legume growing in my blooming yellow orange, hairy calyx, botanists garden:

Old age is a time of accumulating negativity's, seemingly; so don't bother yourself to reply if you too are too old to much care positively about the to~do folly of it all in the name of mankind; rather than humankind:
Rick Thunder alias Epipogium

On this obscurantist orc matter of botanic ghost consciousness hid!
In August 2002 I flew from near Andover in Hampshire, England, to near Winchester in a hired helicopter. On passing over Chilbolton where the SETI crop formation reply had appeared the previous year, I observed that the new grass fodder crop in the ploughed and resown field below, held a mysterious ghostly outline impression of the previous years SETI reply crop formation ~ and as pointed out to me by helicopter pilot Peter Vellacott: Such 'ghost' residual energy effects after harvesting, ploughing & resowing anew has taken place, have been observed in other locations, and have been documented on crop circle study web sites: Being on the way to see the Crab Farm, Pitt Down formation of August 2002, I didn't think to photograph the Chilbolton 'ghost' affect, as seen in passing, however:
Is it a Padmasambhava flight of fancy too far, do you think, to see the face of a 'Vogon' Mahakalakakamukha ET in this Pitt corn field image; courtesy of Lucy Pringle, who took the relatively expensive flying trouble to photograph it?
My own photographs of the same Pitt corn formation are marred by reflected light affects from the two seater helicopter pod concave windows.

Part 5 of ramble to follow after the lotus jump.....!

posted on Apr, 4 2010 @ 02:20 AM
The OP reminds me of Christians claiming that Jesus will come back. It has been imminent for AGES!!

posted on Apr, 4 2010 @ 02:54 AM
Part 5....
An Australian of Irish origins imported, at great expense, soil from Sheila na Gig Ireland to surround his New South Wales garden with, in the ignoramus nitwit belief that St Patrick would thereby bring his fabled influence to bear, and deter perceived dangerous snakes from entering his garden!
What a n~syn. leprechaun trick to fool St Pa with!
It is all fairy tales of one irrational sort or rational other!
You want serious?
Dead serious is inside chain reaction fission fireballs, thanks be to Yanghole Sphincter Halo Mankind:

On page 321 of 'Cosmos' in the chapter 'Who Speaks for Earth?' Carl Sagan includes the account of a schoolgirl survivor of the fission fireball detonated on Hiroshima: Suffice to say she begins the account, as quoted, with the line 'Through a darkness like the bottom of hell'... and goes on to mention babies burnt bright red et terrible cetera.
Reading that Hiroshima schoolgirl survivors eternally recurring account brings to mind the thought that those at fission fireball ground zero were JJZZZ fortunate, compared to many a peripheral close by, short term, or long term survivor, perhaps & maybe!
Makes you proud to be a yanghole sphincter halo Mankind, I don't fool think!
Hug not ugh perhaps ~ difficult for those of autistic tendency, as well as the old & toothless, maybe!

At Church of England Infant School I was metaphysically scarred for life by a piece of infantile doggerel about little girls being made of sugar & spice, and all things nice; whereas little boys were made of ~ vileness & loathsomeness ~ to an ignoramus nitwit, atomic, molecular, biological Berkist interpretation theretoe:
Where is my I spy with my little eye, rolled up slugs & snails newspaper?
You say potato head I say potato head, let's call the whole thing off!

When working as a split shift plongeur in a French Restaurant in Pitt Street, Sydney, NSW, I would more often than not spend my afternoon breaks in the Botanic Gardens at Farm Cove:
To interested memory there are a couple Canary Island Dragon Trees, Dracaena draco, to be seen at Farm Cove: Well grown they might be but mere tiddlers they are, compared to the ancient dragon tree to be seen at Icod; in the shadow of volcanic Mount Teide, on Tenerife:
The interstellar quantum leaping n~syn. revelatory seven years regenerating penis head driven theory is that ten horns require common telepathy 'beast' intent on the part of ten consenting adults of metaphysical surety ~ not pathetic, demented, bully boy priestly pedophile types!
Will I be internet banned for another month now?
Rome wasn't built in a day and nor was Tombouctou:

I'm in no hurry ~ take as long as you like to make your mind up (or down) in spirals of octave:
To memory, the 'pinking blots' of information overload can be pretty awful!
Compositionally, I'm all valency atoms at and betwixt aahhh & aargh; as well as at OM and Ha Ha Ha Padmasambhava, Man I Humdinger, Compassionately:

posted on May, 16 2010 @ 04:37 AM
Howdy doody again:

