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Are UFOs brightly lit for a reason other than propulsion?

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posted on Nov, 11 2009 @ 05:42 AM
Something has always intrigued me about brightly lit UFO sightings and I am not talking about the many fakes on YouTube and other sites. I am talking about the convincing events like the phoenix lights and the sighting in Turkey to name just two.

I often rack my brains trying to understand why the occupants of these craft would be so obvious about their presence and then just disappear as quickly as they had come without capitalising on the attention of their audience.

It seems to me that the visitors far from just dropping by to shock for humour have a definite reason and some sort of methodology in their appearances that is now so obvious to me that it was too simple to have been noticeable at first as those of us who have been so interested in the phenomenon have tended to over complicate things, because who among us could guess at the motivations and objectives of a vastly superior mind?

Could the reason UFO’s are so obvious in the night skies be that they are monitoring us on a level that goes beyond what we would understand to be the meaning of surveillance?

I do not think the visitors main motivations are to monitor our technology and our culture, I think their motivations are to monitor our reactions to them when they publicise their presence. It does not take a stretch of my imagination to surmise that these craft – I believe they are extraterrestrial - have on board a myriad and complex suite of monitoring systems that could put anything we could dream of in the shade. Why come to our world without such resources at their disposal?
I am coming to the conclusion that the visitors are monitoring our emotional responses at a deep physiological and psychological level.

Many accounts talk of the visitors as having a powerful and highly developed sense of telepathy and if this is in any way true then it seems a logical step for me to say that people with such an ability would be using this ability to get a sense of the emotional and psychological responses of the subjects that are staring up at them from the ground.

Last year for example I saw two UFO’s after a period of deep meditation during which I repeatedly asked for proof of their existence. Within an hour I had proof and this does not seem coincidental to me and I was certainly not hallucinating. If anyone wants to know my process please send me an u2u because I am more than happy to give out the information. That said I only tried out what I had read on ATS in an old thread “how to contact extraterrestrials”. – It seems to have worked on the occasion I tried it! (8th may 2008 03:00)

The last time I saw a UFO my wife was with me and her, I and two ambulance men watched a brightly lit UFO above my house. It seemed to me that it reacted to my huge grin and the absolute shock from my wife by trying to hide, to drift away. The lights hastily dimmed and when it became almost invisible for a second between the transition from bright lights to dimmed single light it was seen to be a triangle with a central light in the centre that the three outer lights fell into, it that then drifted toward and then unexpectedly zipped off towards Edinburgh castle from the direction of Saughton. No noise, total silence (16/09/2009 21:00).

I would think that with these telepathic abilities the visitors have at their disposal that their technology would also be complimented and enhanced by technologies that have been specifically designed to log our responses to an incredible depth but I presume this theory based upon the methodologies of a human system of surveillance and unfortunately I can only guess at an extraterrestrial one.

Perhaps the surveillance technologies of the visitors is so advanced that they can log the responses of awed witnesses and from gaining these insights the visitors can gain a better understanding of how far we as a species have come and how close we are prepared at a cultural level to accepting not only their presence but the truth as to the real nature of the universe and our place within it. Perhaps there might be something to the saying that... “God sees and knows everything”.

Not a god but a name given to space faring peoples by our ancestors who could never have understood the nature of the visitations and could only visualise it, explain it all as the workings of gods or god. Perhaps the visitors engineered it thus as it would make their work much easier? Better to have respectful reference than fear in much the same way a vet working with a dog tries to foster a sense of referential respect from the patient so as to minimise risks of injury to patient and him/herself.

It has been said several times in ATS that the visitors do not disclose their presence to us themselves because our military has a proclivity to open fire on them and hopes to shoot them down at every opportunity, but for me this seems quite unrealistic - unless our governments have been given technologies by extraterrestrials of course. That is a can of worms I do not wish to theorise on at this time. In any case I do not think our governments are much of a threat to them but governments being governments will always strive to refine counters to the visitations but that warrants a separate thread I think and will not cover that here.

If there is more to the theory that we were “altered” in the distant past then this alteration would have taken much work and time and to my mind those who have altered us obviously did so for a good reason known only to them (and perhaps some in government). Many have said here that we were forgotten or that we were created by space beings to be a labour force and I could accept that as having good logic but this alteration of our genome took place eons ago and no one from the heavens seems to have take advantage of that alteration to my knowledge.

