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2012-not the hype (SE1)

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posted on Nov, 18 2009 @ 06:33 AM
Ok I have seen some threads mentioning this topic and the boat that billionaires and dignitaries are buying seats for. But there so called plan of survival leaves a lot to be desired, and a few of these were mentioned in the thread such as, were are the engineers, medical teams and a work force.

2012 I am not one of those end world type of people. But I do believe that the alignment of the planets to take place on that date could turn out to be very bad. We know that our moon takes a big part in tide changes, so we should expect nothing less to occur. I feel the natural destruction will be greater than that, the question is how best to survive?

Many 2012 ers, believe and are preparing for underground survival and are preparing for a 10 yr hitch. Reason the fear of radiation from the sun. My idea is different and is not only for the date of 2012, but a retreat from land incase of nuclear attack, as well as any other potential threat. I to support the survival at sea, but my plan known as SE 1. would be for everyone who wants to band together in times of trouble. My idea is not a brainstorm of just me but of countless people just like yourself. I welcome any and all input to help improve my chance of surviving.

A little about myself I have been on the water in one aspect or another since I was 12 yrs old. I served on board 101 footer for 5 yrs, and I was a pilot trainer for the marine police as well as an officer. I also served in the military, and been in trucking for over 22 yrs, and I have owned my own rig. So I am not without knowledge, but I am far from a know it all. This is and introduction of the SE 1 idea. Please read it ask lots of question and give your opinion so that we may all have a better chance to survive any up coming disaster that may come our way.

To clarify I’m not a follower of the 12/21/12. I would just like to be a survivor of any threat being of natural or man made disasters, Iran is only steps away from having weaponized uranium. With the constant delays of the U.N. and the so called peace talks regarding the uranium they currently have, uranium at over 35 percent and every day they can delay in the agreements that’s one more day closer to achieving weapon statues of 99 percent. When that day comes not only are the surrounding countries in there area are done for but a good chance that so are we. Any land mass will be in jeopardy are only hope for survival is the water’s of our great ocean.

By studying the natural ways of the water such as hurricane patterns and rogue waves, in the sense of were they form and occur most often will determine the place we could setup a main ship. It very well means a destination further off shore than the 20 mile comfort zone. But no distance will be a problem with relay ships in place. All ships will have armed guards to ward off pirates and make a safe haven for us all. There are classrooms on board and teachers will be needed, not so much for general topics that are taught in today’s classes. We will need our children to be taught to survive on the water, sailing and star reading for navigation cause there is another threat from above with the debris field in space growing there is danger in satellites being hit and destroyed cutting off communications. Making the global positioning systems unreliable if it would work at all.

continued below.

posted on Nov, 18 2009 @ 06:37 AM
They need to be taught as well as every person in a fleet how to repair and maintain the filter system for without that we would quickly run out of drinking water. Mechanics to teach repairs of the engines. There are many things to consider and discuss. We pray that we never have to activate our plan of escape and if we do we pray that the length will be short but no one could not know for sure, so I’d prepare for a year at sea. When in reality it could be much longer. I think you would need guns, ammo and security personnel. As well as professionals in the medical field and computer networking. Ham radio operators, engineers and mechanics. I have and idea to set up two stations one off the east coast and one off the west coast of the USA exact position would have to be decided. But the location will be approximately 20 miles off shore. Allowing the smaller ships easy access, I would hope to see fishing fleets with experienced crews and hoping for a fuel tanker to hook up with anyone gathered on the water.

This is my idea of survival. This is a work in progress MRE’s to blankets and medicine you name it will be on a short list of things to gather. But most of all ships. I think this would be a good description of a main ship is below this one has over 60 bunks and here would be a good place for teachers, medical personnel and radio techs.

This is the perfect example of what I would like to acquire for a main vessel for use as a medical and head of operations ship. The best vessel for survival on the open sea would be a converted barge. They are reasonable in price and can handle all survival upgrades.

-Built 1956
-Dry docked 2003, Blasted, Coated w/Epoxy,antifouling, then Zinked.
-Painted in/out
-Excellent Condition
-3 Floors
-2 Offices
-8 heads w/16 showers, 22 toilets
-8 to 10 private staterooms w/60 Bunks
-3 Large Lounge Areas
-Laundry Room w/3 washers, 4 dryers
-Large storage area below decks
-Refrigerator and Freezers
-CHT Sewage System for holding and discharge
-4 new A/C Units
-Set up for Shore Power
-Can easily be converted to Genset Power
-4 to 5 additional rooms being rehabbed (could have lead paint)

This is the kind of ship I would use in the event of 12/21/2012 or upon a clear attack from a nuclear weapon. Ships should make 1000 gallons of filtered water a day from the sea. And store enough food for all aboard for one year. This will not require a lot of food since a plan includes fishing fleets that will provide 90 percent of our food source. Or you could just fish for yourself. Of course the tankers and fishing fleets would not need to store food or produce its own fresh water supply since this would take up space from there main purpose. Besides the tankers and fishing fleet I think you would also need smaller boats anchored to the decks of selected barges for patrol.

