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The largest street gang in America.

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posted on Nov, 19 2009 @ 04:42 PM
The public and the Police seem to forget that Police are Public SERVANTS. Put there to Serve and Protect. The worst thing that has happened to the police is video camera's are Everywhere and there scared to death they will be seen doing sh** they shouldn't be doing. Also if a cop is giving you hard time get his badge # and the next day file a complaint. You'd be suprised the damage you can do to a cop by going to his supervisor and filing a grievance. If you don't have a criminal record and make a fuss they can lose there jobs if there is enough complaints.
Where cops literally get away with murder is when dealing with people who are breaking the law in some small way and the cops get way out of control. In those cases PRAY someone is using their cell phone camera. In today's world I would say 1/6 has a cell phone that has video. In a few years every cell phone will have video.

posted on Nov, 19 2009 @ 04:44 PM
It drives me nuts that so many people say they couldn't make it through the entire hour of video.

The later section about obtaining complaint forms from police stations is extremely important, and something that many more citizens need to be aware of. Things like this only become a problem because our citizens are so spoiled that they are naive and passive. Nobody thinks about or cares about how you would go about reporting an illegal police incident until they are in that situation, which is a huge failure of the people.

Will "modern" and "advanced" societies ever evolve the ability to be proactive by nature, or will they always be doomed to learn every lesson the hard way?

posted on Nov, 19 2009 @ 04:54 PM

Originally posted by Doc Tesla
every few weeks there is a thread about how the police are the largest gang. byt this point its just beating a dead horse.

we get it cops are bad. move on.

It's never beating a dead horse when the citizens point out what those who are meant to protect us who we pay to protect us act in a unprofessional manner.

posted on Nov, 19 2009 @ 05:00 PM
Wow I posted this and left for the evening come back the next day and its a hit! First off let me say thank you everyone for taking the time to type up your opinion on the video. It doesn't matter if you agreed or disagreed with the videos message I appreciate you taking the time to share your opinion.

Now one thing I notice with the people who disagree with the video is that they are using examples like "you think thats bad, cops in [insert country] are worse". I think if you feel this way you've missed the point of the video. It not necessarily to say that cops in America are the worst in the world, after all it isn't a competition there is no winner when there are corrupt police, Its to point out that corrupt behavior in the police force of any given country is detrimental the civilian population.

Another thing is people seem to defend the police because they are a necessary evil or because their job is too hard. Let me say this first, if you aren't put together enough to handle the responsibility and authority you are given as a police officer then you should not be a cop. You cant defend their corrupt behavior by trying to convince me that they deal with a lot of stress or that "they risk their lives", yes and they should have been aware that they would have to risk their life and that there would be a great deal of stress. If they can get away with murder by simply saying that their job is really hard, then why cant the rest of us who may hate our jobs get away with similar corruption or criminal behavior?

Are police necessary? At this point in time yes they are, however that should not mean that we should sit idly by while they abuse their authority and get away with numerous crimes. If we are to have a police force is it too much to expect that they fulfill their obligations to the community with a little dignity?

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posted on Nov, 19 2009 @ 05:07 PM
This thread requires this photo...just for a little comic relief...

As for me, cops are still the good guys, though I'm not saying there aren't some proper arses in uniform. It's about the allocation of power...don't like it? Vote your reps out and make sure they know why.

posted on Nov, 19 2009 @ 05:08 PM
Its a shame that people propagandize and misrepresent to try and make people believe all Cops are bad when the opposite is true. Some are bad but they get weeded out over time.

For the most part Cops are just ordinary people like anyone else, except they have a job where they deal with the scum of society all day, every day. Its not surprising some of them snap.

Imagine the things they see and have to internalize. Mangled bodies at car wrecks and crime scenes. Raped women and children. Peoples property stolen and destroyed. Gangs of cheap thugs dealing Crack to children.

I wonder how many of you would snap under the same pressure? I doubt most of their critics would last the first year.

posted on Nov, 19 2009 @ 05:17 PM

Originally posted by caballero
They have infested every city in america, their numbers are rapidly increasing, they have a seemingly endless amount of money that will most definitely go towards weapons to be used on innocent people, their code of silence keeps their members quiet so they are free to beat you steal from you or even kill you, unlike most gangs whose race is required for membership they are a mixed gang with all races and religions working together to terrorize the innocent, they do not have to answer to the law because they are the ones we trusted to enforce the law.

However increasingly throughout the years we have seen how corrupt they are. They are no longer there to protect and serve but to honestly enslave and exterminate. Police corruption is out of hand I will not argue that police may be a necessary part of society but something has to be done to bring them under control.

