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Shariah Law vs Constitution

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posted on Dec, 6 2009 @ 10:30 AM
I think we are all for religious freedom, We are probably more 'on the same page' than we realise. I think one problem is the belief system of Muslim cultures. Yes the attitude towards women but also things like this... In this instance, the publication of cartoons perceived as sacrilegious, brought about rioting and death threats. Then we have the 'fatwas' issued against people/things which offend the faith.
Add to that the expansionism combined with lack of integration of Muslim cultures. It's a very slippery slope. I remember way back, the headlines when a UK public swimming pool was closed to allow Muslim girls to bathe.
A small thing in itself but like I say, a slippery slope.
I don't recall the same sorts of concerns with other faiths.
That's my interpretation. Others may see it differently.

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posted on Dec, 6 2009 @ 10:38 AM
reply to post by unicorn1

That is my point unicorn1, I am all for someone practicing there chosen religion, but not at my personal inconvenient. Let’s say I want to go to the pool that day it’s a public pool after all what gives them the right to demand that others are not allowed in, they don’t own it. You can practice anything you like just like homosexuality in the privacy of your own home do not bring in to a public place and expect them to cater to you its just not done.

Gang to keep this thread alive please star and flag as you can. Thank you

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posted on Dec, 7 2009 @ 02:46 PM
My bottom line is I don’t care what God you worship, just accept the laws of the land you live in without trying to change them and don’t ask for special privileges at publicly financed institutions. And until you become and except religion by the land you live in do not get tax exempting or federal funds provided by any government.
And as I have said in the past, if American was to accept this as a religion than should we not also accept the Wiken, Satan worshipers, and the KKK as organized religion as well?
And since those groups were here long before Islam, should they not get first consideration in receiving tax exempt status, or government funding?

posted on Dec, 9 2009 @ 07:17 AM
todays email news letter from actforamerica:

Muslim Day on Capitol Hill

Brought to you by


Back on September 25th, a few thousand Muslims gathered on Capitol Hill, a number well short of the 50,000 the event planners were shooting for and hoping for.

An ACT! for America team, led by two of our Florida chapter leaders, was on hand for the event, and was able to interview a number of the Muslims who attended.
• In one case, the discussion centered around whether or not homosexuals should be put to death under shariah law. Care to guess what the Muslim’s position was?
• In a second instance, the team interviewed a disciple of terrorist Sheikh Gilani. Sheikh Gilani’s organization is behind the creation of some 40 secretive compounds in this country which are the focus of the video documentary “Homegrown Jihad.”

This interview is an eye-opening example of how, when confronted, Islamists deny even the most obvious and documented facts.
• In a third instance, our team captured some very revealing video about the place of women in Islam.
All three of these videos are now available for public viewing, and we encourage you to view them and pass this email on to others. For if a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth 10,000.

• “Homosexuals must be killed…”

• “ACT! interviews disciple of Islamist terrorist Sheikh Gilani”

• “Intriguing insight into a dominant male theocracy where men are intimidating and threatening and where women are segregated, submissive, and subjugated.”

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posted on Dec, 9 2009 @ 01:40 PM

as copied from a post by midnightdstroyer

Let's try to get off the racial/religious/semantics angle that's being nit-picked to death, because it's all merely a distraction to the real core of the truth; They call it "wagging the dog," but from what I've seen here at ATS, they haven't been able to "wag schrodingers dog."

So, why not look at the meaning of the word, terrorism?
Main Entry: ter•ror•ism
Pronunciation: \ˈter-ər-ˌi-zəm\
Function: noun
Date: 1795

: the systematic use of terror especially as a means of coercion

So who "qualifies" as being a terrorist? Certainly not the average Muslim who lives in a peaceful manner...Certainly not the Jew who never harmed anyone else. Even the mugger who took your wallet last month doesn't qualify...Unless he did it repeatedly & systematically. Do you want to see some real acts of terrorism?