I did read a thread a long time ago where the moderator skyfloating mentioned that in the united states alone hundreds of thousands of people go missing a year never to be seen again. When I first read this I was stunned because even accounting for murders, the darkest of crimes and the actions of secretive serial killers, the numbers are still incredible to me and also quite worrying.

posted on Nov, 11 2009 @ 05:44 AM

I tried to collate data on human disappearances in my own country and found to my surprise that no lists are kept in the UK. At least I have realised that there are no public lists but I would not be surprised to discover that the security services do keep a secret record.

Could it be that these UFO’s we see from time to time are monitoring us with intent to target those of which are more receptive to their presence, and at a later date those more receptive members of our society are then contacted? Could these disappeared have been offered a deal or could these disappearances have a darker/lighter reality in the context of the disappearances?

Of course the question did come to my mind that the vast numbers of people who disappear never to be seen again have been taken and have suffered death like a whale suffers death at the hands of a whaler? Could this be a reason why so much astronomical amounts of money are spent on black budgets because the self appointed high and mighty in hidden government know the truth and that this truth they keep from us is so dark that to let it into the public domain could risk the stability of our civilisation on a global scale?

In my own opinion I do not think so but I put it into this thread because there are so many questions to be asked with never a real response because sadly it seems obvious to me that we are drowning in well financed government sanctioned spin, lies and disinformation.

My own opinion is that these brightly lit UFOS are not brightly lit because these lights are a by-product of their propulsions systems but because they are trying to gauge our reaction to them actually coming out of the cold and landing in our parks and other public spaces. What purpose does it serve the occupants of a UFO to sit thousands of metres above us and just watch us go about our business? If extraterrestrials have been watching us for thousands of years then this phase of their business has surly passed and now a new phase must surely be in operation.

I think the spin and the disinformation is there from our leaders because power has corrupted the real wielders of power within our society and they wage an information war against the seekers of the truth because they not only fear a loss of their power but they also fear a retribution that would be within our power if extraterrestrials came out of the cold and informed us to the true nature of our existence.

It could be said that those with power would have no reason to fear us because they have immense security and military infrastructure, but I would respond to that suggestion that if a space faring race did come into the open and informed us of what was taking place that they would have decided to not only give us the truth but to some extent would provide us the means to take back our freedoms.

I think that is what the power wielders of our civilisation really fear but of course these are just my own opinions and I am probably wrong but this theory has been rattling around in my head for a while so I now give it to you to dissect, take on board or ridicule at your leisure.

I am a believer because I have seen some weird things up there but what and why? That is the real question I ask myself?

posted on Nov, 11 2009 @ 06:10 AM
reply to post by SmokeJaguar67

Hi, S&F for your thread. from Glasgow.

I'm very interested in hearing about your sighting on 16th Sept, 09.

My son and I witnessed something on 15th of Sept. As did quite a few others in Glasgow that evening. I will try to link to the thread I posted in. It's mainly on page 4.

posted on Nov, 11 2009 @ 06:21 AM
reply to post by maya27

Hi maya here is my account. I wrote it down right after I got back from the walk and then went through the details from my notes. Below is my account. I think you mentioned seing a bluish white light yes in the rthread you mentioned. This thing we saw was also bluish white and very bright.

The sky was starry, crisp and clear of clouds which I thought was quite weird in an awesome way. There were no clouds and the sky seemed to have a mixture of purple throughout it. I even mentioned this to my wife as we walked something quite unreal about the colour that I could not put my finger on.

I was looking out toward Costorphin hill (Edinburgh zoo is situated there) To the left of that is Edinburgh airport and I was looking at several aircraft moving about in that direction as I am a bit of a plane nerd. I was watching them drifting over there, strobes blinking when my wife said, 'What is that?'

I followed her gaze back the way we had come and was perplexed to say the least to see a very bright whitish blue light above our house at a height of roughly two to three thousand feet. It was moving slowly in the direction of Saughton prison and watching it I was stunned... There were no navigation lights, no strobes and no noise as would be expected had it been an aircraft. I should know, if aircraft fly over my house I am enough of a nerd to go out and watch them.