Our biggest fear on the water will be pirates. I would hope to become one large family, and hope to return to land in a timely fashion and when the time comes to return to land that’s when the farms and construction builders will come into play.

I saw some of the move (water world). And I have been told that is kind of what I’m preparing for. I will have to find time to watch it, it could be informative.
Well that’s SE 1 what do you think? And are you a survivor?
Looking forward to all your input.

posted on Nov, 18 2009 @ 08:09 AM
So my first question is this:

Who's bringing the giant boat?

posted on Nov, 18 2009 @ 08:21 AM
I have thought about this too..

I keep ending up with the thought of using tankers and making shelter on top of them.

My 1st question is...are we smokers?

couldn't resist srry...

But on a side note, I find it hard to comprehend 7 billion ppl, "thats just the U S" going toward boats....
If it was known, that anyone had this going "survival boats", you would be overwhelmed with ppl, and I'm affraid you would be over run.

Unless you have 20,000 of these boats, and have an armery that rivels small countries.

But there is also the idea of to no where too.... for the panic strickin general public with nothing to contribute..

posted on Nov, 18 2009 @ 08:46 AM
Ok to the first response (who is bringing the big boat) lets say I am. What would you have to contribute to the survival of those you share space with? A skill, a trade or a profession that would help secures our survival?

To the second response. Tankers are fine to use as there intend ant purpose to carry fuel, oil and so on. But not a great shelter because it would become to top heavy and vulnerable to rouge waves. Barges converted can support a good amount of people and all the conversion would be below so no worries of being top heavy.
As a person who grew up on the water and have always lived on the coast, there are plenty of small boats around but we are not talking about saving the masses. And how can the ships be over run if you don’t give a location other than a location out on the water. In order to get there you would need some form of your own transport, such as a small speed boat or fishing boat and would need to be with someone that can read a loran type or gps. There by showing you have the skills and are able to contribute to the survival. O the water. The perfect vessel would be a submarine because you wouldn’t have to stay topside at all. But don’t know of any one who owns one of those lol.
As far as an army, I have my own personal weapons and besides myself many retired military personal who also have there own gun collection. The best defense against pirates would be the sound system can’t remember the name of it but easy to use and very effective. Even a small caliber say a 22, can be a great deterrent, cheap to buy and cheap to shoot. Pirates would think twice before trying to come on board if all on ship was armed even with just a 22.

The ship I describe as the office, or main ship is top heavy and would need to be expanded on both sides by barges. Barges are great because they can be easily converted or expanded from 50ft to 1000ft long. Just by adding sections, and are easily attached to the sides of a top heavy ship to give it more stability.

I thank you for your input and look forward to more ideas and things to consider. Keep them coming.

Oh sorry addressing the general public panic and boat to nowhere if they don’t except the idea now of preparing for survival of some sort. Than they have no one to blame in and emergency than them selves. This is a war of sorts and only the prepared and strong will survive. And that’s my intention is to survive. As far as going nowhere that’s not true I would think in a water world society we would go to were the weather is favorable think if the poles were to shift changing the location of the equator. On the water we could easy move to warmer or warming waters. Were on land your trapped.

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posted on Nov, 18 2009 @ 09:10 AM
Whether it's movie hype, paranoid suspicion or reality 2012 is certainly a meme that has caught fire.

I haven't decided what I think in totality yet but the fact that even my Dad is strategizing on how to make through alive has me both amused and slightly worried. Let's just say it involves a submerged septic tank...just don't ask why.

I'm interested in this thread. I think more people than would admit it are quietly asking themselves all of these same questions.

As for a boat, I tend to wonder if it would work at all in excessively strong winds. But then there is the Noah parable...

FWIW, you can sign me up to scrub toilets if it means my family and I would survive.

posted on Nov, 18 2009 @ 09:26 AM
The boat/s to nowhere was not meant toward your idea or you..
It was meant for the panicing masses, a pacifier of sorts.

They would be sent out without the proper location ever in mind!
Sounds cruel, but if your like me and have last minute things to take care of, you would need an attraction near where you dock.

I also think, you could be wrong about how many would find/know of your position, if not emmediately, it would be rumoured soon.
I also think that straglers, would tend to group up, and could be a threat if say 10 boats worked together.
Not trying to throw wrenchs in your system, just trying to look into, the what ifs and worse case senerio.
There are a whole bunch of ppl that have 20-60 ft boats that would be cruisin around. Not counting any real military thats left out to sea.