I was outraged after watching this video, at points I could not believe that a stupid uniform could change a persons mentality to such a disgusting point. Something is terribly terribly wrong with the police forces across the country.

The largest street gang in America.

I'm a cop and as I have said in other threads, some of us are actully honest and fair and even take care of people that "like you" lump us all together and hate us all.
This subject is really getting tiresome. I don't know what the OP does for a living but whatever it is I bet there are some bad eggs there too.
Find something original to gripe about.
Seeashrink, aka Sarge

posted on Nov, 19 2009 @ 05:23 PM
People seem to have a hard time drawing the line between good cops and bad cops. Not that I blame them. If the good guys are sticking up for the bad guys, who's sticking up for the people? For every bad cop theres ten good ones, but that ratio dosen't mean # since the ten good ones are going to keep their eyes off the bad one and pretend like it dosen't happen. Its just one of those sad facts of life.. But to any cops out there, don't think your making the PR any better by not busting these guys. Everyone knows theres corruption in any given police department, and trying to tell people its all untrue is like a wrestling fan trying to argue that its actually real. The game is up, people know how ugly the dark side of the law can be. Your not protecting anyone by burying anything you see into a dark corner of your mind and doing a thing to stop it.

Tazers are one of the worst inventions ever brought into creation.. It allows the officer to violently settle a confrontation without very limited repercussions. Being tazed is, by all measures, one of the most painful exepriences a human being can expect to be exposed to in an average life. But it leaves few permenant wounds, the suspect is unable to scream, and I'm sure it looks quite harmless to the casual observer. Don't be fooled by the fact that every officer is (allegedly) required to be tazed before they are issued their weapons. The three seconds they get is nothing compared to the ten that most people get laid on them if their lucky. The fact that their convulsion and unable to use their vocal cords might make it seem like it just puts someone on the ground, but that is far from the truth. Tazers are more akin to torture devices and shock collars then any instrument of 'law enforcement'.

It gives fat, blustering bullies the chance to feel like big men.. Very rarely are the cops I see abusing their equipment in shape, good looking, or not obviously bordering on anti-social behavior from the start. No, their the lazy, out of shape under achievers that wouldn't be able to apprehend a suspect through physical struggle so they rely on mace and tazers and a shiny badge to feed their need to be 'dominant'. Their the same bullies that could only make friends with people as deranged and malformed as they are, except now instead of forming cliques and shaking people down in the lockerroom their putting on a uniform that they think makes them powerful.

I'm not knocking your every day beat cop. You guys have got it rough, and you do a tough job. But those swaggering, baton rattling pigs in black and tan that seem to be replacing the real boys in blue? They can go fry with Lucifer.

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posted on Nov, 19 2009 @ 05:24 PM
reply to post by Blaine91555

Excellent. Also, when we get the thugs, drug dealers, baby rapers, and various other pieces of sh?t, the justice system slaps them on the hand for upteenth time and lets them go. Just today I sat in a four hour class called Legal Updates so they could tell us (the police), what we couldn't do and how the Supreme Court just gave the bad guys new rights.
Gotta love it.

posted on Nov, 19 2009 @ 05:26 PM

Originally posted by Blaine91555
Are you guys posting from Prison Cells?

There are bad Cops around, but not even close to all of them. The only people who want no Police are the criminals they protect us from. You would have to be a total idiot to not want Police?

What are you two up to that makes you want the Cops dead? Do you steal, hurt people or deal Crack or something? You guys Gang Bangers? Rapists or Murderers? Shoplifters maybe? You hijack cars perhaps? Fess up, your into something bad.
Otherwise, why do you want the Cops dead? Its sure not because you are decent law abiding citizens who respect your neighbors and their property.

Of course you could just be adolescents pretending to be bad asses
You guys still in High School? Junior High? Cause if your not, you are the problem.

Sounds like a perfect description of some police officers to me.

Cops are the worst liars, theives, rapists, drug dealers and murderers. What makes them worse than your average hardened criminal off the street? They prey on your trust.

The cops profile people all the time, the few affect the treatment of the whole lot. In this case it's about time the cops got profiled. They are common criminals and rapists and murderers.

Are you blind to how bad the corruption of the LAPD has been and still is? How corrupt all police departments are? Open your eyes!

Murder, drug dealing, prostitution, rape, evidence tampering, evidence planting, racism, illegal search and seizure, the list goes on and on ... anything you can think of the police have their hands into it.