I chuckled as we both stopped walking to look up at the light. 'Do you believe me now love?' I was of course referring to the event of the 8th of may last year when I had seen two UFO's above our home and been more or less ridiculed, castigated and pretty much dragged over the coals for it. The events of last year had caused us to split up and I had even lost friends over it because I had been quite vocal about the events.

My wife did not respond, she silently continued to stare as the bright light continued to move, arching round to the left on a path that seemed to take it in the direction of Edinburgh castle on the distant skyline.

Across the other side of the road two ambulance crewmen were helping a man I recognised as a chef who used to work with my wife. He was on a gurney being loaded into the back of the ambulance. The two ambulance men were glancing up at the strange light as they worked but they did not seem to realise that we were standing on the other side of the road watching them, watching the UFO.

I was enjoying this moment so much let me tell you (a confirmation to myself that I was not a wacko after all) and was so intent on enjoying the open mouthed look on my wife’s pretty face, the frowning looks on the faces of the ambulance men’s faces that I missed the part in the sighting when the light winked out and became a pinprick of light.

'It's a triangle,' my wife breathed, her eyes going wide. I looked as the light had gone out but forcing on the spot I realised that the light had not gone out, it had just turned into a very faint pinprick that was almost impossible to spot. Had I not been looking straight at it I probably would not have spotted it against the backdrop of stars.

At that point I remembered that I had left my camera phone in the house but I did not care. I have never been interested in proving to the world that what I believe to be true is that visitations are real and happening all over the world all the time. My wife was the only person I wanted to believe me and the look on her face told me now she was much closer to believing the UFO phenomenon is real. She is the biggest sceptic you could ever meet so that fact was a great realisation to me.

We both continued to gaze at this now very dim light that had turned now into a pinprick against the dark sky and suddenly like something from a film, the light picked up speed, disappearing completely before it reached the castle, as if winking out of existence.

'Don’t be scared babe. Are you sure it was a triangle you saw?' I asked still enjoying the amazed look on her face.
'No I didn’t see a triangle shape and I'm not scared; I saw three lights come together into a single point in the centre. Didn’t you see it?'

'No love, I was too busy watching your reactions to the UFO sighting'.

We carried on walking.

My wife was a bit quiet for a few days afterwards but I think it was just her way of assimilating the fact that her world had been turned upside down and that there were actually strange things going on in the skies.

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posted on Nov, 11 2009 @ 06:49 AM
Great thread topic s&f. On the point that the E.Ts may be monitoring, some of us for diffferent reasons good/bad intentions, I do believe that and sometimes I feel the A.T.S. is monitoring for the same reasons.

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posted on Nov, 11 2009 @ 06:51 AM
reply to post by SmokeJaguar67

I'm really pleased for you that your wife was with you this second time for validation. Sorry to hear that talking about your original sighting caused so much disruption in your life. Still, it shows you are of strong character that you stood by your own truth, regardless.

I was so happy that my son had witnessed it with me. I'm a bit of a sceptic myself. in so much as, If I haven't seen or experienced something personally, then I look at all the possibilities. I would probably have doubted my own sighting had I not had my son there with me.

On the topic of your thread. I do believe there was psychic elements to my sighting. Also with the flashing lights, they may be guaging our reactions. They must have had a laugh at mine.

Do you experience any other phenomenon possibly connected to the sightings? Dreams etc? Feel free to u2u me if you want. M

posted on Nov, 11 2009 @ 07:15 AM
Of the several sightings i've had.

Only one UFO was brightly lit in a 10:00 AM morning, very clear 'Carolina Blue' sky. (although the craft could have been a weather balloons reflection)

Another 2 PM, afternoon UFO, was not 'lit'

the only 'lights' i seen on the other two occasions, were dull lights the color of street mercury-vapor lights...
on the underside of the V shaped 'wing' were what appears to be hemisphere domes that produce this glowing light.

the 12' 'V' shaped craft had only 3 of these underside hemispheres of lights-
one at the front point of the 'V' and one underside dome midway on each 'wing'

the ~100 meter craft, more of a boomerang shape than an angular 'V'
had a total of 13 'lights' = 6 on each 'arm/wing' & 1 at the front point.
these 'lights' appeared to be on the front edge of the craft...
rather than under the bottom of the crafts' 'wings' in the manner the lit hemispheres were mounted on the 12' craft (witnessed in 1995)

I was, just last night, thinking in bed - those underside light domes
had something to do with the crafts' lift and propulsion...but How/What ?

is the light? a byproduct of anti-gravity machines?
or is the 'light' a 'thrust' that lifts the craft?

i hope the sparse info i've listed helps your research.