The following terrorists don't use religion or race as their motivation for committing acts of terrorism. It's much more insidious than that...It's all about Politics. Politics nails everybody equally, except those who act aggressively while participating within politics.

Didn't GW Bush use fear-mongering tactics against Congress to push through a vote on the Patriot Act, even before Congressional Officers read the damn thing? Even the way the Patriot Act defines "terrorism" & "terrorist" is so broad & vague as to include anybody & everybody as an arbitrary whim of politics. Even the Law rules that any legislation worded so vaguely as to be easily confusable cannot be enforced as Law.

How about the way Bush continued using fear-mongering tactics on the rest of the government & the Public as a whole to push for enforcement of his Executive Orders & Signing Statements? And then again, fear-mongering to gain support of his use of military for an aggressor-invasion of other sovereigns nations (Afghanistan, for one example), even without official Congressional Declaration of War? Bush is documented as being dyslexic, isn't he? How the hell did he even know what he was signing?

There are other examples, such as his push to consolidate Power in the Oval Office, in violation of the various checks & balances in the Constitution, but just the Patriot Act alone is enough to make a point.

Considering this, who should be arrested for acts of terrorism & thrown into one of those prisons for which he illegally "authorized" the use of torture? Even though he's not in Office anymore, he can still be indicted under formal charges because he performed those actions while under Oath of Office! That Oath bound him to uphold the Constitution as a Contract of Employment & subject to all of its terms & conditions...He did a real bang-up job of it, didn't he?

Now also consider that every single Officer in government service is bound by a similar Oath of Office to defend & uphold the Constitution...What about the Officers currently occupying Offices Under Public Trust? They are all subject to the Constitution voluntarily. If they don't swear/affirm to the Oath, they can't occupy the Office or exercise any of its Powers, so it's voluntary; it's as simple as that.

So who all needs to be held accountable for "Breech of Contract" & "Breech of Oath?" In further accordance with the Constitutional terms & conditions under the Common Law, any Act in Breech of Oath instantly revokes the use all Powers vested in the Office. In short, once any Constitutional violation is committed & if said person remains in Office, he/she is acting as an criminal impostor to a sanctioned government officer! Just so there's no misunderstanding of my use of the word, "impostor," here's the definition of the word:
Main Entry: im•pos•tor
Variant(s): or im•pos•ter \im-ˈpäs-tər\
Function: noun
Etymology: Late Latin impostor, from Latin imponere
Date: 1564

: one that assumes false identity or title for the purpose of deception

So this means that, upon GW Bush's very first Act in Breech of Oath, he became an impostor & had no authority to carry out any other actions since that first moment in Act of Breech & therefore nothing he did can be enforced under the Law...To enforce such Breeches of Law as if they were Law is also a criminal act.

So how about Obama's support & perpetuation of Bush's crimes? Doesn't that make him an accomplice & accessory to those crimes? Doesn't that alone constitute "performing Actions in Breech of Oath?" Even more, Obama's got crimes of his own to worry about, even before he obtained the Oval Office. What of Obama's push for the Bailout Bill (which violated lawfully-established Constitutional Procedure over the Due Process of Legislation & violated the public's "general welfare" in favor of Wall Street welfare) while still acting as a Senator? What of his current push on the Health Care issue? Again, that works against the Public & in favor of Insurance Corporations. How about his mandatory Youth Civil Service programs? In strictest application of the Constitution, he can only enforce that upon Immigrated/Naturalized citizens and/or on Federal Possessions & Territories...Making it "mandatory" across the nation is outside of his lawfully-delegated authority & jurisdiction.

Even further, every government Officer who continues to support/perpetuate crimes committed by their predecessors in Office also become accomplices/accessories! So, by strict specifications of the Law itself, at least 99.5% to 99.9% of our current Office Holders are nothing less than criminals acting as impostors to Officially-Sanctioned Government Officers.

