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Why was Microsoft not Trust Busted?

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posted on Nov, 17 2009 @ 07:45 AM
Xerox and Bell got trust busted. They were never as powerful as Microsoft. Xerox did technology for printers for copying. They were a monopoly on office electronics products and they were trustbusted. Apple scavenged their windows/mouse technology. Microsoft scavenged Apple for the same stuff.Bell was trustbusted. They clearly had a monopoly for the phones. So why was Microsoft not trustbusted in 2000. At the time they were facing court fines for embedding their internet explorer into the microsoft system, bundling. But that was trivial. They had a clear monoploy on software. Everyone's computers across the world ran windows. Compare the secrecy of windows to the transparency of Linux and Unix.
Now take a look at poor Mr Gates. He is using his vast fortune to invest in humanitarian projects.that are possibly fronts for depopulation efforts. The point is he is a tool for the CIA or Microsoft would have been busted long ago.
Microsoft created its monoploy through negotiations with hardware vendors. The arrangements not to release hardware protocol to api interface information how to make their hardware work, only released to microsoft. Microsoft secured these deals with all the hardware vendors so that interface information was only available to microsoft and not revealed to the public. That's why Linux was slower to catch up with technology hardware because they had to hack any interface information.
The same secrecy made it possible for Diebold to create voting machines that the users were unable to see how they worked and whether they were being rigged.
The CIA is kneedeep in Microsoft

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