[[i did not include the points of colored 'lights' seen at Ashville NC,
'the brown mountain lights'...nor the slow moving 'light' seen north of Phoenix around 9-10 PM while returning from these were all very distant lights & were not associated with a 'craft'...]]

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posted on Nov, 11 2009 @ 08:07 AM
reply to post by maya27

Thank you maya! It was a great night because it was my wife who pointed out the light in the sky and it was she who asked me to explain what it was we were seeing.

Last year I made a bad mistake in talking so openly about what I had seen. I spoke to my wife and my eldest daughter because they had showed a passing interest in the UFO phenomenon so when I actually had a story to tell I had expected to be heard with an open mind. Instead I was an embarrassment and this got worse when my friends mentioned to me that I seemed a little odd sometimes or that my mind was elsewhere. When I told them why, this “why” went down like a lead balloon.

I spoke my my brother about it and he mentioned that we had seen a UFO in Guyana in 1978. I had always thought I had been dreaming but he shook his head and told me that we had watched it together inside the trees of the jungle on the southern outer perimeter of a GDF base (near the pig farm) in port Kaituma where we lived at the time, and that the UFO had been very real – like a boiled red sweet glowing from the inside. To this day I still remember it as a dream.

My brother is an officer in the British army who worked his way up from the private ranks and is not in any way prone to flights of fancy. He advised me that if I saw what I saw then why should I alter my story to suit others because they are giving in to fear or ignorance? He was right of course.

My wife and my daughter said they were worried about me at the time and maybe I might be putting myself in danger by talking so openly about what I had seen. Of course me being me I was undeterred anyway because I am not worried about someone visiting me to threaten me to keep quiet because I am not one to let myself be threatened.

So, I kept on banging away about what I had seen. I explained what I had seen to the friends who had mentioned a change in my demeanour and it came back and bit me when they took my wife aside and urged her to get me some professional help.

Utterly ridiculous of course, my state of mind did seem to become rather peculiar I will admit that, and I cannot really explain it but there was definitely a kind of emotional response to the UFOs I had watched in 2008. I am quite in touch with my feelings in any case but when the UFOs finally disappeared I was doing everything but gibber like a gibbon and I was left with an incredibly powerful sense of peace, relief, affection perhaps even love.

These are just words and I cannot adequately explain or describe the emotion I felt during and right after the sighting other than to say that I had never felt such a feeling. The closest I have come was seeing my daughters born or during intense periods of successful meditation. These days I am left with a feeling akin to a craving, like a scratch in the back of my mind I have no chance to understand.

You know if you go without minerals for a time you get a strange craving for something but at the same time you do not know what it is that will take the craving away? That is the feeling I have and I notice it when I am in the dark, alone and thinking. I am not delusional; I am as lucid as you are or the man living next door. I am just at a loss to know what it is that is making my mind itch but I am happy to know that one day I will be able to scratch it.

The UFO event consumed me and before I knew it my marriage was in trouble, my 20 year old daughter was worried about aliens and I decided to do the honourable thing and move out with my dog to a small one bedroom apartment on the outskirts of Edinburgh to allow everyone to regain their equilibrium.

I could have just done what everyone wanted me to do and deny what I had seen but at the time as it is now that idea was not an option. I will go to my grave, telling anyone who will listen that what I saw was a fact and not the figment of my imagination and if someone wants me to shut up I will tell them to take a hike.

I am glad you had someone with you to witness what you saw. It is important for many reasons to have a second opinion on these things and to have your son with you must have been a grand thing for you. Prior to my own UFO sighting last year I had been quite sceptical also though I had an open mind and was ready to believe.

Of course I am now a believer and no longer a sceptic thankfully because of experiences of things I had never expected to come my way even though I had dreamed of it. We are lucky to have been able to see what we saw. Such a blast of realty from things that we are told via media and peers are naught but fantasy – such irony lol

It seems we might have seen the same thing though I did not get the same “psychic” feeling on the second sighting like I did with the first. However that said, I was standing there looking up at this thing with a huge grin and after it went away I was bouncing down the road like a teenager. I even had to stop myself from making “inyerfaceinyerface” gestures to my wife who looked like she had seen a ghost. For days I was as high as a kite and she was a quite as a lamb... Great times!