The suppressing of & violations against many of the Civil & Individual Rights Under Law (such as the current "policies" restricting peaceful protests, as one of many examples of High Crimes) are merely Acts of Terrorism working through the "chain of command" to the general Public & the individual Citizens. Much of the evidence in support of these Crimes are even a matter of Public Record!

So, I hereby declare that, with very, very few individual exceptions (those exceptions being the Officers who have a provable track record of serving the country faithfully), "YOU'RE ALL FIRED & MUST STAND TRIAL UNDER THE DUE PROCESS OF LAW FOR YOUR CRIMES OF TERRORISM, AMONG OTHER CRIMES!"

I'm not the only one who has learned the truth behind the "smoke & mirrors" strategies of our alleged Government Officers. There's well over 1 million people (& growing in number) who have sloughed off their lies & learned to Deny Ignorance.

posted on Dec, 10 2009 @ 01:28 PM

with excerpts of quotes taken from

"As for Muslim's (sic) living in non-Muslim countries like Canada, for instance, the Prophet p.b.u.h., has laid down the law that they are to be considered as if they are non-resident Bedouins. Such Muslims, therefore, have to observe the Divine Law of Islam, no matter where they live. [They must] establish a Darul Qada-a judicial tribunal that will, in effect, operate as a private Islamic Court of Justice..."

"According to Islam, as a consequence of this philosophy, despite the various ethnic, racial and other differences, non-Muslims, too, are treated collectively as one people, one community, one nation, one Ummah, vis-a-vis the Muslim community, technically known as Dar al-Harb."

This one is interesting as a quote, merely because it means that these people are stating that it is not religious freedom for them to not be allowed to have Shariah Law - but that of course, in their estimation Shariah applies to everyone regardless of their values.

So common law is discrimatory of their religious values. AND their intent is that Shariah will replace it - for everyone eventually.

"Islam does not believe in the principle of separation of the spiritual and the temporal, the sacred and the profane nor the church and the state."

Islamic law is considered to be divine in origin. The divine laws given to Mohammed are NOT mutable. Only Allah may change them.

How much more specific can one be than that?

posted on Dec, 10 2009 @ 03:05 PM
reply to post by Aeons

Thank you for your post this is exactly what I am looking for in a post, a topic links to back the truth as written, quotes to back it up the point the party is trying to make. Well done thumbs up. Look forward to reading more of your post. All I ask is for truth as written from the horses mouth is the expression that comes to my mind. And delivered without any hate just the facts let others in there small mind deal with the hate end of it for it serves no purpose there is a problem here are the facts now lets work together to find a peaceful and workable solution.

posted on Mar, 11 2010 @ 08:48 PM
Its time to re awaken this thread, king BO has surrounded himself with more and more of the people we are trying to get rid of. Now he is forcing executive orders down are throats just like heath care. The Progressives are becoming concerned with our responses and most are jumping ship as it were. The new people he has added can’t remember there names off the top of my head, so if some one could help me out there I would appreciate it. My point is they are put into place to help there agenda of in acting allowing Shariah, advancing there Marx, Moe and Socialistic ways. They are spoon feeding us Capitalism and no longer nudging, but shoving it down our throats. Please keep this post alive; to get the message out, we need to keep the public informed of the truth.


posted on Mar, 12 2010 @ 09:44 AM
Ok today I received this email, tell me again how they are in America and wish to assimilate. The pictures of the palace, what’s next I bet the white house. Wake up people for get about political correctness it will be the end of us all, whom believe in a free society.

Elected Officials Need to See

Information Like This

Dear everyone,

On April 24th, American Congress for Truth will host its second national web cast conference, “Radical Islam: A Threat America Must Take Seriously.”

The conference will take place from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM Eastern Time. All that is necessary to view the conference is to log in using the link immediately below, any time between 9:50 AM and 5:00 PM.

