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I'm confused about the Joe Moshe story. What bothers me...

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posted on Nov, 22 2009 @ 04:41 AM
The curious cases of "MOSHE"- "Bar"- "JOSEPH"

This story just gets weirder.


The "Joseph Moshe" who was taken from his vehicle on August 13th 2009 is sitting in LA County Jail as of now. Calls were made to confirm this by his booking number and name. I personally called and spoke to the clerk, as noted before. Rumors say he has been transferred to a mental hospital for observation. But the clerk told me he was definitely at the LA jail and that I could try and visit.

A couple of weird things about the LA based Moshe, is that in original reports he had a second passenger with him during the drive who "bailed out". Yet no footage was caught of this. He also withstood a huge amount of chemicals before finally succumbing to Taser. Very strange indeed. But could it be he's just a crazy guy who was impervious to this? I don't klnow.

Like I said before, Dr. Deagle and True Ott are the suspicious characters in my view. Deagle kept intimating that Moshe was "headed for the Israeli Embassy". Yet there is nop way Deagle could have known this intention. Plus, the Israeli embassy was not even that close in relation to the incident. The Westwood exits near the Freeway are all central to the Federal Building and such. Most any "chase" would take him by that area in LA, it's not uncommon.


There is the OTHER Moshe. Moshe Bar Jospeh. He is the one that people suspect Dr. True Ott got the infamous phone call from (off air of course). Yet recently his wife was called about her husbands new found internet fame, and it seems they are aware about the accusations, and refute them. Noted, Moshe Bar Joseph is a PLANT virologist, and specializes in FRUIT TREES. Totally different Biology from HUMANS one would think?

His info can be seen here. If you study his photo from previous threads, there is NO WAY he is the same "Moshe" pulled from the car in the Los Angeles stand-off.


Gotta love these name relations!

There is a Neuroscientist who has connection with the Israeli IDF and software start ups.

Taken from the Wiki Page.

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For the neuroscientist, see Moshe Bar (neuroscientist).

Moshe Bar (born in Jerusalem, Israel in June 1971[citation needed]) is an Israeli technologist, author, investor and entrepreneur.

An Israeli and US citizen, he is a co-founder of Qumranet. Qumranet was sold to Red Hat in 2008 for US$ 107 million.He previously founded the company behind the Xen software, XenSource, which was sold to Citrix for US$ 500 million in 2007. Before that he founded Qlusters Inc, and was the founder, main developer and project manager of openMosix. Furthermore, he frequently acts as an angel investor in high-tech start-up companies such as Sullego, Hyper9, and others. He was also involved in Qlayer, sold to Sun Microsystems in January 2009.

The author of several books on Linux, file systems and open source development, he was also a senior editor at Byte Magazine for over eight years.

He has authored several academic papers on high-performance computing and taught at Tel Aviv University, and is a frequent speaker on subjects such as virtualization, enterprise software, Linux, and free software.

Before entering the high-tech business, he was a career officer in the Israel Defense Forces.[1]

Now being that "Moshe" and "Bar" are common names for the region, there is really no reason to think he is the intended Moshe Bar that called in to the True Ott show. But, he has all the makings of someone closer to the description of this would be caller True Ott spoke about. Maybe he's a rabbit hole, maybe he's nobody.

There is a fourth Joe Moshe but I have little info on him.

Like I said before, this whole story is fishy and it all leads back to Deagle, True Ott, and the anonymous poster H.L. Schenken who started this "coincidentally" accurate Ukraine prediction.

I still want to know Deagle's "sources". Who H.L. Schenken is. How did they know?

And since the LA based Joe Moshe seems like someone who was used for a story, then who is the Moshe that supposedly called the show?

There's a bizarre game going on here with made up characters, and one big HUGE coincidental prediction of a Ukrainian outbreak.

I'll try to update more later.

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posted on Nov, 30 2009 @ 11:00 PM
reply to post by star in a jar

I looked up that quote on the Vancouver web site. It's taken out of context. It was actually sarcastic in its entirety.

I have a question in general about this story. What about the 2nd person who may have been in the red VW?

posted on Dec, 4 2009 @ 10:25 AM
reply to post by Prove_It_NOW

Hmmm... why does an Israeli intelligence officer have online resumes with pictures? Didn't look into it, just sounds really odd. On to this post...

You say you called the jail and verified he is there, and that you could try to see him in person - why didn't you go visit again?

I can't find anything about anyone contacting his wife (of the Virologist.) And why not contact him directly, or contact his employer or MOSSAD?

This one of the 3 studies virology. Yes, plants mostly according to his recent published works, but he was(?) an intelligence agent. He also seems to have done a lot of work around pandemics, control, elimination, and detection of viruses. I haven't read any of his research directly, but some of the titles suggest engineering. At the very least genetic decoding and characterization (looking at the DNA/RNA to determine how/why a virus works and evolves.) Oh, and while I'd be a fool to suggest plant and animal virology is completely identical, they certainly do have a LOT in common. It's really a different subject - plants are a subject, animals a subject, and viruses a subject. So suggesting human and plant biology is different is almost irrelevant, because the virus is another form of life altogether.

In any case, it's not been suggested (that I've seen) that this man helped to create the Baxter/Ukraine ummm... infection. Just that he had knowledge of the plans and development.

A second person was reported being in the car and fleeing...

Hell maybe Moshe Bar Joseph is the one responsible for creating the possibly engineered virus and someone was trying to give him up.

Personally, I'm trying to verify that this isn't just a case of Mother Russia catching a glimpse of that guy being arrested and capitalizing on a combination of events to try to recover the Ukraine under it's control. Then again, Baxter has had some major issues swept under the rug, and has more power than any corporation should ever have.


The Joseph Moshe could have had the knowledge and the Israeli virologist just be a coincidence brought to light by the radio people. Is anything known beyond his age? Some reports have him making the threat to the White House to a police dispatch, which means the call was recorded... Anyway, if he claimed to have a connection between Obama and the soon-to-unfold Ukraine travesty, I can see how a dispatcher could take an excited statement to be a direct threat against the President. I haven't seen any real evidence of an EMP or microwave weapon used, but perhaps that had something to do with an 'ordinary' person taking a few shots of tear/pepper gas?

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