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indigos, crystal, star, etc and the rest, My voices

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posted on Nov, 19 2009 @ 09:23 AM

Originally posted by KyoZero
What I loathe about the indigo qualities is that they are cold and broad and can fit damn near anyone


Its a little more than a set of traits. I know some run with this. It has to do with experiences and awareness. In other words getting wake up calls and either memories or a deep intense core need to explore these issues because you know something. I have a thread about waking up to who you are in source and all the tools that are useful in doing just this and getting into your right hemisphere:

posted on Nov, 19 2009 @ 05:18 PM
reply to post by Unity_99

Yes but half the teenagers I know either think they fit or do fit those experiences

I have taken the aura color test. I scored high on indigo and I wasn't being terribly liberal

Below is the indigo traits with my explinations for why I and others fit them

My appearance often seems androgynous. (I have a tough of femininity in my face...wife loves it BTW)

Waking up suddenly causes me physical pain. (I have insomnia and often times I wake up instantly in dreadful pain)

I have difficulty relating to the world in its current condition and often don’t feel that I belong here. (I think the world is full of crap and frankly I don't think I belong here)

I have difficulty relating to my physical body. (alot of teens go through dysmorphia...hence bullemia, anorexia, cutting)

I have a highly sensitive physical, emotional and psychological system. (this is a matter of opinion...what is the standard measure and how does one make this call? This is a cold statement)

I have no issues regarding sexuality — heterosexuality, homosexuality or bi-sexuality — in myself or in others. (I absolutely adore all sexualities because we deserve equality)

I “know” that there is spiritual energy in all things. (I know this but again this is a cold statement)

I have a strong curiosity about physical reality as it relates to spirituality. (I am very interested in the spiritual versus the physical. I study it alot)

I am extremely sensitive and compassionate, yet strong and independent. (Again it is cold. What is the standard? Am I more sensitive that most indigos? Am I less? Lots of teens are sensitive and far too independent)

I tend to question and challenge old, dogmatic beliefs and methods. (Do you know many teens who don't?)

I cannot be forced to operate against my beliefs even if it would make others happy. (Once again, do you know many teens who don't fit this?)

I feel more creative and spiritually “advanced” than others. (I feel this way but what is the standard again? This is another cold statement)

The truth is many teens without being liberal can fit most or all of this

Also you talk about deep core feeligns to explore because you know things...alot of teens go through such exploration. It is normal. It is part of life. Alot of people feel the need to explore the metaphysical and alot of people 'know' things.

I fit pretty much every single one of those factors? Am I an indigo? Maybe..but I am no more special because my color is different than most. The tests, spiritualists...lots of folks told me I am one of I can accept being called one but there is nothing anymore special about me than anyone else...we all have a journey

The problem is alot of indigos take that label and suddenly they are god's gift

Those are my issues

Indigo to me is just a pretty label to make a new generation feel better about themselves


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