We have a powerful line-up of expert speakers: Brigitte Gabriel, Robert Spencer, Walid Phares, Andrew Bostom, John Guandolo, and Guy Rodgers.

It has been said “a picture is worth a thousand words.” The five minute video below is worth 10,000 words.

This is the worldview our elected representatives need to see and understand.

This is what we are up against.

This is what we need to fight.

Please spread the word, and plan on joining us on April 24th!

posted on Jul, 26 2010 @ 10:30 PM
It is time to re awaken this thread the internet chatter has gotten to quiet and this important topic should not stay that way. The media will not tell us anything because the current sitting president is a supporter of Muslim and at every turn has put other fellow Muslims in jobs at the highest levels he is able to do. We are just days away from total take over and the Constitution becomes obsolete and Shariah Law is enacted. Just the other day a women’s case has reached us in America so she has not been put to death for adultery as required by Shariah without any proof other than her husband saying so. So in fear of another case reaching us and our public out cry stopping them for the action they quickly chopped off the hands of a few thieves’ in a haste trial before we could say anything about it. We need to wake up and I will try and find the links to those two stories if someone else has them please post them for me thank you.

posted on Jul, 28 2010 @ 08:36 PM
reply to post by drmeola

News update, as of today she the mother accused is missing, an interview with family members says that no such adultery ever took place.

? How can I change the title of this thread? Thank you. A poster thought it should be Muslims vs America and I agree if someone could change that I would appreciate it thank you.

posted on Jul, 28 2010 @ 11:57 PM
Sharia Law itself cannot and does not apply as a legal platform, medium, avenue as well as not being a candidate for The Official State Religion for The USA as The US has none however The Constitution itself does allow for Sharia Law to apply to all who practice it but in cases like this the National Constitution usurps the State Religious Holy Doctrines of any faith on the planet.

Sharia Law is not designed, nor is it structured to work with the 43 States, 7 Commonwealths and 7 Territories of The USA. It is considered to be the legal platform and medium to any of the following nation :

Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emeriates, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Syria, Yemem, Oman, Bahrain, Pakistan, Palestine, Jordan, Kuwait, Qatar, Eqypt (Ran by The Monarchy), Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazhakastan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan.

And does not apply as legal law outside of any nation but the aforementioned. Respect for it however is required by all as every nation decrees the right to dictate or decree it's own laws, even if said laws circumvent or clash with any law on the planet. However, when traveling to any of the previously mentioned nations be forewarned that Sharia Law is in fact The Law Of The Land. Regardless of where you call home you are subjected to the laws of the nation you are traveling to any no longer under the legal jurisdiction of The USA. The most the Embassy or The Consulate can do is try to get you home no harm, no foul and at worst, get you banned for life.

People are actually trying to get that nullified and make every American subjected to American law while traveling abroad and that itself is unlawful and winds up in a whizzing contest with no clear winner.

posted on Aug, 13 2010 @ 01:13 PM
reply to post by TheImmaculateD1

Wow sorry I took so long getting back to, first by the wording of your statements you contradict, or seam to say the US has to allow under our own constitution for them to practice Shariah Law but when we go else where we are not allowed to practice our own so called religious laws. Interesting so here in the US you are saying because they claim it to be a religions law that even though murder is illegal here that there honor kills and what not because its there religious law we cant arrest them and prosecute them under US law system. Bigamy is also illegal here but because they claim religion they can marry up to 4 wives under Shariah Law and we can’t again arrest them for doing so. Is this what I am to understand by your post?

First let me tell you religion or not we sure can enforce our laws on any person living in the US just as if we went there to visit we should be expected to live by there law as you have stated. The difference is we do not because are hands have been tied by political correctness which is not a law it’s a practice and should be corrected. I am so tired of hearing about the poor poor Muslims whom pull out the dang racial card every time we inform others of the truth.