DA drops charges

Jury clears rape charge

Officer jailed

Former officer pleads not guilty


Case goes to trial

Charged with trafficing

Arrested in sting

Charged with possession


Killed unarmed man

Two dead four wounded seven cops charged with murder

Charged second degree


sex crimes officer solicits prostitution

Sex with prostitues while on duty

secret service officer


stealing liqour from suspect

Stealing from home depot

Selling stolen lawnmowers, boats, ATVs etc

I could go on all day long, but you get the point.

Before you accuse someone else of being a criminal and saying that the cops are trustworthy, stop and think for a moment. The cops are the dirtiest, most corrupted and criminal sociopaths in north america.

posted on Nov, 19 2009 @ 05:31 PM
reply to post by caballero

I actually showed my wife the video, she being a very open minded person immediately took the " we don't now whaqt actually happened" stance. From this I come to the conclusion that people are to afraid of this being true to confront it head on. Think about it, in the video a mans wife was sexually assualted by several officers. In that situation there is no justice....I honestly feel if I were that Man.....I would end up dead, but not before....
How confrotqable does that actually make you feel? To think that your only option is to ignore it or die gettting even? To much fear for most people.

posted on Nov, 19 2009 @ 05:43 PM
A good cop that covers for bad cops IS a bad cop.

And, no, I would never call the police for anything, ever. Honestly, I am more afraid for my safety around police than I am around criminals or mythical terrorists.

This is what comes from the militarization of the police and a preference for ex-military recruits. Soldiers are trained to kill people and destroy things. Who thought it would be a good idea to bring these guys home and let them apply that same training to our own citizens as police officers?

Any good lawyer should tell you, nothing good ever comes from an encounter with police.

The pro-police folks on ATS always come into these threads with the "oh, most police are good cops. It's wrong to paint us all with the same wide brush." Let me put it in terms that even the average double-digit IQ law enforcement thug can understand. I've posted this before but it bears repeating.

This is about SURVIVAL. Some snakes are poisonous. Some are not. If you can't tell the difference by looking at them, the only sure way to survive is to treat them all as if they are poisonous.

Some cops might taze and kill you. Most probably won't. Can you tell the difference by looking at them? No? Then what is the only sure way to survive?

You poor stupid cops. Respect has to be earned. Only fear can be imposed by force. The more fear you instill, the less respect you will get. All the beers, blow, and unjustified suspect beatings in the world can never change that for you, as much as you might try. Nothing can make that taste of corruption that you live with everyday taste like honor and dignity.

A good cop that covers for bad cops IS a bad cop. No matter what it is, if you knew about it and didn't stop it or report it, you condoned it. Dance around that all you want, but that is the bottom line on good cops. That is why I feel there are none of those left.

posted on Nov, 19 2009 @ 06:01 PM
reply to post by Ambient Sound

Thank you for clarifying that very important fact. It seems that even though people are saying there are good cops, said good cops never seem to stop the injustices that occur.

Rather they turn a blind eye and pretend it never happened.

Right now I am a student, when I was working there were a few jerks. However the jerks I worked with, even at their lowest moment never brought any kind of harm or injustice to anyone. They might have been rude, but that was about as far as they could take it. They didn't have a badge allowing them to do whatever they wanted.

If they were ever out of hand I wouldn't just let it happen either I would stop them.

I sat in a four hour class called Legal Updates so they could tell us (the police), what we couldn't do and how the Supreme Court just gave the bad guys new rights

Right there you see where you are wrong?
Those rights were given to all of us civilians, good and bad. To protect the innocent from police who do abuse their authority. Its the states burden to prove someone guilty.

posted on Nov, 19 2009 @ 06:04 PM

Originally posted by Ambient Sound
A good cop that covers for bad cops IS a bad cop. No matter what it is, if you knew about it and didn't stop it or report it, you condoned it. Dance around that all you want, but that is the bottom line on good cops. That is why I feel there are none of those left.


Guess what all Cops who happen to be reading this thread ... It's your #ing job DO IT.

If you don't treat everyone equally under the law your are a dirty, corrupt, disgraceful excuse for a professional.

posted on Nov, 19 2009 @ 06:29 PM
reply to post by Blaine91555

You said you didn't watch the video all the way. For a cop to arrest someone for asking for a form is always unacceptable and I'm sure you missed that part or you wouldn't be saying anything. He tested it in different locations and got the same anwser everywhere; which wasn't sir, here's your form. I also disagree with cops trying to say that THEIR word is law and not what the law really is, again if you don't do anything wrong and they ask for your name and address and you give it to them you surrender your will over and they can do whatever they like. However, if you did not do anything wrong and you do not give your name and address and they arrest you anyways, that is force, not "law" and thus serious legal action take place against them. People really should start looking into the laws and how to protect themselves, so that atleast when they are wronged, they can skip a couple of steps and just got right to pressing chrages for police supressing rights...

