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Consciousness/Spiritual/Dimensional Shift Will Only Hold You Back

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posted on Nov, 15 2009 @ 02:38 AM
I would like to preface what I'm about to say with that I fully believe people can believe whatever they want. I'm posting this to get people to think about another possibility all together, one which I have not personally seen presented anywhere else.

For thousands of years the ancient teachings and wisdom of every culture have had ways to bring enlightenment to the individual. There have been many names for these enlightened people, and they have fulfilled a number of functions in the cultures they were a part of.

All of these teachings, methods and practices have a number of things in common. These include ideas such as devotion, meditation practices, initiations, the learning of sacred texts, mythologies, and lore, the honoring of various aspects of divinity, and of course, most of these have numerous warnings given to they who would aspire to whatever wisdom is being offered, warnings against temptations, distractions, hubris and the like. The warnings indicate that the path is not easy and wisdom is not freely given over to anyone.

For whatever reason every culture has been of the belief that it takes, essentially, dedication to spiritual development to achieve spiritual development.

Today however there is a plethora of people who preach and believe that at some point in the future (most of it is around 2012) humanity will suddenly make a leap in spiritual development. The reasoning behind this idea itself is numerous.

The point I'm making is that there is a belief that somehow, magically, people will achieve a greater degree of enlightenment and have to do absolutely nothing to obtain it. The planets, angels, aliens, or some other supernatural or divine force will facilitate this for us, act as a medium, and we will all be saved.

Even in the less extreme forms of this belief, the idea is the same, that somehow people will get something for nothing. I would point out that this idea of being saved, despite the fact that it is often espoused by those who believe they have a more modern conception of spiritual reality (often called new age, yet not all who belief this are "new agers"), it is no different from the Christian idea of the rapture.

We have indeed entered a new age, where religious institutions have crumbled and people can forge their own, very unique paths. However, even those who choose such a path do not come by their enlightenment for nothing, it does not come over night, and for those whom these things go deeper than parroting pretty words and phrases, they know what they have gone through to reach that place within themselves.

So I ask everyone these questions:

When was the last time you got something of spiritual value for nothing?
When was the last time you met an enlightened person who did nothing to obtain it?
When was the last time humanity experienced any kind of shift like this?
What will you do when/if 2012 comes and goes and the world is as it is today, people still suffer, our leaders are still insane, there is still slavery, war, famine, greed, pollution, disease?

I would certainly like what I see as a fairytale to come true, and for humanity to spontaneously become more enlightened. However I fail to see any evidence or anything at all to point in a direction that this will occur. There have been profound planetary events in the past, there have been profound changes in society, civilization, and world events in the past. Neither of which resulted in what people speak of and envisioning as happening.

I don't deny there have been explosions of spiritual potential, Renaissances if you will. One happened around the 15th and 16th centuries, another such explosion happened at the turn of the 19th century, another in the 60's, another in the 90's. Yet these merely opened up greater and vaster doors for individuals to decide to take up spiritual development for themselves, it did not spontaneously cause these people to reach a spiritually developed state. Furthermore, many of the people who got sucked into these revolutions didn't make it, they dropped out, quit, died, were driven mad by what they saw.

It may appear there are more "spiritually awake people now than ever before" but remember there are 6 Billion people on the planet right now, way, way more than even a hundred years ago. Of them, how many fit the profile of being spiritually awake? It may seem like a lot to you, but in the big picture its really not. Also keep in mind being spiritually awake must endure the test of time, its all well to know 25 year old's who are into Buddhism, the real test will be what they are when they are 40 (I'm in my mid 20's BTW, but have watched numerous people sell out who were once on a path of awakening).

I'm not trying to upset anyone, rather I am challenging what I see as no different from the myth of being saved by the work of Jesus, or the rapture, or any other such event which claims we gain something of great value for nothing, or for very little.

Most importantly what I'm saying is don't wait for a savior to come and enlighten you. Do it for yourself, now, then help others achieve the same as soon as possible. In this way and this way only (so I believe) will humanity reach a state similar to that envisioned as the result of a shift of consciousness.

In LVX, Love and Life

posted on Nov, 15 2009 @ 04:03 AM
Great thread, I completely agree.