The truth is they are not here to assimilate into our society, they are not allowed to assimilate into our society by their very own Shariah Law period. They are here to take over to make the US be one of those countries you have named on that list you posted period. Until we stop calling them radicals and call them by there true name, MUSLIM, there is no such thing as a radical any where else in the world it is a word used only here in the USA because we don’t like to group them all in one, well wake up they are all one period they all must live by and adhere to Shariah above all else and once you know Shariah and the laws they MUST follow you will realize they need to get out of America either by their own freewill to leave of by force in a round up of all the illegal ones whom are here and I cant ever recall a single Muslim taken the oath of citizenship because then they would have to deny there precious Shariah so as far as I can tell all Muslims except the few brainwashed ones that were citizens prior becoming Muslims are illegal period.

To us those so called radicals are the bad ones, to them the ones we call radicals they call heroes, and great Muslims that will be rewarded with carpets of virgins for all days. Give me a break and wake up to the truth. How many more fort hood do you need to convince you, how many more so called honor kills have to take place how many more multiply marries and so call mosque must be built for you to realize there true intent?

posted on Aug, 13 2010 @ 04:02 PM
this thread reminds of that article/video of that judge letting that muslim man go for raping his wife

the judges decision said he had no authority because he couldnt rule against his religion

he said it was his freedom of religion to do whatever he wanted to his wife.

sharia law- honor killings because the father does like his daughters dating non muslims

both of these events happened in AMERICA....

and there are lots of things that are allowed in sharia law....

so yeah fight agianst them fight hard once this takes hold you and me will be subjugated to their beleifs.

and shaira law trumps the unconstitution first part of this post confirmed that point.

posted on Aug, 14 2010 @ 02:12 AM

Originally posted by drmeola
reply to post by TheImmaculateD1

To us those so called radicals are the bad ones, to them the ones we call radicals they call heroes, and great Muslims that will be rewarded with carpets of virgins for all days. Give me a break and wake up to the truth. How many more fort hood do you need to convince you, how many more so called honor kills have to take place how many more multiply marries and so call mosque must be built for you to realize there true intent?

I mentioned that Sharia Law itself is not and will not ever be a legal template whereas violations are prosecutable.

The Constitution does in fact give practitioners of the Islamic faith the authourity to practice thier faith fully but is still acountable to any and all laws locally and nationally to them (ie, United States Law). The main part of it that no one gets that with the addition of faiths since it's inception all are grandfathered in to protect them as well as this creates the foundation for the prevention and prohibition of an Official State Religion.

But, even though we have no State Religion here and as a Holy Roman Catholic I actually like that about our nation as this creates, allows for the creation, expansion of total universal understanding and tolerance of all. But the downside is that what we stateside will do and think nothing about can wind us in jail or worse in another nation as you are always subjected to the laws of the nation you travel to. Being a US Citizen doesn't somehow exclude us from laws of nations beyond our own borders so in this regard The Constitution itself becomes nullified and void as the protections contained therein only apply when stateside.

You take a life here it's Murder 1. In quite a few Islamic ran nations they are actually making moves to make the practice of Honour Klling a penatly punishable by death by either hanging or stoning. Every nation reserves the Soverign right to pass laws of its own choosing.

Every person who moves into our nation reserves the right to live in a manner that they've become accustomed to but the first generation or two of every immigrant family traditionally follows the customs from "The Old Country" but if you notice the younger generations are fully assimilated into our society here. The ones who still think in the old country are the ones designated to help keep the younger ones grounded and rooted in the family. Every person reserves the right to raise thier kids in a manner of thier own choosing and the law only steps in if the kid is either being neglected, abused or not being given an adequate education as outside of that the law has no legal standing or justification.

No one is here to perpritate a Coup De Tat over the United States so quit there as you are being fed some false information. I monitor lines like that and there is no indication that a secret cabal of Arabs is planning a takeover of The United States, even though ATS is all full of conspiracies (of which most are true) but this clearly is not.