You mention the psychic element and that is a good addition and also very odd that you would say that because I have been sleeping a lot more, and my dreams are now very vivid. I wake up midway through the night often and on checking my alarm it tends to be around 03:00 or later. My dreams have a detailed theme of world change, sometimes they are apocalyptic but as far as I can recall they are laden with a theme of no change without pain.

Last night my wife said I stopped breathing and she was so concerned she checked my breath to find I was breathing so lightly that I could not be heard easily. I remember dreaming last night of flying over a rocky undulating ground like the scree faces of the highlands and the cairngorms in particular.

My wife and I have always had a certain habit of knowing what the other is going to say before the other says it and we have premempted each other quite a few times.
More so since last year.

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posted on Nov, 11 2009 @ 08:11 AM

Originally posted by Ophiuchus 13
Great thread topic s&f. On the point that the E.Ts may be monitoring, some of us for diffferent reasons good/bad intentions, I do believe that and sometimes I feel the A.T.S. is monitoring for the same reasons.

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I have that feeling also. I would not be surprised if there are security service personnel monitoring ATS and other conspiracy sites based in the context of seeing how close people get to the to the truth and how vocal they are about disseminating that truth.

I also think that there are “others” who monitor and I know this makes me look like a loon but it is a feeling I cannot shake so I just go with it.

posted on Nov, 11 2009 @ 08:16 AM
reply to post by St Udio

Thank you for your accounts. I have no idea what these lights are or how they work but it is possible I think that it is a propulsion by product.

Of course we are all kept in the dark and treated like mushrooms by our leaders so we may never know the truth but there is the hope that one day we will be told by those who use these technologies, bypassing our governments entirely and I hang on to that for all I'm worth.

Thank you for your post

posted on Nov, 11 2009 @ 08:26 AM
smokejag. S+F
I totally agree with wht you just proposed.
I to have seen a few ufo with my wife on 2 ocasions.

also had encounter in bed room i just about told the intruder my name and he disapeered as my wife was comeing up the stairs shouting me . weird i know but i swear it is true and i feel they are going to return

These days I am left with a feeling akin to a craving, like a scratch in the back of my mind I have no chance to understand.

same here you sound totally like me with the warnings and such from people but when you have seen you have seen and nothing anyone can say will change that . they aint takeing it away from me i have witnesess to my ufo sightings and they were orange almost like the setting sun swirling like a plasma only 40 feet across . then poof gone 2 of them, they are defo not the little lanterns that get let of on 5th nov i seen them they are 1 ft in size in the sky and flicker you can c the flame,and float the ufo balls i seen dident float they were controlled and wre strong looking powerfull made me feel insignificant to the bigger picture/?

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posted on Nov, 11 2009 @ 08:41 AM

Originally posted by dashar
also had encounter in bed room i just about told the intruder my name and he disapeered as my wife was comeing up the stairs shouting me .

I cannot tell you how jealous of you (in a good way) I am right now you lucky so and so. Yes sir, I do believe you because there are stranger things in fact than in fiction.

I ache to have a conversation with one of the visitors, I cannot explain it but there it is

posted on Nov, 11 2009 @ 08:50 AM
reply to post by SmokeJaguar67

i dident get a conversation i said my name and boy did he feel alien with a weird feeling emotionless like , wife interupted was about 2 years back .
im itching for more but nothing happens as of late.

at the time i was asking for proof and i bouught a telescope two handycams with night vision and the night vision hand held binoc.i seen alot mostly satelites planes nothing like what i seen 2 years ago though. i keep fingers crossed . maybe they have a plan.
also noticed strange things with my food and what i can eat since the encounters , i watch what i eat and drink now only bottled water is good enough also fresh food grown locally bought from market not superstore. I avoid meat with only a little lamb evry 2 weeks my body dont like meat now i get a hangover type feeling the day after meat. dont know if its anything to do with ufos but meat fast food beer is way of for me now. i am waiting for something but what ,

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posted on Nov, 11 2009 @ 10:40 AM
reply to post by dashar

A feeling of waiting is interesting because you are not the first to mention that feeling; I have read similar feelings here over the months. I also have this feeling and another thing is I no longer eat fast foods. I do not like to drink alcohol either, reason being I see enough people stumbling around on the weekend to realise that it is a waste of time and money to get into that game.

