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Disclosure subtly beginning?

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posted on Nov, 18 2009 @ 02:18 PM
You would think that if Disclosure is going to happen, then Stephen Bassett would be the guy who would possibly know something.

He above all people should have insiders who know what's happening, so if he's quiet, then I think all this recent activity and discussion is just another hyped up situation.


posted on Nov, 18 2009 @ 03:13 PM
Why would ET's care about who approves or disapproves their arrival ?

What could possibly stop them from revealing themselves to the world ?

You think they'll hold off until a said: president gives the green light ?

You think soon as Obama or whoever admits ET's exist that they will magically appear in front of our very eyes ?

If I see alien craft begin to land everywhere on earth soon after Obama or whoever admits their existence, I will be very puzzled as to how/why that was possible. You know what that means then, right ? It means aliens have been communicating with the elites and have agreed to show up through permission at a given time. Also means that they must have made deals with the elites which I'd say are not good deals because judging by how the current elites treat us, it wont be good. Thats why I dont await approval by any power on earth to disclose anything concerning ET's except for non intelligent ET's like the Bush Family or something.

Thats just how I feel about disclosure and the questions I have towards the subject..

posted on Nov, 18 2009 @ 03:21 PM

“Another legend of Santa says that he makes a list of children throughout the world, categorizing them according to their behavior ("naughty" or "nice") and that he delivers presents, including toys, candy, and other gifts to all of the good boys and girls in the world, and sometimes coal to the naughty children, on the single night of Christmas Eve. He accomplishes this feat with the aid of the elves who make the toys in the workshop and the reindeer who pull his sleigh.[4][5]”

Its no wonder we are all #ed up telling kids this crap?

maybe santa just gets bigger as we get older !

posted on Nov, 18 2009 @ 03:23 PM
I don't think any of these movies are anything more than profit entertainment. If all these things were true, 10s of thousands of people would know the "secret." And then the world would know.

If I suspected anything, it would be the opening of UFO files in a very short period of time, in many countries. That is the only "disclosure" evidence I've really seen.

V by the way, would be a terrible disclosure method. Hmm... let's let the world think that aliens are manipulative killers.

posted on Nov, 18 2009 @ 05:50 PM
Unless aliens are the new terrorists.

posted on Nov, 18 2009 @ 05:59 PM
Awesome. Yet ANOTHER thread on how someone thinks disclosure is coming. Out of control.

My two cents. It's nothing but a coincidence.

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