The stance of how Islam shall be and is as seen by Mecca, Saudi Arabia who really and in reality truly represents the 1.45 Billion practioners of Islam across the planet is constantly time and time again drowned out by the 2.4 Million people who are actually against us. They are not nessecarily against us, the people of The USA their main bone of contention is TPTB so in that regard we do have some mutual foes.
MSM however will never report that because of the hypercritical nature of the message as TPTB can't have that.

al-Qaida, Hezbollah, ETA do not represent what Islam is and have since tainted the image of Islam forever and some will say irrepribally. Hamas has actually been impressing me as of late as they've launched no attack since 2007 and are actually adheering to a certain agreement that is still in effect saying that as long as they don't blow anything up they will have the world's ear in resolving the problems all Arabs face today and to bring all grievances to the world's stage. It never expires,

We are not designed nor structed for Sharia Law. Many Arabs come here to escape Sharia Law so that they can finally breathe.

In this case I know precisely what I am talking about so no the claim is nill.

Hook, line, sinker, SUNK

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posted on Apr, 28 2011 @ 07:58 AM
Hi and thank you for your post much information for me to go through,

First about me and why this response has taken me so much time to reply is I have in fact been studying law, more specifically the law as in regards to the constitution.
I do my best to reply without confusion since most people only parrot information passed down to them and believe it in their own hearts as truth, however many will find out that what they have been taught is false.

The laws and explanations in further detail can be found on my thread:

When using a document we need to understand the law of the time as in using law dictionaries from the time written, so to take your first paragraph, preventing the state from establishing its own religion. This simple is not true, the federal government can not establish one set religion; the stats how ever can, and have done so in the beginning, many states where in fact of Christian culture. Simply put a state ie country explained at my law sight, can, example the state/country of Florida can say it is catholic and all others must leave, this is legal and valid and depends on its local ie state/countries constitution, so it's the wording varies from state to state. Florida’s constitution clearly states it can kick out all religions like Islam that has a violent point of view, look up Florida constitution for exact wording.

As far as Muslim countries claiming that they no longer practice honor killings is exactly why there is so much fighting in the Middle East, simple because I am a better Muslim then you.

Secret cabal of Arab, ok I agree it is not a secret they are out in plane sight, ie the 35 known terror camps two not far from me in GA, so until you have driven yourself to one of these and seen first hand what is going on you will think it to be conspiracy.
For a more in-depth education on Islam from Islamic scholars I recommend they do a nightly show 6days a week and do have full scholars that not only speak Arabic, classic Arabic and several other languages but also lived and where raised in different parts of the Middle East.

From what I gather from the rest of your post, you are simple brainwashed, like so many others whom do not understand the language, heritage or beliefs of Islam and I encourage you to get educated.

There are many types of jihad to carry out as listed in the Koran, very few have to do with blowing something or someone up, the first jihad is demographics in nature come in peace till your numbers are great, then take over, second jihad infiltrate all forms of government, both of these have been accomplished.

Never forget their biggest weapons of their faith:

Jyzia tax imposed on non Muslims
Taqiyya the right to lie to protect or further Islam
Shariah laws of Allah including pedophilia
Akbar greatest/biggest
Auliya not allowed to friend others/ non Muslims need not apply
Jahelea time before Islam Shariah

These are just some of the teachings of Islam, which all Muslims must live by.

posted on Jan, 7 2012 @ 08:54 PM
Shariah Law is valid.

1. You have to study Sharia Law and decide of your own free will that it makes sense. Then you are obligated under it.

That considered, how many laws are you bound by without your consideration and consent under the Laws established by the Constitution?

Which is better, having the opportunity to study the law and make a choice, or be a slave who is bound by laws he does not even know?

2. Muslims ARE instructed to take sharia law to all nations, but they are not to force sharia law on anyone. It is a choice.

3. Sharia Law is only valid till the day of judgement.

So, don't worry, it won't be an issue soon.

With Love,

Your Brother

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