I spend a lot of my time either one my own with my dog or out with my youngest. I am careful not to talk about UFOs in front of her as she is only thirteen and she has enough on her plate with the onset of puberty and all those hassles.

I am so confident of seeing strange lights in the sky that I no longer bother looking; it is as if the sightings I had in the past were the only confirmations I needed and that I never wanted to or needed to explain of prove their existence to anyone else. Of course I still keep a camera on me for the occasion when I do see another.

I think something is in the air, but “what” is the question. Time is ticking down to something of that I am in no doubt. Even before I saw my first UFO I had that feeling, I think there is something to it and it probably should not be discounted.

posted on Nov, 11 2009 @ 12:04 PM
SJ67 - Firstly, let me commend you on your writing skills. You have the ability to weave a tale so colorfully that it is effortless to picture the events you describe in my head. If you don't already, you should try to write a book. Just describing your opinions of the possibilities could be a best seller. I truly mean this as a compliment.

That being said, it is my opinion that these lights are more logically just landing and navigation lights on aircraft that are often seen as what the viewer wants to see instead of what they really are. I believe this would make up the majority of "sightings". Also, I fully believe that there are top secret military aircraft out there for whatever reason - perhaps spying or testing some sort of visual cloaking technology - and that the propulsion systems and other technical specifics are probably several decades away from being publically acknowledged. The governments of the world have a long history of trying to keep their secret craft secret, i.e., Francis Gary Powers and his U-2. There were no such aircraft until one was shot down. Another thing to mention is the very obvious flares that are still being called the "Phoenix Lights". Yes, there are things flying around in our skies that we can't explain - that doesn't mean that they are from another planet.

I have personally seen a UFO that I still can't explain. It's movements, illumination, etc. are all things that human craft, to my knowledge, can't do. My dad has told me of the UFO he and my uncle saw when they were teenagers. This was within 5 miles of the area that I saw mine and the exact same description - different colors though. My sighting was in the middle of he night and I was alone. I admit that it was somewhat unsettling and, like you, I am an airplane geek. This was not an airplane that I am aware of. But I do believe that is the key phrase..."that I am aware of". Just because I saw something that I can't explain and doesn't fit my knowledge of what humans can do does not mean that it is "alien". It just means that I don't know what it is.

posted on Nov, 11 2009 @ 04:23 PM
reply to post by tallcool1

Nice post and thank you for your contribution and your compliment on my writing. I write often and love nothing more than to write but I do it only for fun.

I would agree with you that most UFO sightings can be explained as obscure atmospheric effects or aircraft but I have to disagree with you on the explanation behind the phoenix lights. I have not seen the footage recently but from what I remember of them, they did not look like flares to me and I have seen many in my time as a British soldier.

When watching the footage the very last thing I would have thought them to be was flares because flares descend and drift, these lights remained at a constant height and at a constant equidistance between themselves that indicated to me that they were fixed to a solid object. Every time I saw someone from a mainstream news source try to explain the phenomenon as such I rolled my eyes in disbelief but the campaign of disinformation was constant and before long everyone seemed to simply lap it up and accept it as the obvious explanation.

My theories on the phoenix lights vary depending on my mood but are consistent in that I believe they were to show someone or a group of people probably in government that they had the mettle and the will to come down out of a very high orbit and show the people not only that they are real but that the governments of the world cannot stop them when they decide to act.

Another theory is the visitors were in contact with someone or some people outside the government and as a show of good faith or a show of something else we will probably never know, wanted to show support by doing something that both they and the “contactees” on the ground had agreed upon. The event known as the phoenix lights may have been the result.

I could also agree with you in what you say about secret government aircraft but last year there was something else that came with a UFO experience that was felt as well as seen by me. Something did affect me on some sort of mental level. I know it sounds crazy but I am relating exactly what I felt at the time and what I felt was a powerful sense of another within my thoughts, something sentient, and something that knew I was standing there beneath it gazing up completely aghast and amazed.

I felt no need to be fearful and I was mentally projecting thoughts of peace and affection and I felt that not only that I had been heard but that it was reciprocated. I could not argue that this feeling was not a figment of my imagination but at the time it was as real as the fruit juice I just drank.

