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Some new UFO pics

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posted on Nov, 18 2009 @ 10:18 AM

i found these cases of UFO sightings, i thought they are interesting for posting...

three UFOs - formation...

Mexico UFO case

I live in New Mexico under an Air Force flight path. Stealth fighters are not at all unusual in the skies over my house. Occasionally, I see aircraft that I can not identify, and have gotten in the habit of keeping a camera handy when I am going to be outside for a while. One afternoon, I caught sight of something out of the corner of my eye. The oddest thing about these craft is that they made no noise at all that I could hear


BRITAIN is turning into an alien nation according to Sun readers who have flooded us with reports of UFO sightings. Following our story of a UFO seen off Cornwall on December 29 we were inundated by calls from people who had similar things all over the country. Some claimed they had seen alien spacecraft off the same bay in Cornwall where our original UFO was snapped. A man who asked just to be called Edward snapped a strange shaped object which appeared to be 'buzzing' a Navy ship. He said: "I was taking photos of the ship when a helicopter from it took off, flew west then landed back on board just a few minutes later. "It was only when I blew up the photos on my computer that I realised what the helicopter had gone off to take a look at. "It was in the exact same bay as the one featured in The Sun earlier this week." American holidaymaker Ian Mulford also believes he snapped a UFO at virtually the same spot as Edward.


i tried to compile here some of the new UFO cases



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