I just hope my inland boat will not get destroyed, in the initial up-welling.

posted on Nov, 18 2009 @ 09:37 AM
Some of my thoughts about staying land bound. First water if your lucky enough to have a well you can make a manual pump for it so no need for electricity but what about if the water table becomes contaminated do you have a proper filter system to handle the impurities? Also what about removal of waist and if the outside area is devastated you would be hard pressed to find game for food there for have to store enough to get you by for an extend period of time. These to me are costly ventures and yes there are many underground survival techniques but I’m an out doors kind of person and to me it would be like buried alive. I would much rather take my chance’s out on the open waters were I have an endless supplies of drinking water do to the filtering system. Winds and waves are not too much of a problem with the proper boat I have ridden out a hurricane in a 25ft cabin cruiser it wasn’t fun but came through it ok.

Hi doc I took no offense I knew what you meant. And yes many small groups of boats will find out because I would tell them the more that band together the better chance of survival. But the point would be they are in a boat small or large helps add to our over all force. But there would be no worries of a run on the docks because it would not be docked. And at 1000 gallons of fresh water a day converted there would be no problem supplying the small ships with water. Yes a 10 boat group lets say became hostile we would talk to them with logic does it make sense for them to go it alone as a pirate or to work together for the survival of all. And with there own boat we would not have to worry about finding sleeping places for them. The main ship would be the attraction a place to meet organize and hope even to have some fun.
and doc keep those wrenches coming I love them keeps me on my toes
I would hope there were some military ships around as well they could help keep the peace and protect us from pirates I’m sure they would lend a hand to the best of there ability. I could imagine a 200 plus ship fleet of civilians surrounded or escorted by military vessels that would be great. Don’t you think so?

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posted on Nov, 18 2009 @ 09:57 AM

Originally posted by spines
So my first question is this:

Who's bringing the giant boat?

multimillionaires, the scientists, the geneticists, the doctors, the geologists, the animals

posted on Nov, 18 2009 @ 10:09 AM
To be honest the military would scare the h@ll out of me.

If an event happened, the ship would most likely be rogue.

If contact was made early on, "before reality set in" I think it has chances, but 100+ military guys, gung-ho scared and hungry, with enough weapons to control, and the thought "mind frame" that they should... is not my best out-come senerio.

If more than one nation had ships out there, I would fear one military, would make claim to its nation of origin and/or just want to be dominate.
For an excuse to defend/attack.

I tend to think if miltary/s are involved we would end up, in not the best situations in the end.
Just depends on whether, they would accept, being a part of something great, or wanting to run the show. Claiming its for the best..kind of like uhhh... the way things are in todays world.

posted on Nov, 18 2009 @ 10:16 AM
I think my biggest concern in this scenario would be fuel most small boats use gas and not diesel fuel and tankers mainly carry oil not gas since the gasoline is produces or manufactured in land base facilities, processing plants. Diesel is also much safer no fumes to worry about. So there would have to be away to convert the smaller ships to diesel. Diesel simply a combination of oil and kerosene.

And Doc I’m thinking we would have some sort of warning either in the weather patterns in the days leading up to the event or word from the news about and imminent nuclear attack. Hopefully giving us enough time to head out to sea.

Ok cydonia122 for argument sake as I said earlier I’m bring the main ship.
Millionaires and what not ok here’s a brake down on the ship mentioned above.
Sale price 300.000.00 water system installed 18.000.00.
Divided by its 60seats comes to $5300.00 per person. Or a family of 5 would be.$26.500
Now of courses that doesn’t include food blankets amenities an what not. But for under 30 thousand to save your family of 5 seems like a small price to pay. Don’t you think?

I agree Doc it could be a bad situation but like myself and many others being prior military I think we could talk to them in a diplomatic manor if not we are screwed cause yes they could try to take over and we would have little chance to stop them. If they followed protocol and with the masses as we would be with all the boats there would be elected civilians to represent us to the military and I would hope for a peaceful resolve.
Thank you for bring that up.