Thanks again for your post

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posted on Dec, 9 2009 @ 11:12 PM
reply to post by SmokeJaguar67

Really good thread. We've seen many crafts now, and had contact from them. There may be other reasons in addition to what I believe the lights are for, but I don't know the science. I do know they hide the craft, and make its appearance masked. There are other kinds of crafts I've been reading about, morphing crafts with plasma. But the most common craft we see would be saucer, typically covered by a red light. We have also seen a very tall yellowish light covering a wingless type of plane, cigar shape object, flying with the tail down. My son has been pinged by them, alerted their presence though they are soundless, and called me out. I have been contacted in postcards with messages, sometimes just before the craft appears and I'm about to enter the house.

As they approach our roofline, due to the glow of the city starting exactly there, we have seen the craft most of the time, when that occurs.

Perhaps the surveillance technologies of the visitors is so advanced that they can log the responses of awed witnesses and from gaining these insights the visitors can gain a better understanding of how far we as a species have come and how close we are prepared at a cultural level to accepting not only their presence but the truth as to the real nature of the universe and our place within it. Perhaps there might be something to the saying that... “God sees and knows everything”

Its more advanced than this even. They know all of our thoughts and have everything mapped. They can even make accurate predictions into the near future. Every single person who stands outside, is already noted and known to them. Now, if you stood outside, and asked humbly for help, or to assist, this planet, and poured your heart for the economic slavery system, the poisions in our environment, the state of the planet, the billions suffering in this world, the depleted oceans and sent love, and appreciation for their presence, for the risks they take and asked to help, and for disclosure, you would be one of the very small number doing this and you would be monitored even more closely. Because many are our friends. And if enough, say 10% did this, they may very well fill our skies.

It has been said several times in ATS that the visitors do not disclose their presence to us themselves because our military has a proclivity to open fire on them and hopes to shoot them down at every opportunity, but for me this seems quite unrealistic -

Unfortunately, this part is true. Usually, it doesnt go that way, but has enough times already to be truly tragic. That is not the only reason.

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posted on Dec, 10 2009 @ 03:36 AM
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Hi, I did some research and a little bit of experiments into particle physics and microwaves before, some years ago...

There are tons of witness report to suggest that their propulsion systems are electrical based - either complete silence or a humming, buzzing, even a hissing sound, which are either caused by high voltage electricity, alternating currents, high frequency EM waves or combination of all those.

Microwaves for instance could cause intense electrostatic activity from the source. It could generate a plasma in air that could glow purple to brilliant pearl in color.

Particle based systems could emit intense usually blue or purple very bright laser-like beams. Higher energy systems would emit intense X-Rays or even Gamma Rays, invisible but highly dangerous!

If Extraterrestrial UFO's have some sort of 'attenuation control' over their craft. We could expect them to change in color and brilliance as they alter the frequencies or manipulate particle beams to control the craft. A significant portion of illumination by particle or radio-based system are not caused by heating of medium but by relativistic/quantum based effects, you have to take note of that. They could emit light without heat...

In addition their extreme maneuverability + occupant reports that no radical G forces experienced would suggest localized manipulation of gravitational gradients. EM waves or particles passing through this would experience a change in frequences or emit radiation..... A lot of UFO phenomenon has been associated with the nuclear forces which are basically electromagnetic in nature with is the same nature as light is made off...

So I guess huge portion of it is indeed propulsion, not just for show or psychological thing.

posted on Dec, 11 2009 @ 12:50 PM
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Wow I loved reading what you said especially about standing outside and reaching out with thought. You see, I do this a lot but not as often as I would like because I have a busy life, surrounded by busy people but when I can, I do try to project good thoughts up into the sky.

I intend to respond to your post in more detail at a later date bt tonight I am exhausted for reasons that are not clear. This week has been a week of fatigue and this is weird because it is not like me but I will definitely be responding to a great post thank for the food for thought.

@ ahnggk interesting theories there my friend, yes I have wondered about the whole propulsion "thing but the psychological aspects tend to be my forcus hence the thread. A very interesting theory to think on later of course (starred) thank you.

Anyway have to go and stare at the wall again

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posted on Jan, 2 2010 @ 08:35 AM

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