posted on Nov, 19 2009 @ 06:43 PM
reply to post by caballero

Well, there you have it. The wisdom of a student. Wow, you must be 19, 20,..21 years old and you have got it all figured out.
As I mentioned earlier, I too was a "student" today. This is what I learned;
I can no longer search a car incident to arrest for weapons, drugs etc. Even though in the past this priveledge has produced a sawed off shotgun that was meant for me or some other unsuspecting fool, and thats just one example. You see sonny, I have had my rights violated by the police on numerous occasions. One which resulted in a 5 year lawsuit,...and we basically lost. You see the guy was a bad cop and I was a good cop, he at least, lost his job and the "blue wall" didn't help him.
Our Constitutional Rights are a wonderful thing and I have vowed to uphold them and will continue to do so. I thank God for them. But the problem is when some scum sucking defense attourney gets a pedophile rapist who has just ruined another childs life, case thrown out because a cop asked the right question at the wrong time and it is percieved that his Miranda Rights were violated, or he pleads insanity, or the cops made some other mistake that a defense attorney can twist and turn after months or years of awaiting trial. So the pedophile goes free to trash another child, perhaps yours and who knows? Maybe this time they will kill the child just for #s and giggles.
Yes, proclaim your rights as a good citizen, but don't tie my hands with BS so I can't do my job to protect your brillant butt.

posted on Nov, 19 2009 @ 06:52 PM

2nd line

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posted on Nov, 19 2009 @ 07:46 PM
You might glance at the latest Jordan Maxwell video on Camelot. He talks briefly about the symbols and color used and how they map to different Masonic orders of Europe.

posted on Nov, 19 2009 @ 08:17 PM

Originally posted by Blaine91555
Its a shame that people propagandize and misrepresent to try and make people believe all Cops are bad when the opposite is true. Some are bad but they get weeded out over time.

For the most part Cops are just ordinary people like anyone else, except they have a job where they deal with the scum of society all day, every day. Its not surprising some of them snap.

Imagine the things they see and have to internalize. Mangled bodies at car wrecks and crime scenes. Raped women and children. Peoples property stolen and destroyed. Gangs of cheap thugs dealing Crack to children.

I wonder how many of you would snap under the same pressure? I doubt most of their critics would last the first year.

This point of view is no fun for the phony rebellious types though. I commented earlier that this thread was stereotyping cops and that if we were okay with that we should find videos stereotyping everyone else too.

Of course I was slammed by someone accusing me of wanting to act like the things in the video didn't happen. Typical straw man argument because I never suggested that we should ignore the video, I simply suggested that it didn't even come close to representing all police officers.

But again, that's no fun. Bashing the police is in nowadays and nobody wants to suggest any kind of reasonable measures to stop this kind of behavior by the very few, they just want to take their shots and show how anti-authority they are.

I'm Mexican, and the cops don't mess with me... period. Not because I'm a badass, but because I don't give them a reason to. It's amazing to me how often people who are harassed by the police have priors, or are on drugs, or were loitering in a known drug trafficking area, or are in REAL GANGS WHO WILL KILL YOUR MOTHER IF SHE TAKES A WRONG TURN.

In fact I'm going to start a more reasonable generalization right now. Everybody who gets messed with by the cops is bad... at least we have a bigger sample size with that assumption.

Screw everyone who the cops harass... they are all bad people.

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posted on Nov, 19 2009 @ 08:21 PM
Absolutely. I used to live in a mafia controlled neighbourhood (smaller city in Sicily) for some time that has a history of being controlled by one family for a long time. Something like what has been shown in the video is almost impossible there, really. Because everyone knows that something like that is not tolerated (violence against kids)and that it has real consequences for the ones committing, if the parents go to one of the "family"-members and complain about the case. If the parents even happen to pay the family on a more regular basis, then all i can say to the crime committers is : good night!
And it would not matter anymore if the committers were cops or even workers for the family itself...
Because if you pay someone (cops, or security ,or mafia) and that someone enjoys certain privileges within the community then it would be considered as weakness and cowardice if that person or group is using its force against the very ones that paid for the service.
And thus they would be replaced sooner or later by another faction who has the "balls" and the strenght and is superior to the weak and cowardly group, so to speak.
This is a simple system, which is build on honor, strenght and trust and guarantees saftey. Its only requirement would be for the people to support the real honorful and strong ones from society and stop supporting the cowards, who think they are big when they taser a kid 19 times. Because this "Bullyism" is really just inferiority! And now look at what kind of people are serving in the police nowadays and tell me that they are rolemodels for society. Cowards altogether.

thank you

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