Talk to yourself why don't you!?
Can one think too much?
I can only think as I do think eternally recurring at a stellar plasma fusion generated neutrinosynthesiser sentient cosmic consciousness: Be that too much to a perception thereto; or too little to a perception theretoe:

At the risk of inviting an accusation of invidiousness, more cryptic disclosure mind games for your Ugh simian monkey suited skull cracking desert tapir cudgel bones, nulla nulla odyssey ~ Blue Danube waltz ~ Dazy Daisy HAL & unhearty refutation, perhaps & maybe:
Reconnected and sat here in front of this qwerty keyboard once more, in rather cramped makeshift conditions it should be mentioned, with back ache, and other complications consistent with a state of aged decrepitude to moronic Marvyn robotics thinking, I'm inclined to ask myself why on earth I trouble to continue in the canting cantrary task of typing out yanghole sphincter halo rubbish stellar plasma fusion generated neutrinosynthesiser philth thoughts:

In a previous post to this thread I made reference to the Australian Trinity symbol 'Holy Ghost' Wampoo Fruit~dove ~ Ptilinopus magnificus: To be Oz ornithological orientated correctly this ahould have read Wompoo rather than Wampoo: It could be that, in mind, I'm confoundabulating the Australian Wompoo with the American Wampum:
What a lot of Sunny Shiite to 'open sesame' RaSolRa expound:

(What is mind, no matter; what is matter, never mind)
It is my humble opinion that Earthly existence as human entity globally perceived is a subatomic microcosmic mind & atomic macrocosmic matter intertextural binary polarity valency (yingyangtao) paradigmatic extrapolation quantifying to an evolving stellar plasma fusion generated neutrinosynthesiser sentient cosmic consciousness eternally recurring at an alliance of atomic valency Ngaigaia considerableness:
"Intertexture firm of thorny boughs." William Cowper

Is the wearing of spoof Padmasambhava ET Mahakalakakamukha Vogon proof paper bags over dismal burkha brained heads a de rigueur fashionista iconography with the ignoramus nitwit mankind population of a post Crookhaven Douglass Adam's Planet Earth now ~ I troubadour highwayman wilfully wonder of a heartfelt morning sun rising over Roaringwater Bay, County Cork ~ where was born blarney Grandfather Joe Murphy of the Buccaneer Parachute Camel Corp Marines!? Sunk of Ascension was mid~Atlantic he!?

The Algonquin Wampumpeag, pronounced Wompompig, links back to flayed wapiti minded Cosmic Manitou String Theory, is the loco white man speak with forked tongue stellar plasma fusion generated neutrinosynthesiser sentient cosmic consciousness Frederick Courtney mentor Ha Ha Ha Ha... italics Farancia abacura of Jacksonville Florida & Columbia University Manhattan NYC ~ at an ignoramus nitwit colubrid & falconine complex thread of labyrinthine, muddled, mirthful, long remembered conversational etymological thought exchanges:
I ask myneutrinosynthesiserself, is there ever a nicer, lovelier, metaphysical comic hombre ~ pock pock oo wompoo ~ than Mississippi Si Senor Cross Referenced, Time Travelled, Telepathy He!? He being one to ~ write said Fred ~ encourage me to smail mail stay in trans~Atlantic ha ha ha patriarchal shirt~lifter, who gives a fig, huevos al nido touch?
In a kitchen, Greenwich Village way, She gave a home baked blond yellow pound cake, in exchange!?
They all want a bit of the ionosphere action because that are part of the Heavenly Blue Morning Glory ionosphere Ipomoea nitwit curlicue Christopher/Grove St/Washington Place action!?
Fiat justitia, pereat coelum
"See the happy moron,
He doesn't give a damn,
I wish I were a moron,
My God, perhaps I am!"
Bjorn Adelbert O'Bampton~B'star**

I'm curious, are lunch time organ recitals still to be heard in Trinity Church on Broadway at Wall Street?

