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The Seed Must Lead - Famine In The Land

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posted on Nov, 14 2009 @ 06:16 PM
One of the hindrances to living our best life now is selfishness. As long as we are focused on what we want, what we need, we will never experience God's best. But if we really want to grow in our faith, we must learn to be a giver.

The Scripture says, "Whatsoever a man sows, that he will also reap." All through the Bible, I find the principle of sowing and reaping. Just as a farmer must plant some seed if he hopes to reap the harvest, we, too, must plant some good seed in the fields of our families, careers, businesses, and personal relationships

What if the farmer decided that he didn't really feel like planting, that he was tired, so he "felt led" to sit around and hope the harvest would come in? He would be waiting for a while. No, he must get the seed in the ground. That's the way God established. In the same way, if we want to reap good things, we, too, must sow some good seeds. Notice, we reap what we sow. If I want to reap happiness, I have to sow some "happiness" seeds by making other people happy. If I want to reap financial blessings, I must sow financial seeds in the lives of others If I want to reap friendships, I should sow a seed and be a friend. The seed always has to lead.

I think the reason many people (including me) are not growing is because we are not sowing. We are all guilty of living self-centered lives. Unless I change my focus and start reaching out to others, I will most likely remain in that condition.

If I want God to solve my problem, I must help solve somebody else's problem. Get some seed in the ground!

In biblical times, a great famine struck the land of Canaan. People didn't have any food or water, and they were in desperate need. So Isaac did something that people without insight may have thought a little crazy: In the middle of that famine Isaac sowed a seed in the land . And in the same year he received one hundred times what he planted and the Lord rewarded him greatly." In his time of need Isaac didn't wait around , expecting someone else to come to his rescue He acted in faith. He rose up in the middle of that famine and sowed a seed. God supernaturally multiplied that seed, and it brought him out of his need.

We need to be more seed-oriented than need-oriented. In our time of need , we shouldn't sit and think about what we don't have. Think about what kind of seed you can sow to get yourself out of that need.

We must realize, God doesn't need our money or our time or our talent. When God asks us to give, it's not because He's trying to get something from us. No, I think it's because He's trying to get us to put some seed in the ground so we can reap a harvest. God abides by the laws He has established, and if I don't sow, I will not reap. It's as simple as that. But if I am faithful and do what God tells me to do, God will honor the law of reaping and sowing. I may not have a lot to give, but God will bless me if I start where I am.

Peace as always,

posted on Nov, 15 2009 @ 02:31 PM
reply to post by Grandma

I believe you've hit the nail on the head here Grandma. Jesus says "He that is not with me is against me: and he that gathereth not with me scattereth". In other words, sitting on the fence is stagnation.

All life is suffering and all suffering is because of "attachment". Once we begin to attach ourselves to anything, be it money or even spiritual idealism, then we begin to fall into the cycles of cause and effect and life becomes cyclic and repetitive. All of our external activities in life are conditioned and therefore subject to cause and effect. There is no peace, no grace and no salvation until one becomes "detached" to life's activities.

A wise man once said "Karma (conditioned activity) becomes Dharma (the way) through honesty of mind, sincerity of spirit and detachment".

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