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South Africa: Blogger arrested!

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posted on Nov, 16 2009 @ 09:32 AM
The last of the website can be located below using the Google cached function.

Old ZASucks Site

The new website can be located with the following URL.

New MYSASucks Site

So, they are back in business but certain authors of the site, due to being targeted by the ANC have dropped out. Understandable to some extent, since children are involved.

Cheers - Dave

[edit on 11/16.2009 by bobs_uruncle]

posted on Nov, 16 2009 @ 04:11 PM

For more background on UG's arrest; the person who laid the charges against him; was a Mr. Fred Rundle, former AWB spokesperson.

Mr. Rundle alledges that Uhuru Guru (UG/Bert Oosthuizen), an IT-specialist, hacked Mr. Rundle's email and facebook accounts, and then sent out pornographic related emails, and pasted such interracial pornographic content on his facebook site; among other things.

Mr. Rundle is not the first person to make such allegations against UG.

Mr. Frikkie Potgieter has also made such allegations, and in fact Mr. Potgieter has provided evidence of the IP address, which he alledges is that of UG, who set up false email addresses with Frikkie's name, and sent people pornographic emails and images, etc. Allegedly UG' also subscribed Frikkie to about 30 interracial porn sites, and constantly sent him messages suggesting he commit suicide, etc., etc.

For example, allegedly this is an email from UG/Bert admitting what he was upto:

Boervolk Forum: Frikkie Potgieter Thread
----- Original Message -----
From: BertO
Sent: Sunday, July 19, 2009 12:22 PM
Subject: Re: Where is Cobus on Saint Madiba day?


LOL, brilliant advice, I second that – like you have NO idea!

Ever since he relieved me of a few grand (2002/3 I think) I suggested the same thing to him. Every now & then someone jumps from Van Staden’s bridge just down the drag from Frikkie.

So I dutifully email every incident to him, just as a reminder of his obligations to the world.

Silly bugger doesn’t think it’s funny anymore, in fact he even reported me to Mweb abuse. Not sure what he got upset over the most – the suicide emails, or the fact that I subscribed him to about 30 gay interracial porn website newsletters…

Oh well, in the end I got my money’s worth. Our hero is too stupid & short-sighted to realise his name & reputation is worth far more than a miserable few grand.



Then there is the small matter of those alleged 'South African farm murder crime scene photographs that were published on post (#6151), titled Your Life is In danger.

UG and his lawyer brother (in fact the post was a post about legal professionals discussing their evidentiary opinions about alleged black on white crime stats) repeatedly confirmed that these photographs were from anonymous SA Policemen, and SA police crime scene files. They insisted this was the case, and should they be proven to have made any errors, they would immediately publish a full and unequivocal retraction and apology.

Well, at least four have been proven to be fake; and 2, maybe three are badly fake --- namely their origins can be traced to crime scene pornography sites. Accordingly they are definately not recent SA Crime scenes.

Furthermore, UG refused to publish a retraction or apology. When the issue was raised, he decided to plead 'coward on behalf of the family', and shut down SA Sucks.

I Luv SA retraction and apology: Black Swans, Misrepresentations and the Truth

Why We Are White Refugees Retraction & Apology
[Update 09-11-07] Notice of (i) Correction of Error/s & (ii) Retraction of Enclosure; re: Encl.Your Life is In Danger (

Here you can find links to all SA Bloggers pro and con, and media articles, about the arrest: Was 'Uhuru Guru's' 'Arrest' Legal? Who Gives a Flying Rats Ass? Should You?

Hope that provided a bit of perspective.

posted on Nov, 18 2009 @ 04:10 AM
reply to post by wildbill.hickok

Wow, thanks for all that. How the plot does thicken. I had also heard that the arrest had something to do with a right-wing split between pro-Jewish and anti-Semitic factions. There seems to be a lot of disinformation flying about.
I just agree that SA history was presented in a slanted manner by the MSM, and that whites do face targeting and discrimination within the wider problems of South Africa. Otherwise the site was interesting to gain insight into the various factions and internecine conflicts of the rightwing.
I still wonder why the whole saga was ignored by the SA media, especially since the sites had been the topic of the Kieno Kammies show on radio Cape Talk/702 a day or so before the arrest. I would have thought such inter-rightwing fighting would have been a scoop for the pro-ANC media.
I wonder how many of these sites and parties are set up by government agents to control and monitor the white right.

posted on Nov, 18 2009 @ 04:38 AM

Yes, according to UG, one of the issues that Mr. Rundle had with UG, was that UG is married to a Jew.

Whehter Mr. Rundle really did have these concerns, I don't know; since some of the alleged statements he made in his 'emails to UG' sound very much like UG wrote them. So I don't know.

As for the marriage part. Now I don't care who he is married to whom. However, as some have pointed out, UG allowed for the criticism of all races, including whites, he wrote horrific things about poor whites. But he refused any criticism whatsoever about Jews. He also severly criticized those who had miscegenated; and yet he was married to someone other than his own racial group.

It appears he required higher standards of others, than he was willing to live upto himself.

I have no disagremenet with the slanted manner the media portrays South Africa, at all. However, I imagine if you want to criticize the media for doing something, and withholding certain ifnormation, or usiing false information and propgaganda, it would help if you don't do exactly the same thing.

Furthermore, if UG is 'conservative' then I clearly have misunderstood the rpinciple of 'conservative'. Conservative is above all about being personally responsible and holding yourself accountable. He does anything but.

As far as I am aware the show on 702, occurred after the arrest; not before it.

In my view, any blog or pro white site, that goes about publishing information that they know is false, and fraudulent, allegedly on behalf of white victims of crime, or farm murders; is not doing any of those murder victims any favours; to the contrary.

But then, for some, the issue of 'crime victims' is not really such a big concern, namely in stopping it; for it is an exceptionally useful tactic to use to instigate the race war they so desperately desire.

You can observe this, by their total refusal to support any non violent or legal efforts for secession or for raising awareness or for any civic actions to make positive changes. None, zero, nada support. The only time they give a rats ass about whether someone was illegally arrested, is if it is one of their fellow mob justice practitioners.

So, all they really want is to replace the ANC's mob justice, with their own version of mob justice; which is anything but founded on constitutional republic conservative foundations.

They have absolutely no concern for constitutional republic issues, like endorsing the rule of law, for all, or any such matters.

posted on Nov, 18 2009 @ 05:57 AM
reply to post by halfoldman

It's highly doubtful that the ANC is behind these bloggers. It's far more likely that white criminals are exploiting the overall high crime situation in South Africa by pretending to be sympathisers of other whites who feel marginalised. In that way they get hold of IP and e-mail addresses, lure targets into disclosing confidential information, and then resort to intimidation and threats to extort from victims. The old con trick.

The "controversy" about whether they are pro- or anti-semitic is just a smokescreen.

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