posted on May, 17 2010 @ 07:01 PM
Previously, and as a correction for clarification purposes, if possible at this juncture, given the global circumstances of all being at a perpetual spin of nested spins: Royal Marine Joe Murphy was sunk off Ascension Island, not sunk of Ascension ~ it being volcanic in tectonic mid~Atlantic ridge erupted origin:
At least that's what I was flobbergob told as a buggerlugs kid, and you either sinking ship believe it, or you ascending UFO at a Thordharhynna Vatna Jokull Volcanic Vogan berserker ash cloud in a global spin, don't believe it, perhaps & perchance:
To be sunk at ascension has long perplexed me as a seemingly gravity defying conundrum to have had young innocent ear drums tom tom wild fruit beaten so!
Joe Murphy's whale tooth, kept locked away in his black tin box, was an object of childish fascination to me, and source to an infantile covetous desire: Of an Orca?

As for 'that' in Greenwich Village NYC Ipomoea reference, 'they' was intended ~ as you probably already thought, if that is you are reader, more than a figment of a confabulating neutrinosynthesiser mind:

This could get rather long winded and drawn out but an understanding of stellar plasma fusion generated neutrinosynthesiser sentient cosmic consciousness psychic/telepathy phenomena is key to perceiving any purpose to tantalising & worrying ET visitations to Planet Earth: Otherwise ignore and keep wearing the customised paper bag as appropriate to your individual circumstances & needs:
All my cogitation's end up back here, so for a modicum of simplicity sake I might as well stick to this one (defunct?) disclosure thread, for the time being at least:

There follows more Bjorn Adelbert O'Bampton~B'stard** cryptographic old cobblers to hey diddle, diddle; piddle, puddle & ponder on:

The River Piddle flows through Puddletown in Dorsetshire, Wessex ~ home to tribal ~ tribulation minded, refracted n~syn. lunatic Hardy West Saxons ~ 'Good, but not religious good' ~ Under the Greenwood Tree:
The Christian concept of angels as being sexless beings devoid of sexual genitalia, is a degenerate perversion of a so called religious mind in my n~syn. opinion: Unless that is you perceive angels to be parthenogenetic grey goo Christian amoeba beings of simplistic binary yingyangtao n~syn. minuscule minds eternal:

Do i have Vogonesque illusions?
I don't think it a complete illusion to consider ONEself to be a binary atomic molecular a**hole along with the rest of yanghole sphincter halo ass mankind extrapolated & evolving thereto: Who are all stellar plasma fusion generated neutrinosynthesiser sentient cosmic consciousness Padmasambhava ET Vogon Mahakalakakamukha doomed, sooner than later, if they yanghole sphincter halo do not commit to the purposes of a Jiggerboo Jitterbug; Zwing Zwang Zum interstellar communicant telepathy quantum leaping & jumping humping future: Brought about by the cataclysmic Little Boy & Fatman fission fireball events of August 1945, at Hiroshima & Nagasaki: What went JJZZZ so fission fireball fast & furious on Japanese soil, here on Earth, has broadcast interstellar neutrinosynthesiser consequences & ramifications so vast; and as yet still largely unknown:

How this pans out in future I know not but i should mention the following as being quantum leaping stellar plasma fusion generated neutrinosynthesiser relevant thereto, my Pan troglodytes cousin thinks perhaps & maybe where visitor ET's and nut cracker waddy wallopers are concerned:
Hardi comme un coq sur son fumier!
Further such revelations to follow, if allowed continued access to ATS:

posted on May, 17 2010 @ 08:17 PM
The gobgobflobug continues:

Decades ago I had a photo of a 3yr. old pixie self, along with a Columba livia feral rock dove, taken in Trafalgar Square, London, on 'Victory in Japan' day, or VJ day, so auntymom informed me: However, it was only half a photograph because her sister, my birth mother, took a pair of scissors to the photo, and cut herself out of the picture when her jealous husband returned from wartime service overseas: So that she should continue to mother my elder half brother, her first born child, along with his jealous doting father ~ my never met uncle:
The ignoramus nitwit Benjamin Creme ignores all my yanghole sphincter halo requests that he should post return it to me, along with other photos, accompanying as yet unanswered correspondence on the subject of n~syn. and all that: sent his Tufnell Park way, last century:

Is it not better to incorporate rather than to discombobulate the Ho~axed?
The whole Universe ~ meaning everything ~ can be stellar plasma fusion generated neutrinosynthesiser perceived as a metaphysical hoax, and everybody in it is hoaxed, insofar all are fooled time upon time upon time: Although some of a voodoo doodoo muti mutilating nethereye tendency & perspective might call it wizard hexed rather than fool hoaxed ~ eternally recurring:
In that event one needs to think out of the beau bootylicious box in circumnutatory spirals of octave, or something equally spinningly crazy to binary polarity yinyangtao neutrinosynthesiser ~ sun is shining ~ wrasse to far I ~ here I am, I'm a rainbow too ~ consideration:

A decade and more ago, when walking in a busy Hanover Park and Rye Lane, Peckham location of South London, I experienced stellar plasma fusion generated neutrinosynthesiser psychic/telepathy communications in the solar plexus chakra: As physically & metaphysically perceived I had n~syn. psychic/telepathy tuned into one or more men of a perceived Afro descent, who were laughing hilariously, if not hysterically: So powerful were their side splitting muscular six pack n~syn convolutions of laughter, as solar plexus chakra connected at a sensual spatial perception, I found it problematical to continue to walk along the busy thoroughfare without buckling at the knees: However, being then of a toned exercised musculature myself I was able to resist the knee buckling tendency, and proceed on my way without drawing undue attention to myself: In fact I would say that I found it to be quite an uplifting and enjoyable mirthful psychic solar plexus chakra to solar plexus chakra n~syn. telepathy experience:
Would that however, have been the side splitting enjoyable case if it had been an unexercised jelly belly hernia prone type of guy to experience likewise, is the salient muscular solar plexus chakra psychic question?

Peckham Rye is one of the places where the prophetic William Blake claims to have seen angels in trees!
Refracted sunlight sparkling diamond bright on scintillate raindrop wet leaves, maybe!
There are no bonobos living thereabouts to my beauyesbeau knowledge!
Through a fortuitous concurrence of congregating conglomerate molecular valency atoms I am that I ass am:

Were one to wear a green komodo dragon tattoo, would that to the tickled tattoo minded qualify as having put gay drag on!?
The world is my metaphysical oyster: as viewed at a reflection from a Cooktown Queensland graveyard through alert Gordon Gecko eyes wide open, head tilted, looking at me inquiringly; as anthropomorphic sun basking lizards do:
It can be irritating, don't you think, and find?
However, the oyster requires an irritant if it is to make a pearl: infinite in repetition as being eternally recurring:
Relatively speaking every entity body is both innocent & ignorant, as well as all knowing at an atomic valency consideration
The gobgobflobug rides again!
That which I do not know of I cannot speak thereof; not wishing to # higher than my philosophical ass, like Ludwig Wittgenstein:

posted on May, 17 2010 @ 08:51 PM
Hey I don't know if you guys are aware of this, but I just heard some really, really, really, like totally awesome new news about disclosure.

There's this woman named Blossom Goodchild, she is a psychic who is in touch with Extraterestrial entities. These sentient beings are friendly and form a Galactic Federation of sorts. Anyhoo, she has said that after multiple discussions with E.T. that they will be landing on October...........

*Sprints for the door covering head!

I bet your inside sources are just that, inside.....your head....damn it my humor is off today, you get my point. Provide something,, even "evidence" that would hold up in a Saudi court....otherwise quit looking for attention please, the adults are talking.

posted on May, 17 2010 @ 09:50 PM
I feel disclosure has already begun as our government has been desensitizing the public slowly over the last few decades. Simply put, to formerly announce to the general public that aliens and UFOs are real would create mass panic. However if the information is releases properly (a little at a time) and more importantly in a non threatening manner would be much more acceptable to the public.

Here are some examples...

1. Around 1995 a rock was found in the north pole that was examined and determined to be from Mars upon examination it was found that the rock contained fossilized bacteria (a non threatening life form)

2. Last years statement from the Vatican about ET (no threat)

3. The disclosure project in 2001, very impressive and kudos to Dr. Steven Greer, still (no Threat)

4. Astronaut Ed Mitchell's announcement earlier this year about ET presents (no threat)

5. Zecharia Sitchin has decipher the Sumerian text, awesome info and again very impressive but still (no threat)

I feel that in the next few years the ET information (bits and pieces) will start to be released more frequently and from main stream media. The announcement of discovered ruins and or abandon bases on either the moon or mars will be considered non threatening as the race that once built them are now long gone.

The government is and has been planting seeds, soon a harvest

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