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Depression: An Adaptive Evolutionary Trait?

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posted on Nov, 16 2009 @ 07:36 PM

Originally posted by MemoryShock

Originally posted by soficrow
Civilization is a product of our software - not our hardware.

You're a genius...!

Thank you for that...this impacts my other topics of consideration. Thanks!!\

And so succinct...


Thanks. Needed that.

...I also have godlike wisdom, didja know?

Seriously though, I do think some of our most relevant adaptations are in our software - as are our worst mistakes, which means that's where/how they need to be addressed.

posted on Nov, 17 2009 @ 10:28 AM

Originally posted by Rawhemp
Depression is caused by inadequate diet, simple as that. Notice how the most unhealthy on earth (Americans) have the highest cases of depression?

I strongly disagree.

For one, you only generalize depression and do not seem to consider causes or even possible causes for that which goes beyond mild depression. You also have no presented any facts that would show if the depression was caused before or after the individuals unhealthy status.

In fact, I could claim that your generalized statement only makes depression worse. I am not one say as if you should be treated with offense by anybody who feels 'rightfully offended', as two wrongs certainly don't make a right in this sense.

I am one to share an experience of what it is like to have children stolen away and the court refuses to help. I am one to share an experience of what it is like to have the workers of the Child Support Department continue to call to collect money on missing children.... even though they are told each an every time the kids are missing. I am one to share to an experience of what it is like to have pieces of life taken away and rights that everybody else takes for granted made worthless. I am not a criminal and never have been one, yet I am one to share an experience of what it is like to be treated as one. I am one to share an experience, based on the odds even stated earlier in this thread, to overcome these other experiences and not become one of those fatal statistics despite my disabilities.

I am not one that you can just say 'get over it' and let you think it is 'simple as that'.

If you even think to say, "well, your not like the other common cases" then I will tell you that you have said exactly the same thing others have said after they also exclaimed 'just get over it' and expected it to be 'simple as that'.

Let me repeat:

Major depressive disorder: Many medical studies have not considered this type of depression as a separate category but a more intense form of unipolar depression with the only major difference being that it cannot be attributed to any known cause.

Even though MDD is listed in DSM-IV as above, you suddenly feel it is 'simple as that' to cure.

I like to how you would react when you go to work in order to bring home an income to your family that is missing and you do this day after day after dat. I like to see how you would react when you find that one job is not enough become the Child Support Department garnishes all the wage, which forces you to work two jobs to bring home an income to MISSING CHILDREN. I like to see how you would react after 10 years of this kind of experience. I would like to see how you would react when the manager of one of your jobs decides to tell the rest of the crew that in response to your reddish teary eyed when you come into work and while you are on job for the full-time schedule, that s/he doesn't believe jack # about the hardship and instead accuses drug abuse. I like to see your reaction when you try to go to the Sheriff or Missing Childrens hotlines, and they tell you they won't help because Family Court & Child Support Agency are involved. I like to see how you would react when depsite all of the above, the Child Support Agency send you more court paperwork on your birthday for more money... 'ransom' for missing children. I like to see how you react when you tell people your experience as above and people just don't believe you.

I don't know if you can live through such an experience and avoid being one of those fatal statistics that 'simply couldn't get over it'.

Let me guess your next reaction. Is it something that offends you because you want to be right? Or, is it maybe possibly somehow a show of concern because you actually paid attention to detail in my words here when I said: MISSING CHILDREN.

It is very true to these words spoken: when there is no death there is no end.

The truth hurts, yet I've learned to live with this truth myself because I say: where there is no end, there is no start. It is simple as that.

posted on Nov, 17 2009 @ 02:05 PM
For me personally I have learned to self medicate with water. Proper hydration is key to mental and physical health. Modern man can find himself overly stimulated through caffeine and artificial sweetener's.
As an artist ruminating in depressive spiral's can offer up different perception's invaluable to expression. Have you ever been aware of the changes to your mental clarity during extreme situation's ? Mulling over a personal crisis while
self directing a bout of depression creates the "victim" that allows the self to view itself as the other.
The other allows the self to validate it's perception's of self. And, then heal.
I have used water as a meditative tool. I find a properly,not overly,hydrated body lends to a clear quality consciousness ! Self healing !

posted on Nov, 17 2009 @ 08:14 PM
reply to post by soficrow

Excellent reflection made in your post. A lot of thought, yes.

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