If our purpose here in this physical existence is to learn and progress in our spiritual existence, then it wouldn't make much sense to get a free pass. Our reality as it is today, is perfectly setup to facilitate our spiritual progress faster than ever before. We have all the necessary requirements and more to 'spiritually evolve' -- Pain/bliss, good/evil, happiness/hate, etc. We also have the added advantage of technology to assist.

Everything is in it's correct place right now -- It's up to us to make use of the moment and earn our way into higher consciousness.

Live in the now.

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posted on Nov, 15 2009 @ 04:20 AM
when you take a slab of clay and have an idea. You go fourth and create something. you take a material and mold and shape it into what ever you would like. Life is like that. You just have to get your hands dirty and feel the experience. And you have to overcome the hardship and doubt intrinsic in the creative process. Sometimes I want to quit and doubt that I can create what I had in mind, but after work, work and pause, and more work. It starts matching what I had in mind. Some people have trouble making the connections for creation. So that is why the visionaries are here.


posted on Nov, 15 2009 @ 06:19 AM
In many if not most of the spiritual ideas is the concept of reincarnation. My own view on what's going on is that taking on board the fractal nature of our reality, big imitates small and vice versa. I believe that human history up until this point has been our gestation period.

I believe that we are spiritual entities, immortal beings. Our souls have been developing and growing for thousands of years, and as they grow and develop, they require the safety and support of a physical body, and they also need constant support and incentive to continue to grow and develop. Therefore, to provide this safety and continued impetus, our souls create a physical body around themselves, and culture provides the structure and education, and struggle, that is required for the soul's advancement.

The problem with having a physical "womb" body is that we become attached. We identify with the womb body rather than to our spirit body, we develop habits, some good, some destructive, we develop emotional ties with the people and places we know and love, and that can hamper our development. So, with each new life, we set aside the old memories and start fresh.

Now I'm not arguing for it or trying to convince anyone of it, I'm just stating my own personal belief, but if you also share that belief, it allows you to view death in a completely different way. It stops being the end, and becomes instead a change. It's a chance to start over from scratch and do it better this time. The people we've lost, those who have already ended the incarnation we knew, they've gone on to new lives, perhaps on the other side of the world, or perhaps nearby, even in a new generation of the same family. They're not wandering the spirit world or sitting on a cloud playing a harp, their energy has been changed, never destroyed.

There are no free passes. There is also nothing wasted. Those who are about to ascend have spent thousands of years in many different incarnations, using the structures around them to learn and grow, attempting in each life to overcome the forgetting and regain an understanding of who they truely are and what they're really here for.

10% of the population of human history are alive today. I see that as all the souls who have lived and grown on this planet are making sure that they are in a physical body, ready for what is coming. Many cultures teach of the 26,000 year galactic year, that mirrors the 260 day gestation of a human fetus. The bible tells us that when things get really rough at "the end", we're not to let it frighten us, because it's just birth pains.

I'm sure that if we could remember being born, it would be a frightening experience. Our whole world, everything that we can see, everything that's kept us alive our entire lives suddenly appears to reject us. Endorphins rush in, and the very walls of the world squeeze us out of paradise head first, and then our umbilical cord, the very thing that's fed us and sustained us our entire lives is ripped off us. It could well be a time of great uncertainty, or great concern, and the worry would be that this might be the end.

Of course, generally a baby being born isn't the end, it's a necessary discomfort that must happen or else the baby won't be born, and it's not good for a baby to stay in the womb longer than it needs to be.

I don't believe that the Mayan calendar is counting down to destruction. It could just have been counting down how long we have to wait before we can properly get started living, without being trapped inside this womb.

posted on Nov, 15 2009 @ 06:24 AM
Ive been playing with the idea that the 2012 theory is just to keep people passively waiting for something to save them while the NWO finishes their iron claw empire.

But then I look at the ancient texts and multiple cultures that foresaw events in this age and I hope to myself that these are not fake. I truly hope there will be change. Real change.

If change is a global disaster killing off 80% of the planet or if its a change in consciousness doesnt really matter as long as the result is a better human societies where we are no longer slaves running in the money wheel for the elites.

Just change this world. Destroy it if required. Just my 2 cents.

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