posted on Nov, 18 2009 @ 10:40 AM
Here are two more examples of boats that can be converted to living quarters for a small pice.
40' Charter Fishing Passenger Downeast Lobster - 46 Passengers to 20 miles Original owners since they had it built new in 1976. Always well maintained. Coast Guard certified for 46 passengers. Detroit 892 285 hp rebuilt in 2003 low time Cruise 10 knots, max 12 to 13 knots 150 gals fuel VHF 2 depth sounders 2 radars 2 GPS EPIRB 2 Garmin GPS 2 life rafts for up to 37 people, one covered 48 life jackets Life ring Engine room fire suppresant system 3 fire extinguishers 45 rods and reels 1 head Insulated ice fish box on deck WE WILL PRESENT ALL OFFERS ON THIS WELL MAINTAINED CHARTER BOAT - GET INTO THE CHARTER BUSINESS FOR A RELATIVELY SMALL INVESTMENT OR CONSIDER THIS VESSEL FOR LOBSTERING. A LOT OF LOBSTERMEN ARE GOING BACK TO WOODEN BOATS. EASIER MOTION AND LESS WEAR AND TEAR ON THE KNEES. There is also an Area 1 Lobster Permit that is attached to this boat and can be purchased separately. .ho
Status: Available
Price: USD $62,000
Year: 1961 Price: US$ 40,000 Located in NJ, United States Hull Material: Wood Engine/Fuel Type: Single Diesel Custom fishing/charter boat,made with white cedar planks,oak frames,using Monel fasteners.Has hydraulic anchor hauler/35# Danforth anchors USCG COI for 20 passengers coastwide. Additional Specs, Equipment and Information: Builder/Designer Builder: Milton Salmon /custom made Designer: EDWARD MONK Dimensions LOA: 45' Beam: 14' Displacement: 19 gross Draft: 4' Engines Engine(s): diesel/Detroit Engine Model: 671 N Tankage Fuel: 275 Hull White Cedar planks with Oak frames and monelteners. Electrical North Star 802 Loraih North Star GPS Robertson auto pilot 48 Mile Furuno Radar Status: Available
Price: USD $40,000
these are just some of the examples i found on the web and I think any of these would make a good one or two family survival boat. what do you think?

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posted on Nov, 18 2009 @ 10:49 AM
reply to post by drmeola
It is a great idea you have but I doubt it will serve you well.

I have a 32' boat and if necessary I and my friends are well equipped to become pirates. I've lived on the Atlantic Ocean all my life and am well heeled in all things on the high seas and rivers.

The first problem I see is that if the alignment of the planets does cause disasters there will most likely be tsunamis on most all waters. That would take your barge and my pirate ship down to Davy Jones locker I imagine.

If you managed to get through the disasters you would have me and many others attempting to take your boat.

I will say now that I am not a thief but in an end of world situation I would be a ravaging animal doing what I had to to protect myself and my family.

Don't worry, your boat is safe from me. I believe it would not be the best way to survive a disaster.

If the water doesn't get me I will probably dig in to a high bank on a fresh water river close to my home. That is very doable and I've certainly spent the best times of my life on the river and could survive happily.

But when you really think long and hard about the whole situation it's easy to see that very few if any would survive in a world disaster.

I'm sorry for the young people, of course including my precious family, but I believe I'll just stand tall and watch the show when/if a mega world disaster happens.

I'm tired of war, killing, hunger, sickness and the evil I have seen in my 62 years. I can not think of a time that there has been peace since I was born.

I'm sick at heart for the little children that are taken and used as toys and then thrown away like trash.

I've sen enough death. I've held the hands of the dying and have sensed the relief they seem to have on their last breath.

There are many more things worse than death. Seeing or knowing of millions of people dying a horrible death would be worse than death for me.

So, build your ship and sail the seas Captain. May you always have fair weather. I shall watch you from the heavens.

posted on Nov, 18 2009 @ 11:02 AM
I thank you dizziedame for your input. I to am concerned with the tsunamis scenario more so than a few lone pirates but I do get your drift. And I appreciate your vast knowledge on the sea. I am sorry that in your short 62 years you have seen so much death I can only assume you are a vet and for that I thank you for your service and wish I could lighten in some way your heavy heart. I wish you and your family nothing but the best and may all people of this world wake up someday and through down there ways of violence and maybe someday we all will live in peace.

posted on Nov, 18 2009 @ 11:08 AM
I like to say this is my first thread and I hope I am responding correctly to all who have made comments. If I am braking protocol please let me know so that I can correct the way I respond. Thank you for all your help. I think we are off to a good start.
I am currently working on my second thread and waiting for approval on the new thread cause I am learning my way around and figuring out how to add u tube videos to my threads.

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posted on Nov, 18 2009 @ 06:35 PM
Looking for more info about the kind of waves and pressure that would be created by a tsunami, and if further out to sea would the possible damage be more or less? Any info or web sites you could suggest would be greatly appreciated.

posted on Nov, 19 2009 @ 08:03 AM
The best advice I can offer is to start saving your money.

By January 2013 you should have a sizeable amount of cash that will allow you to purchase dirt cheap survival equipment on Fleabay when all those who panicked decide to sell their wares.

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